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    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    I just reviewed the vote weight code and the LTS airdrop contract. The vote weight loses power every week but not by decreasing it on each account but by newer voters increasing its weight when they vote again later. This means that the LTS airdrop starts slow and will accelerate later. You will notice this after one week you should get a slightly higher daily airdrop than a week ago. I wont change the contract as it is since it will still work. It just means that the LTS you get will slightly accelerate over time. For your information.
  2. We are airdropping the rest of the undistributed LTS to all those with ENU who will stake and vote with their tokens. They will get LTS proportional to their vote weight. This is to test a system where all future airdrops by the development team will be distributed in a way where ENU holders who want to participate in governance of the Enumivo chain will get free rewards. To maximize your share of the LTS tokens, here's what you do: Stake ENU you don't need for the next 3 days to max out your vote weight. Vote 1 block producer of your choice, not 0 or 2 or 3 or 30. Just 1 BP must be voted. Send 0.0001 ENU to the address claimforvote. You will get back your 0.0001 ENU and free LTS. Wait 24 hours and repeat the whole process. In order to maximize your free LTS everyday, it's best to always refresh your vote before sending ENU to claimforvote. It will maximize your vote weight. You can vote for the same BP everyday. You just need to refresh your vote for maximum vote weight since your vote weight diminishes slightly everyday. Your LTS rewards are based on your vote weight. Always vote just one block producer, if you vote two or more, you will not be able to claim free LTS for 3 days. We are observing the contract for bugs, we initially have 20M LTS and will send more and more as the contract gains stability. We might upgrade the contract and make some changes if we see the need. We will post comments into this thread for updates. This will go on until all the undistributed LTS are fully depleted. While this is going on, we might have another airdrop that will run in parallel so maximize the use of your ENU by staking it if you don't intend to sell it anytime soon. Monitor our announcements in twitter, telegram, facebook, forum, and all social media channels. Please let us know if you find bugs. To see how the airdrop is going: https://enumivo.qsx.io/accounts/claimforvote Note: Everytime someone claims free LTS, it will create 5 deferred transactions to check 5 other users if they changed their votes to more than 1 block producer. If they are seen doing so, they will not be able to claim free LTS the next 3 days.
  3. I noticed that making RoE as a club has some limited features than making a special section in the forum exclusive for RoE. I will be creating sections in the forum area and a usergroup for RoE. This will have many benefits like maintaining an official list of applicants and having exclusive access to section of the forum exclusive for RoE Applicants and RoE Citizens. Don't be surprised if your application threads are moved in the main forum.
  4. enumivo

    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    Correction: It will fire 1 deferred transaction that will activate anytime within 24 hours. This transaction will check the original sender and 10 others if they changed their votes to more than 1 bp and will disable them the next 3 days from claiming if they did.
  5. enumivo

    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    Note: Everytime someone claims free LTS, it will create 5 deferred transactions to check 5 other users if they changed their votes to more than 1 block producer. If they are seen doing so, they will not be able to claim free LTS the next 3 days.
  6. enumivo

    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    To see how the airdrop is going: https://enumivo.qsx.io/accounts/claimforvote
  7. enumivo

    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    When you stake your ENU and you vote, your account has vote weight which is proportional to the ENU you staked. This vote weight diminishes slightly everyday until you vote again. To keep your vote weight at maximum means you get the maximum possible LTS, it is best to always update/refresh your vote before claiming the free LTS. Eosio type chains is designed to have vote weight diminish over time so that voters don't just "vote and forget". They have to come back and vote again (even for the same block producer/s) to have their vote weight "recharged" to the maximum. The claimforvote contract deployed on Enumivo with the help of Joshua (qsx.io), is designed to monitor and reward free LTS every 24 hours to those who stake and vote exactly one block producer. They will get free LTS proportional to the ENU they staked. So every 24 hours, I suggest you cast your vote again to one block producer (you can vote the same bp over and over again everyday), then send 0.0001 ENU to claimforvote, then you will automatically get back the 0.0001 ENU and the free LTS proportional to your vote weight. The more ENU you stake, the more vote weight you have, the more LTS you get daily.
  8. enumivo

    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    Remember, you can always vote the same BP everyday. Your vote weight diminishes slightly everyday and if you vote again (same BP or different), your vote weight is back to maximum. That's why to maximize your vote free LTS, you only need to refresh your votes every 24 hours right before claiming the free LTS.
  9. enumivo

    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    Yes, you have to vote for only one bp to get the daily rewards.
  10. https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/b5b6d09f516e4c9f6cfe6c768e49b13f8b9448474a3830eb85dfd9fbcc776d3c 75K ENU given by RoE to @marshalllife
  11. @davidfnck @PeiLin @Boyking @Dragos @Cocojam0610 @marshalllife @Sosolean @Peesus @libert @smakeit @Colinlib @ansen @David ishia @Joshua Qiu @TylerXiong @Daifuku @Ethereum The list above are the pioneer citizens of the RoE. They will be in control of the following funds: https://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=uefoundation https://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=communityenu Basic Rules (this is provided to start the RoE, the citizens can modify the rules): Citizens will be paid 5,000 ENU monthly every start of the month. Citizens can vote to admit new citizens or remove existing citizens by majority vote. Any citizen just need to submit a motion and let other citizens reply in the thread with their votes. After 7 days, majority decision becomes final. Any citizen missing to respond 2 motions in a row are automatically removed as citizens. The rules can be changed/added/removed through a motion filed by any citizen and voted by all citizens. The funds can be spent by citizens through voting also. Regarding the 50M voting power I hold, it needs to be discussed further as to how to go about it, I'm open to any proposal. I reserve the right to disband and terminate funding of RoE at any time I deem necessary if it does not add any value to the project or it is exploited or abused within 2019 or until a reliable multisig wallet is put in place and transfer the RoE funds to that said wallet. I reserve the right to remove and add citizens within 2019. The last two sentences can not be overriden by the RoE citizens. I'm hoping a better list of rules will be made by the RoE and I will try not to interfere with them as much as possible. During the early times, it is possible that there are ambiguous rules, we learn and respond as we go. This is a dry run until we are ready to fine tune and put everything in a smart contract. I'm assigning @PeiLin as the general coordinator in anything regarding RoE. There is a section exclusive for motions, any citizen can create a thread for each motion and share it to the telegram groups for resolution. It is also expected that everyone monitor the threads to get updates and join the deliberations. Consider this a social experiment and hopefully the RoE can be the governing body of Enumivo.
  12. enumivo

    Motion to add a "Pending Motion" topic

    Resolved. I will add a pending motions section and will move this to resolved motion.
  13. I am moving this to resolved and blackpaopao/blackpaopaow as a new RoE citizen.
  14. enumivo

    RoE Active Status

    This will be the official status of the RoE and will be modified as motions are approved. RoE Citizens: ansen blackpaopao Boyking Cocojam0610 Colinlib Daifuku David ishia davidfnck Dragos Ethereum Joshua Qiu libert marshalllife Peesus PeiLin smakeit Sosolean TylerXiong Ongoing Projects Sponsored: 75K ENU https://enumivo.com/topic/1156-blockchain-saturday-enumivo-roe-sponsorship-on-the-event/ Voted Block Producers: null Active Rules: All citizens will get 5K ENU every beginning of the month.
  15. enumivo

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    This motion will be closed. The NO votes win.
  16. enumivo


    moving this motion to closed motions
  17. enumivo


    common motions would be: 1. I move to admit member X as a citizen of RoE 2. I move to remove member Y out of RoE 3. I move to make this rule: "xxxxxxx yyyyyy zzzzzz state the rule here" be added to the list of rules for RoE 4. I move to modify RoE rule "aaaaa bbbbb ccccc state existing RoE rule here" to become "ddddd eeee fffff state the modified rule here" 5. I move to delete RoE rule "gggggg hhhhhh iiiiii state existing RoE rule here" 6. I move to let RoE spend X amount ENU to spend for "state detailed reason for spending here" 7. other enforceable proposals that can be voted by YES/NO or AGREE/DISAGREE
  18. enumivo


    hmmm motions must be voted with YES/NO or AGREE/DISAGREE and must be enforceable when approved. this motion would not qualify as a valid motion for RoE.
  19. enumivo

    Equity in BP ALLOCATION

    I am closing this motion since it is dependent on an ongoing motion filed by Peesus. I will be moving this motion to archive. Another identical motion may be filed later.
  20. enumivo

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    i removed the votes of noncitizens
  21. enumivo

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    Please the voting is for RoE citizens only. Noncitizens's votes will not be counted.
  22. enumivo

    Which BP is willing to pay dividends´╝č

    I only said that eosio's CEO is now open to vote buying or whatever they call it now. And right from the start i'm not opposed to it. But it turns out BP's are hardly making any money after expenses so I doubt they can reward their voters much if at all rewarding voters becomes a norm.
  23. enumivo

    What should require to be a BP

    the unit tests are in place. right after the build, there's an instruction how to run the tests.
  24. enumivo

    ROE opinion for Listing on CoinflyerX.

    They seem to live but zero volume.
  25. enumivo

    ROE logo

    personally i like the 2nd one more ­čÖé however, the RoE citizens can decide on it. if there are other suggestions, they can submit them.