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  1. Guess there is no whales after all on enumivo chain, this i know from the start, most people got it from airdrop, few, i mean little bought because of the Eos software, but the wealthy of us all farmed it and that's true, they didn't , because if you bought something and become a care taker aka BP you definitely want to maintain what you bought, add value, maintain the value or do more to make the value greater etc, they got it freely, sold some last year during the bulls, got rich and laughed at us, set up a bp and went to sleep. simple, they don't care, cause they made it from the chain lol
  2. May 10th enumivo Campaign Analysis and reaches on Twitter  https://whaleshares.io/@project-atlas/enumivo-campaign-9n-twitter-results
  3. Good day Enumivo community, This post is to inform the general enumivo community about our next move of shutting down our enumivo BP node this Friday 10th, not because we are not capable of running it or upholding the promises made before the nodes went live but because of some circumstances and factors surrounding the enumivo network and also "WRTN" kind of whales. "The project atlas are group of individuals from different part of the world, they promotes a supported blockchain projects mostly on Twitter. And they run block production for dpos projects and enumivo has been supported right from the early stages which i mean since February 8th 2018. and we have been promoting enumivo date back till now, all for awareness and visibility purposes". projectatlas.info We erected our bp node in good faith that we might acquire vote from the community for all our works and to do more of what we've previously done and while the block rewards gotten from our nodes will be channelled into 4 uses to help foster the media aspect of Enumivo and for its development. - Channel some to running Ads on Facebook/Instagram and Twitter - Help create more media contents like graphics for marketing purposes (Some of this graphics i did create and dished out for community uses) - Pay technical team for monitoring and management - Pay team who crowd promotes enumivo on Twitter as a team. I normally used my monthly Roe salary back then to fund server cost and use the left over to compensate the atlas team for their work, on some occasions i reward the team with LifeCoin,( a cross token for upshares on. whaleshares) , and since we can't further pay for server cost, and while our bp node has been running at great lost, i think its wise we don't stress it that much, take a bold step on shutting it down, it seems we haven't done much for the community to get their votes even all this while we thought we have.And i don't blame the community for not actually putting us on spot but could have been we were too clumsy and just haven't done what we've promised. I have reached out to the China community for support but only a handful was willing to support us, in a dpos system we believe the community have a bigger say and since few are willing to, this means and shown we haven't really work our ass out like we should to earn supports, this i understand and accept, being one of the reasons which prompted me on making this post to inform the community of the new development to discontinue our Enumivo Nodes. But that doesn't stop me from doing any little thing i can do in order to make sure enumivo gets out there to more individuals , and i might be using the lifecoin and leverage the whaleshares platform on rewarding my team or anyone whilst they campaign Enumivo on Twitter like they've always done since i have run out of enu. My full Appreciation goes to those enumivo accounts that believed and voted us, we really really do appreciate and give you'll a big thanks for supporting us, But we are still block producers for - Smoke.io - Whaleshares.io If you are on this platforms, please kindly show us supports by voting our nodes. Thank you. "Below img attached are those who voted us" "The North never forgets, like wise the atlas project"
  4. what short functions,? what does it entails?
  5. 420......... brother 🤗 spread bud and not war 😎
  6. April enumivo Campaign Analysis and reaches on Twitter Links for more details. https://whaleshares.io/@project-atlas/project-atlas-enumivo-campaign-analysis-april-edition
  7. April Campaign announcement by atlas project. https://whaleshares.io/@project-atlas/enumivo-campaign-announcement-for-april
  8. Our March campaign for enumivo analysis and results. full details https://whaleshares.io/@project-atlas/atlas-enumivo-social-campaign-announcement-march Join on next month.
  9. Our March campaign for enumivo was announced and started on Monday 25th to end on Friday 29th. - 6team members participating https://whaleshares.io/@project-atlas/atlas-enumivo-social-campaign-announcement
  10. Projectatlas has completed first buy and burn Of the LTS token, i hope to continue this step and give community a reason to vote and to earn LTS. 22 enu 1000LTS http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/fe81573b1c8e9afaddb95246b1c382b4cb44b3047e8dc2f3c704fcb438de7809
  11. Projectatlas has completed first buy and burn Of the LTS token, i hope to continue this step and give community a reason to vote and to earn LTS. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/fe81573b1c8e9afaddb95246b1c382b4cb44b3047e8dc2f3c704fcb438de7809
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