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  1. This is to inform the general enumivo community about the supposed meetup that was to hold on February 23rd but will be shifted to another date. It was quite unfortunate that the organizers of the meetup event had no choice but to postpone the long planned and awaited meet up at the city of ibadan from February 23rd to March second, because of political issues, the Nigeria general election that was postponed from February 16th to our planned date which was February 23rd. A very big blow to us as we shifted the campaign once from feb 9th because of our governmental election and set a date ahead of their said date to conclude before we could commence our event only for them to shift the nations general election to our supposed date, hence we have no choice then meeting up on March 2nd to avoid another disorientation. So if you are in Nigeria are have been planning on attending please bear with us and prepare for March 2nd,thanks community.
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    We Are The ENUMIVIANS!

    Nice one mate keep it up, but can i ask if you can actually get the pictures in a digital format, a way it could be used.... picture it in a professional manner ✌️
  5. The monthly campaign by the project atlas for the Enumivo blockchain came to an end yesterday with great seriousness from the team even though our impact and reaches was low after analyzing it my team did show much interest, and put up great work might be probably wrong timing............. Impacts and reaches Potential impacts - 5,138,081 Potential reach - 271,085 Total tweets - 253 Original contributors - 10 Total Contributors - 55 Hashtag - #EnuUbi Check out these search results: https://twitter.com/hashtag/EnuUbi?s=09 For more about the full campaign updates and analysis, kindly click on our official whaleshares.io blog account. https://whaleshares.io/project-atlas/@project-atlas/project-atlas-update-enumivo-social-campaign-results-and-analysis Or check Tweetbinder for our advanced analysis https://www.tweetbinder.com/report/advanced/en/0eea6fb1 For more about the crowd crypto promotional project and how you could support us on creating awareness and building the first Cross dapp for promotion, visit https://www.projectatlas.info/what-we-do
  6. It will happen man, you've shown interest i wil see what can happen, thing just went bad with me this few days and and also the budget been use to provide the necessary stuffs for the event on getting things done but let's see before on 19 man... i will write a post.
  7. yeah sure, thnaks,,,,, more. of the same ☺ (To the moon)
  8. Its yet another edition of the Blockchain Saturday, this event was held thrice last year with great success and achievement, also opened alot of gateways for so many of us, as we networked with each other and share our ideas, thoughts and experiences pertaining the blockchain tech. The team behind the first, second and third “BS” meetup has also come together again this time, teaming with different amazing and promising project such as Horizen , Enumivo, quidax Oracle-d and lots more to deliver to your door step, yet another mind blowing amazing blockchain staurday meet up which will be held this time at Ibadan on the 23rd February. be there. Location - University of Ibadan Conference Centre, Seminar Room Reserve your seat at the event. https://goo.gl/forms/7Pjdh2KeIaUGHzht1 For more about the event https://trybe.one/blockchain-saturday-meetup-at-ibandan-edition/
  9. After the announcement for our enumivo BP node that was successfully deployed and operational, we are currently sitting on the 62nd position on the enumivo BP list, thanks to everyone who voted us and believe on what we have done before and what we can do together again. Here for our block producers announcements - Enumivo forum - whaleshares [coming soon] Our monthly enumivo campaign starts tomorrow 28th to 1st February (5days) The project atlas has made it there priority and responsibility to promote the enumivo platform third week for five days of every month using its community crowd force on social networking platforms and create more media presence. This campaign like we always initiate every month, is to spread positive and vital information about the project across social platforms, spread the project on Twitter using hashtags and our community crowd force to create more awareness plus reaches for the enumivo project all over social platform we initiate it on. Good thing about our campaigns from now on is that, it isn't only on Twitter anymore, as we have broaden our online presence to reach more people far and wide on other social platforms this includes - memo cash - Facebook - Instagram more about the campaign take a look here https://whaleshares.io/project-atlas/@project-atlas/the-atlas-enumivo-social-media-campaign-join-us-and-earn-whaletokens-to-build-up-your-whalestakes And thanks to @Peesus for completing the Enumivo.org website as we now have something to present, something to talk about, to show off and most importantly a website to sell of the enumivo product and projects also a place to attract investors when we do what we do. For now, our campaign on this social site is done by volunteer members that gets rewarded with a UIA tokens i created and backed with my whalestake (Lifecoin) [i plan porting this token to the enumivo chain sooner and leverage its potential] In the future if we can be among the top 30 to 20 positions on the bp list or starts producing more blocks. some of the rewards will be channelled on running paid ads on social websites by then spreading the enumivo project more further for greater and better audience. And may the force be with us.
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  11. We promote crypto to the world 🤗
  12. oh you here, great welcome to enumivo project ☺
  13. The project atlas enumivo BP is up and running, took us about three days to fully sync with the chain. This was the first time it got announced, we might be needing support here The Project-Atlas is a crypto initiative dedicated on promoting supported blockchain projects such as enumivo with its community crowd force ,Becoming active Bp that helps to secure blockchain network and with its sole future aim to build the first ever cross chain dapp for Crypto currency promotion and integrate enumivo chain to it. https://www.projectatlas.info This is where the enumivo community comes in. With the full support of the enumivo community, i believe we can both achieve greatness together, the project atlas with his crowd force is dedicated on promoting the enumivo chain all across the interweb, creating awareness and making sure it gets much audience from crypto lovers and investors and would be acting as a PR/Outreach for the enumivo project. We are the first ever individuals to run campaigns for the enumivo project - Enumivo (#hodlEnu) https://twitter.com/hashtag/hodlenu?s=09 with the supervising of @marshalllife February last year and still continuing what we do with the#BuyEnu hashtag until we finally decided to set up our bp node. This are the chains we BP for - whaleshares - smoke - Enumivo Our aim is to build the first ever cross dapp for Crypto promotion. The block rewards gotten will be used to reward community efforts of promoting enumivo on social media platforms, channel some for paid Ads on social media platforms, channel some to savings to build the cross dapp and the rest for team and technical team. Technical details Our server has the following specs: 8GB RAM with 200GB SSD. Which we hope to upgrade with the growth of the community. You might want to consider supporting or giving us your BP vote(s) - kindly vote on the project atlas (@project-atlas) BP Thank you all. We are community We are awareness We are promotion We are block producers We are project Atlas We are the future of crypto promotion. Promotion is fun
  14. No, I disagree, for many reasons though what you tend to achieve is good, but you can't want enumivo to sponsor a project with so many things to put in place and still want it to sponsor individuals logistics too. using me as a case study is not kind of a good thing. on the motion i explained everything needed for enumivo to be AMONG the sponsorS of the event, meaning it isn't strictly enumivo but different projects joining together, if you love to attend an event i think you should put some efforts and not community business with that,since you are not actually a speaker or a host playing an important role at the event, i don't see reasons for that as long on that event enumivo is being presented. but now it all goes down to your commitment and why you want to attend the event, is it cause you really want to attend or cause its a free way to visit a new place or like a holiday