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  1. smakeit

    Motion to add a neutral vote

    Our motions have two types of votes: Yes or No. I propose add a neutral vote. Then we can make more accurate and better decisions. Yes means you agree with motions RoE proposed. No means you disagree with motions RoE proposed. Neutral means you disagree and also not oppose, or opinion reserved.
  2. smakeit

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    BTC is an open ledger, you can see balances and tx infos of the addresses, but you don’t know the real people or miners back of these addresses, this is privacy. Whether or not people or miners of these addresses show their ID, that’s their right. You trust BTC not because you know IDs of users and miners.
  3. smakeit

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    I vote NO. Blockchain protectes people’s rights, privacy also is one of them.
  4. smakeit

    Pioneer Citizens of RoE

    So cool, this is a new beginning.
  5. smakeit

    ROE logo

    The symbol and style the first one reminds me of ancient kingdom, it is centralized
  6. smakeit

    ROE logo

    I like the second one, it is modern and representing the future. The first one is traditional.
  7. It means that the symbol is empty or has space. The dapp has been added english tips.
  8. smakeit


    1. 名字 我叫单威,昵称是 @smakeit。 2. 社交媒体链接 电报: t.me/smakeit 微信: smakeit 邮箱: smakeit@163.com 3. 自我介绍 我是一个机器视觉软件工程师,我来自中国江苏省苏州市。当Enu空投的时候,我就被它吸引一直到现在,我对RoE和UBI特别感兴趣。未来我会继续为社区小伙伴服务。 4. Enu主网账号 enuswsmakeit 5. 技能 编程,写文章 6. 我能为Enumivo做什么 我已经创建了一个BP候选节点 enufutureone,并且会继续支持Enumivo主网。 我已经创建了一个dapp Token Creator。 我已经为Enumivo写或者转载了一些文章,例如:我们为什么应该给每个人免费的钱?、基于区块链的ubi项目概览、enu,一个理想主义者的社会实验。 我会继续为社区成员创建dapp。 我会继续为Enumivo写文章。 我会帮传播Enumivo项目给我知道的人。
  9. smakeit

    Reorganizing RoE

    translation/翻译: 我意识到,相比在论坛中为RoE创建一个特殊版块,将RoE做成一个俱乐部有一些功能限制。我在论坛区域会为RoE创建版块和一个用户组。这将有许多好处,例如维护一份正式申请人名单,以及有一个能独家访问RoE申请人和RoE市民的版块。如果你的申请贴被挪到主论坛,不要惊讶。