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  1. marshalllife

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    Projectatlas has completed first buy and burn Of the LTS token, i hope to continue this step and give community a reason to vote and to earn LTS. 22 enu 1000LTS http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/fe81573b1c8e9afaddb95246b1c382b4cb44b3047e8dc2f3c704fcb438de7809
  2. marshalllife

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    Projectatlas has completed first buy and burn Of the LTS token, i hope to continue this step and give community a reason to vote and to earn LTS. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/fe81573b1c8e9afaddb95246b1c382b4cb44b3047e8dc2f3c704fcb438de7809
  3. Projectatlas has completed first buy and burn Of the LTS token [1000], i hope to continue this step and give community a reason to vote and earn LTS. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/fe81573b1c8e9afaddb95246b1c382b4cb44b3047e8dc2f3c704fcb438de7809
  4. marshalllife

    A Call to Arms for all ENU holders

    Projectatlas has completed first buy and burn Of the LTS token http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/fe81573b1c8e9afaddb95246b1c382b4cb44b3047e8dc2f3c704fcb438de7809
  5. great news 📰 🤗 LTs is about to be more valuable than our imaginations.
  6. marshalllife

    A Call to Arms for all ENU holders

    I don't know if its possible as @project-atlas is not even among the top 30 but yeah, the Project-Atlas BP is committed to see that enumivo has more visibility and reaches, untop of that we are committed to buy lts with 25% or more and burn it.
  7. Nice to hear, would share across. I read it with no complications or errors though only this last line " the same time, there are several other types of [UTI ] applications with different KYC" I think that is UBI or I might be wrong.
  8. Yes then - i settle for the cap 50usd - with the 5000enu for content creators.... @Sosolean Lol no hahaha- I would be too greedy to ask 15k enu monthly even though the task i will be doing would worth that amount, well that i promise - 5k enu to reward content creators (This tokens would be used to TIP enumivo content creators until the 5k is depleted and used and new 5k enu sent) I want to do this initiatives for the first 3 months which actually put the rewards of the content creators tips to 15k Enu. But 5k enu would be first sent first to me to start initiatives untill it is used to tip creators and if this 5k is not used before the first month maybe because low contents to rewards or etc - the left Tokens would be used until the 5k is exhausted to Tip contents. and once exhausted i would ask @peilin or any one in charge to check the list of people i rewarded as i would be making a sheet to write each milestone and content rewards to each creators. Well i have alot of works to do if you asked me with the task, if you understand how proposals works its more of price than what i capped but sometimes we do stuffs for no reasons , so i capped my rewards 50usd, - I capped the amount at 50usd because Enu might increase someday - pretty soon or so, if i capped it at 5k enu too, and enu increases - that all be huge in my wallets but on 50usd even if enu increases doesn't affects the project. So answering your questions - the total proposal is capped 30k for the period of 3 months only if i could use the first time 5k enu and more content creators participates which i know on how to get them involved on whaleshares if you ask me. Thing is if its not going fine, it stops or a motion is out to stop it. so No stress or worries. i could even decline the payment and do it like always... but just my personal reasons and to show people every proposal needs a payment method for people to propose and use the motions properly 😉 Just a plan i thought would yield a good result and create synergy with the bloggers and enumivo. . @Sosolean Okay i understand that part, capping at enu has two side the bear and bull. well it all be Content creators =15k enu Reward for proposal =15k Enu. That's about 30k enu in a period of three months. Note - that each payment would be made in accordance with the delivered milestones of the proposals. Once i am given the first 5k for content rewarding, i would only ask for new content rewards if the 5k have been completely used and exhausted- but if in the period of months i still haven't, it will be rolled untill its used to reward. Thing is, my reward for the proposal could be halted on to the final month and not on monthly bases to see how successful the initiatives is, if it isn't successful then Roe could go ahead and decline the payment, after the three months of the proposal. but if it is successful lol, please give me my gold. ☺
  9. hello and good day everyone . I'm trying to start an enumivo initiative on whaleshares which i think would help foster the publicity and awareness of the enumivo project to many interested people. And there by on boarding members and traffic to the project. I recently created an account on the whaleshares platform. whaleshares.io/@enumivo and would be making one on steemit as the initiative is centered on content creators, and this platforms are content creators oriented. Though this motion is simple but complicated in some ways, i know this will impact positively to the enumivo project and we could actually on board new genuine members to the platform through this method. it would be a hectic proposal for me to handle, as much things is needed and 100% focus and i hope i can cope with it and actually hit the goals to why i started the initiatives. The initiative is simple, it all be creating "Team Enumivo" on whaleshares and on steemit [ #TeamEnumivoOnWhaleshare] [ #TeamEnumivoOnSteemit] - since the platform is for content creators, we would be rewarding posts that contains anything related to enumivo. So it all starts with an announcements for people to join the team enumivo on whaleshares or on steemit as a team of content creators every week and if they signifies, also give reasons to why they want to join the team of Enumivo on steemit and whaleshares and yeah once they join, i will have to write their name somewhere to keep track of those people on the #team Enumivo on this platforms and every post they created concerning enumivo gets rewarded with about 50 t0 100 enu depending on how unique their post are. And its compulsory they input a link " enumivo.com and enumivo.org" to drive up traffic and for readers to learn more about the project inorder to be eligible to earn this enu rewards. Most of this platform users I'm targeting uses discord alot and the enumivo too have a discord,{actually the one i created} so any user posting on this platforms. needs to post the links on a particular channel I will be creating soon to keep tracks and inorder to go through it and see what rewards suits it. This is the discord links. https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB They will have to use the "Enumivo" hashtags on their post that contains anything enumivo related and at the end of their contents, they will input their enu wallets for rewards and for there contents to get the value of enu according to their posts. Though any enumivo related post would earn about 50 to 100 enu for their contents about enumivo, they will be a weekly official enumivo post to select the best created enumivo content articles that would win about 500Enu each weeks. and also the most active person on the team gets rewarded with 200 enu. We all be creating a sane community on this platforms, and more people would want to join the team to get this passive income for their created enumivo posts. And each of this post would introduce more people as we grow on a daily and weekly, if you agree since they earn on creating contents. Contents varies to - making enumivo memes - Enumivo Articles - Enumivo graphics - Enumivo videos and so on, as long its enumivo related. Key factor This would be hectic task to get more people and content bloggers know about enumivo, but i am positive this will be a good idea at the end for more enumivo contents and get more enthusiastic people on board to the project. - Each enumivo contents gets about 50 to 100 enu depending on the post uniqueness - The best content about enumivo gets 500 enu weekly. - the most active member wins 200 enu - for your post to actually be rewarded, you all have to signify that you want to be part of the enumivo team on each week's official post. e.g I love enumivo because i have read alot about it and would want to be part of this community. - Once you are part of the #Enumivo team, you can post on steemit or on whaleshares and submit your Enumivo posts on the enumivo discord, where i can read and record it plus tip the writer for their comtents. - Any enumivo post must include their enumivo wallets address for them to receive their tip. This is all about the initiative, and I'd think it would positively impact greatly on boarding more enthusiasts genuine members to the project ahead of our UBI release. Most of my times would be dedicated on reading different contents and actually writing weekly posts and it all be stressful and I think i need some kind of incentives regarded i received 5k enu monthly like all Roe receive. I AM thinking on running this initiative for 3 months and once three months completion with no positive results then the proposal will automatically be terminated but if its actually doing its purpose then it will be continued. I would want to be receiving a cap of 5000Enu monthly to reward content creators and if each 5000 ain't spent that month it all auto roll over to the next month on till 5000k enu has been used before another payment to reward content creators is sent for the initiative. But since i need incentive to actually concentrate more on the initiative and leave most things I do on daily, i would want the Roe to decide how much enu incentive i could receive monthly for three months of the project, regardless of the Normal Roe salary we all on Roe receive, its a hectic one i believe would work out fine. it all be from 50 USD to 100 USD incentives, i will let the Roe decide if needs be, and update this post to which i think they agree on. - so content creators gets 5000Enu and could be auto roll over if not used on that month to the next. - I get --- X USD Monthly for coordinating the initiative - -for incentive (let Roe decide the amount in USD on their Comments) I would edit the amount of my incentive once Roe comes to conclusions on their comments. Vote with "YES" to agree with this motion. Or No to disagree with this motion. Thank you every one.
  10. marshalllife

    The enumivo sponsored blockchain event

    indeed, thank you ☺
  11. After severally postponing the blockchain meet up on which Enumivo being one of the sponsors of the event happened on March 2 at the university of ibadan. This would make it twice the enumivo project supported the blockchain Saturday initiatives, and also twice the official meet up in Nigeria, one at Lagos and the other at the university of Ibadan. The meet up was postponed severally from January to February then to march because of the Nigeria general elections and the school university being on break. well the event was held after all and it was a lovely sight to see blockchain enthusiasts discussing about different projects. and also people trying to learn more about blockchain tech and its applications. Different blockchain gurus discussed and presented different topics on the blockchain and others blockchain projects, Lots of giveaways and networking I first presented Horizen, before stepping further presenting Enumivo, well it wasn't new to them, most people who attended the meetup, either knew me here on enumivo telegram, my steemit/whaleshares blog, or the previous events i presented enumivo. it was funny some where even surfixing some of my drop words like Roe/UBI, etc. I was kind of flattered at some point, i met new people i don't know but knew me like seriously, we took photos and distribute giveaways and boom my team and i set course back to Lagos, it was such a long ride.