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  1. marshalllife

    Enumivo social media Daily bounties

    New bounty 🔊 🔊 Only the first 50 people to Like, Retweet, comment and also share this tweet to other social media platforms like (FACEBOOK MINDS etc) gets 100 ENU and 500 LTS. https://twitter.com/EnuMivo/status/1052081354475589632 - screenshot of the platform you shared the tweet to is needed. ENTER YOUR ENTRIES HERE https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYOaTmlSYjpot8FHVJke0H6PvIPPEflm_QM8Sf1aCt0Jd3SA/viewform
  2. 是的,如果人们可以在我们的聊天,微博或任何其他中国社交团体上分享这些推文,那将是一件好事😃
  3. I made a post about the bounty here Like i said, this process would reward any individual who participates and also to get community engagement on our enumivo social media's, not only that, also to create community self marketing if done right, above all get sane community engagement, it might not start well but i believe it all go and end well. So this is the first bounty and prior to this, i would be updating each of the bounty task either on this same thread or creating another separate one. So if you are new to the Enumivo project this is The best time to get into it. (this can also be seen on the Enumivo telegram channel) Only the first 100 people to Like, Retweet, comment and also share this tweet to other social media platforms like (FACEBOOK MINDS etc) gets 100 ENU and 500 LTS. https://twitter.com/EnuMivo/status/1051377773627895813 - screenshot of the platform you shared the tweet to is needed. ENTER YOUR ENTRIES HERE https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYOaTmlSYjpot8FHVJke0H6PvIPPEflm_QM8Sf1aCt0Jd3SA/viewform
  4. Not a bad one at all, this will keep the community engaging for a time being and rewarding them for being kind of active to The community.
  5. The crypto space has been quite/some how scary [lol] lively too and promising for new era of the DPoS algorithm - the crypto sphere is on Its bear season, this had affected almost all crypto projects, not only has it affected the currency but also the community and more people don't have that enthusiasm and zeal they have earlier this year when they become part of it but what we forget to Understand is that cryptocurrency is a nation with its people. With out the community, the project is only a project. I would want a scenario where all of us could share the news of the Enumivo project and get rewarded. This sharing would just be seen as sharing if its done by a single person, now think of 40 people sharing this same thing,this same MESSAGE, WHAT DO YOU THINK WE'VE ACHIEVED? Well we achieved Everything - as everyone outside the project sees the oneness and commitment of the community alongside dev - the developers are the major keys to a crypto projects but the community are the engine room's - so Lets bounty enumivo out there to The world and get more of the project insights out there by you and me. This is how i envisioned it to be A daily post on our social handles, either Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram etc would be put out [the post would always talk about Enumivo and the project updates etc] And would be given as a task to The community to either LIKE RETWEET COMMENT or SHARE as the case may be on different scenarios - and also to share on other platforms like minds -facebook - Gabs etc For example - The first X people to comment/like/ retweet and share this Tweet and image to Other platforms gets X enumivo each - Plus additional amounts of X LTS if shared to Other social platforms. https://twitter.com/EnuMivo/status/1050790031407820800 And on daily we can Start getting community engagements and more Members to join the community and. Build up this momentum. - the official enumivo telegram won't be a place to Submit you screenshots - in order not to flood there with images. For now there would be a Google form to Submit the daily task for rewards and to. Show proof. OR on the discord server i made - where i would create a channel for the Enumivo bounty proves for everyone to submit and its on discord, but i would allow every to Input their suggestions and see which best work for us. - you can join the Enumivo discord here for future bounties if this gets approved. https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB
  6. marshalllife

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    Pretty coming fast.
  7. marshalllife

    Converting SAT to real BTC and vice versa

    The automated process would be appreciated by the Enumivo community and many would feel its more secure -lol looking forward to this new insight. A flexible way to trade.
  8. Everyone wants change but we forgot change is constant - if you ever want change it has to start from you. Change is a virus that spread from one energy to another individual. Bring change and others will change for that same purpose. 

    "Be the change you want" 💪 


  9. I have been trying to find ways that could really help make enumivo more visible and open to people outside the sphere of the Enumivo project and community. The project with all its envisions and its features isn't really out there for people to be informed and to troop in unto the project. More publicity and awareness could trigger more team players into the project. Since enumivo is a community project and also made for the community by the community. I thought of a plan to get even the non active one of us get rewarded with being an Enumivo ambassador and getting paid for it,all this will also brings more job opportunities to all enumivians. HOW? - A dapp or a website on the Enumivo chain that rewards anyone who promotes the Enumivo project either through social media /meet ups/ graphics designing writing articles on websites with crypto traffics {steemit /medium/whaleshares etc} or any thing and idea that has to do with enumivo project - this dapp project should be initiated in the much anticipation of the UBI dapp that is the main big focus of the project. And if this dapp is build more awareness gets created around the project even before the UBi come through. This will increase the whole visibility of the project since everyone gets paid for promoting the platform they love in a way they all need to document their promotional activities in a well lined manner on a post. This is how its should be {Enutivities.com} is the name of the dapp, responsible for noting down every promotional activities you render to the project [it might necessarily not be a dapp on enumivo chain might just be a normal website like the Enumivo.com] But if that would make it easier in paying promoters with the enu activities token then let it be. But i would summarize it using the Enumivo mainnet tokens. On the activities website - an Editor to write and document your promotional activities would be available /a template would also be available for a more detailed description and following a more suitable pattern and also the title e.g Title - How i Promoted Enumivo on Facebook with 10,000 impressions. Then the body of the text on what inspired you to do so. A well documented post explaining your promotional activities is needed and putting links to verified each promotions Images of the event/promotional materials is Needed for authentication, [like Facebook promotions, a screenshot properly a gif cause images can be altered.] Before hitting the submit button. Users put their enumivo wallet down and Tell us one thing you enjoyed while promoting and things you would want to add to better the platform or leave empty if non.. .... This is were job opportunity comes in They would be moderators of this website that once an Enumivo promotional post gets submitted, it is then awaiting reviews from the mod to verify it and check to see all needed criteria's are passed and once its met the basic requirements of promoting enumivo - it is then approved and gets rewarded with the enu tokens. Rewards can be broken into four sides and how they are rewarded. E.g - social media promotion - articles - meet up - graphics Each of this materials you render to promote enumivo has their own threshold and scores of rewards. Like 👇 👇 - quality promotions or content = x amount of enu to x amount of enu - Low quality promotion/content =might get little rewards or no rewards if scam attempts and with no proof of works. Or trying to submit double promotional entries. The more professional a promotion is the more rewards they get. Now it all goes down to either using enumivo as payment method or a dapp with its own tokens. But i Would suggest part of the block rewards go to an address for Enumivo promotion - it would be managed properly but once the amount gets exhausted-promotional activity is paused until a particular amount is refilled for community promotions to commerce. Cause i believe The best type of marketing is the marketing that feels like you are not marketing, makes the community feel like they are part of it. If you have anything to add or oppose don't hold it up kindly let us know in the comment box. Its @marshalllife anytime time or on any platform.
  10. marshalllife

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    This is my introduction, i hope i get voted but that doesn't stop me from keep keep promoting Enumivo with my undercover initiatives 😍 😃
  11. marshalllife

    @marshalllife introduction

    Greetings Enumivo community, my name is Destiny Marshall Aka @Marshalllife, i have been a supporter of the Enumivo project way back February when it started distribution of its airdrop. I have supported Enumivo way back when it has no value then, on its early days - to prove my love for Enumivo and the whole #UBI concept , using my team and my project (project Atlas) https://medium.com/@projectatlas4/introducing-project-atlas-to-the-blockchain-world-a769d253db4f we conducted a campaign for Enumivo to create awareness and we got paid with Enumivo even when it worth NOTHING - but my team and i Took the payment cause we believe we are Enumivian and we forseen the future of it and in order to prove Enumivo project has high potential. Proof of The first ever Enumivo twitter camp https://twitter.com/hashtag/hodlenu?s=09 The crypto world is crazy, on The long run i got attached to So many things and many projects too and missed some vital Enumivo announcements - and when i became active - i also conducted Lts /Ubi campaign too for Enumivo and liteshares project- talk about the Enumivo project on my blogs too, i know i Might no be so popular in the community but i have been doing my promotions underground promoting the project in my own ways. Check out these search results: https://twitter.com/hashtag/EnuUbi?s=09 And also promoted it on Instagram too. I talked about the Enumivo project on most Eos forum and funny enough i Find out most Eos users don't know or know little about it- initiating plans for that in order to get the news of Enumivo across all eos telegram groups and on. Mostly related forums like Eostalks for project visibility where we can talk Enumivo. I also created a discord Enumivo group few months back, the reason was because i saw discord as home to many crypto projects and the Aim really was to update any thing on telegram to discord and build a sane community on discord and above all, create weekly contest for the Enumivo projects like Blog post, (writing about Enumivo) meme contest /every competition that has to do with Enumivo. Initiated some contest and reward people who participated with LTs for the fact i have little Enumivo. https://discord.gg/Fk82wtB And with the help and cooperation of the community we can always keep the discord channel lively with contest that rewards everyone of us and see that good contents is put out there for the Enumivo project and for people to see we exist as a community and oneness. This will put the Enumivo word out there and everyone of us has a part to play to see Enumivo blossom- Also a crypto musician and done songs for alot of crypto projects i have worked with or loved and this songs the community used in video contents about the project or for promotional activities, i would be doing some Enumivo theme song someday for Enumivo project - Entertainment too is a source for promoting contents. Well you can check some of my crypto songs here https://choon.co/tracks/0y9kzkpudzl/eos-blockchain-/ THE AIM For me, what i Love to do for Enumivo community is to get good content out there, speak about Enumivo as Enumivo advocate, i will reward any body that promotes Enumivo in their own ways, be it good blog post,memes /graphics creation,campaigns what have you? , all this thing add up in creating awareness and if i have much to reward i will definitely do that (cause the best type of marketing is to inspire the community do it in their own ways) And With my project Atlas, i would keep on running campaign awareness for the project and there is a New initiative i am to carry out that would make Enumivo get partially known to eos users and i pray all works out as planned. More initiatives to promote Enumivo will be always welcome and i will always do my little best to promote Enumivo and we all can do this if we join forces together and a big shout out to the ones in the community we all know that has been holding it down ever since day one - i appreciate them like the community and they have always tried everything possible to make the project great. You can find my activities here. Https:// whaleshares.io/@marshalllife Https://steemit.com/@marshalllife
  12. marshalllife

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    If i could see a blog that talks everything about being an oracle and the criteria's to become one, would appreciate, also to write a blog post about this too, its interesting people could stake and get rewarded, but i all try and dig up more Info's like i always do. i know you quickly tried to summarize it on this blog. ✌️ I would register to be one.
  13. marshalllife


    I really don't know how that 👆 👆 👆 👆 came up. Well i hope the enumivo community can work together and make this happen like they did the last time on coin tiger 🐯. little by little and bit by bit, enumivo will be open to the world to embrace ✌️ 😃
  14. marshalllife