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  1. marshalllife

    FAQ about applying for RoE

    i wil a write a blog post and refer people to this, this is lovely.
  2. marshalllife

    Lagos Blockchain Saturday - A Blockchain experience

    yeah, i was also surprised when i saw many who came i don't know already got LtS and i asked them how, they said they got it from the discord i opened, the contest and etc i was really smiling ☺
  3. marshalllife

    Lagos Blockchain Saturday - A Blockchain experience

    its was great man,appreciated....... Together we can do extraordinary. 💪
  4. marshalllife

    Lagos Blockchain Saturday - A Blockchain experience

    Thanks mate ✌️ and also to everyone who adds value to the project.
  5. marshalllife

    Lagos Blockchain Saturday - A Blockchain experience

    ☺ thanks you thought me well lol its my duty though, and want to do more 😊
  6. The Lagos Blockchain Saturday organized by one of beam ambassador and which enumivo project was one of the many sponsors was exciting and successful. Being an ambassador of Enumivo, and when it was time for my enumivo presentation, I took them down the history lane of the enumivo project, how it started, the visions and the dream and where it is now even to the fullest future plans of the UBI and its usecase, though it was very hard making them understand at first, it all seems rocket science to non blockchain user but as with more and much explanation was given and how they could benefit from the project and also how they could put good use to the chain it self with a possibility of adding value and getting value. everything became easier. I briefly explained to them about the Roe and how the slogan i generated for it is a term i call VALUE FOR VALUE What value can you bring into the community/project to get the value you want people to give to you. It was exciting indeed, as we had to learn, unlearn and relearn things we saw as a basic knowledge to make us blossom on this sphere and i was very much happy that after the presentation, alot of people became so interested and when i saw the momentum and enthusiasm they were moving with ☺ i reminded them its all a value for value project This are the images i could gather at the moment, more are coming though of the event.
  7. Are you in Lagos? or in Nigeria? join us on the blockchain Saturday meet up, an initiative by a beam ambassador (a crypto project, privacy coin that uses the mimble wimble protocol) Beam has been the official sponsor of the first and second event of the blockchain Saturday until recently enumivo becoming a sponsor. If you are in Lagos ikeja or in Nigeria, why don't you come and network, also have fun, share and learn new ideas and project on the blockchain world, the blockchain Saturday is an event foster to create a reborst community of blockchain lovers, where we get to talk about interesting projects. Enumivo being one of the sponsors of the third edition, i would be there as an enumivo ambassador with my presentation to lecture and teach attendees what enumivo is all about and how they can join the community of enumivians and the RoE. For more info click here Date - 8th of December Time - 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM WAT Venue - At Digital Abundance Hub, 19a Ogundana Street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Book and reserve your seat as seats are limited Here Download the Program schedule, to. know actually how everything would go here Apart from us having fun and knowing each other they are lots of exciting stuffs to gain and win, as some few people would be working away with LTS as a reward and Enumivo T-shirt 👕 for any side activities at the venue - so be there. About Blockchain Saturday Blockchain Saturday is a periodic meet-up where renowned experts, industry leaders and practitioners, as well as enthusiasts, within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem come together to synergize, share ideas, and network. This gathering is to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas to drive towards a more sustainable blockchain ecosystem in Nigeria. At Blockchain Saturday, it is our belief that the idea of the next disruptive project similar to Bitcoin, can be conceived at this meetup, and for that reason, every idea is worth considering as we work together towards the nurturing and development of projects that will later become products that will solve real-world problems. We all can create an enabling environment that is geared towards learning, and against the imposition of ideas on participants The second Edition was fun
  8. marshalllife

    UBI GRAPHICS Created by @baa

    This is a graphics created by a new member of my project atlas - @baa what are your thoughts on the UBI design? to me it looks mature and well put out. As more of his designs are coming, do i be putting this ENUMIVO UBI DESIGNS according to @baa
  9. A UBI graphics made for the enumivo community to use anytime - if you have skills of what so ever don't keep it hidden become an active member of the RoE, even graphics are much welcomed as being a developer everything adds up to make everything a success.
  10. marshalllife

    Partial List of RoE Settlers

    gracias 🙂
  11. marshalllife

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    ENUMIVO is Scalable with creating apps and has a free way to make extra income - isn't it lovely 😉
  12. marshalllife

    Sustainability of RoE

    apart from the citizens getting paid 5000k Enu monthly - which i know this citizens have to be unique and ready to add much value to the project in which ever way they, i ll be suggesting of a self funding decentralized voting system - a situations where anyone can put up a proposal to add value to enumivo and if the citizens vote yes, that initiatives could be funded, in this state the person who wants to promote/add value to enumivo, mention the required amounts that they all use on completing the initiative , such as - online marketing - professional youtube promotion /Facebook ads - meet ups - creation of intro videos - dapps - etc and if the price are reasonable and the citizens of ROE votes it through - they get funded and not instantly funded but on each milestone delivered in order not to gain the system. this makes us achieve larger impact in promotion/awareness and would attract people with real skills and services to come into the project. what do we think (an opinion) -