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  1. Thank you for the contribution you made to the community!
  2. Great Job! Thank you!
  3. In the name biding, I see the name "eurno" - 1288 enu, remaining time was 6 hour yesterday (last bid 2018-07-21 18:40:13), but now (7/23, 22:00), the price is still 1288, but remaining time is -28h. Is that normal?
  4. Thank you! PMed you my account. I should have gambled more money in the real world haha~
  5. In namebids, I can only bid for the list of 118 names. Any option for me to create a new name and bid? 只能对目前的118个name进行竞买?那么这些name是怎么创建的,能否发起新的name来竞买?
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