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  1. Well, it has approved already but actually, I don't like this idea, no.
  2. TylerXiong

    Vote for active BPs!

    enumivotyler support
  3. TylerXiong

    The motion to invite blackpaopao join RoE.

    Yes, he is a true enumivoer.
  4. TylerXiong

    Motion to add a neutral vote

  5. TylerXiong

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    I vote No, even though my identity is widely known - Tyler Xiong, the COO of Bixin. 1. BP's role in a blockchain is to provide data validation services. As long as it is providing this service, it can get the reward. It is how the blockchain works. 2. Please don't forget that our founder Aiden Pierce is also anonymous. I don't need to trust him; I only need to trust the code. 3. Anyone can get a lot of fake identities at low cost, so there is no point in this motion.
  6. Hi, I'm Tyler Xiong, COO of Bixin, one of the largest ENU wallets. I also run ENUMIVOTYLER, the ENU Block Producer with the most votes so far. I am the founder of ENU community “10,000 ENU” too, one of the most active ENU communities. As an industry veteran, I played an essential role in the listing of ENU on Bixin, KKEX, Feixiaohao, Cointiger, and the upcoming Btron. As an Austrian economist, I understand the importance of UBI, provided by the market rather than the government. Therefore, I am an active supporter of Enumivo since its birth. Hope that we can work together to make UBI better. My main net account is “tylerxiong22”.
  7. I have decided to donate all my money gained from the Block Producer Enumivotyler to MisesCircle.com, another project I started which aims to spread Austrian economics. __________ 我决定将从节点Enumivotyler处获得的所有资金捐给MisesCircle.com,这是我发起的另一个项目,旨在传播奥地利学派经济学。
  8. TylerXiong

    I AM leimao(牧羊人)

    Thank you for your contribution!