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  1. enumivo

    The Birth of cezos coin in the enumivo Blockchain

    Nice to know. I'm also willing to create a market maker and shares for your token and add it here: https://wallet.enumivo.com/market-maker I'm glad to see this. I hope you develop it.
  2. For the 3rd round of Oracle Rewards the following changes will be applied: The voters/oracles will share 30K ENU regardless of who they voted for. They must have spent 100 votes and must have selected valid mainnet accounts. Those who don't vote will be removed as oracles. The most valuable members the oracles voted for will share 70K ENU proportional to their votes in such a way the least awarded will get at least 500 ENU. The UFE budget will be moved to the Oracles so expect the Oracles Rewards to keep on increasing. Note to oracles/voters: It will not matter anymore who you voted for you will still get the same rewards. Please vote for community members who you think deserve to get paid and those who really helped and add value to ENU. You will get the same ENU anyway. Please make your votes count. To community members who feel they deserve a portion of the 70K ENU for round 3: Please create a thread on what you do to deserve the votes. To everyone: Help the project by becoming an oracle, vote fairly, create threads on what you do to get oracle votes. Please don't buy votes. I will be forced to stop this if it happens.
  3. in EnuGui you can add contacts so that you just select where to send
  4. What is FTP? FTP stands for Frequent Trader Points and is a token deployed on ftp.coin that is issued to traders every time they trade on the ENU/BTC market (enu.btc.coin). How do I get FTP? You get FTP (ftp.coin) tokens if you do the following: Buying BTC using ENU (send ENU to enu.btc.coin, get BTC and at the same time earn FTP equal to the ENU you sent) Buying ENU using BTC (send BTC to enu.btc.coin, get ENU and at the same time earn FTP equal to the ENU you received) Direct buying of FTP with ENU (send ENU to enu.ftp.coin, get FTP based on the current market price) Divesting your ENUFTP shares (send ENUFTP tokens to enuftp.mm, you get ENU and FTP equivalent to the shares you divested) How do I sell my FTP? You can sell FTP tokens by sending it to enu.ftp.coin, you will automatically receive ENU at the current market rate. What is ENUFTP? ENUFTP (shares.coin) tokens are shares of the ENU/FTP Market Maker. Since the market maker needs to have ENU and FTP to operate as an exchange, community members can add ENU and/or FTP to it and they will be issued ENUFTP tokens to represent their shares/ownership of the the market maker. Since the market maker operates as a business and charges trading fees to traders, those who own ENUFTP tokens will share the trading fees. Being an ENUFTP token holder, you add liquidity to serve the traders, the traders pay, the shareholders get the fees the traders pay. How do I get ENUFTP? You get ENUFTP tokens if you send either ENU or FTP to enuftp.mm. You will get ENUFTP after calculating how much is the equivalent percentage you add to both sides of the market. Sending ENU means part of your ENU will be used to buy FTP, and sending FTP means part of your FTP will be used to buy ENU in such a way you will add the same percentage to both the ENU and FTP pool. You will then be issued the same percentage of ENUFTP tokens. Buying ENUFTP means investing and becoming a part owner of the market maker. How do I sell ENUFTP? Selling ENUFTP means you are divesting your shares of the market maker. You send ENUFTP to enuftp.mm and you will get ENU and FTP that represents your share of the market maker. How do I know the prices of FTP and ENUFTP? It will be added here shortly: https://wallet.enumivo.com/market-maker.
  5. enumivo

    Frequent Trader Points (FTP)

    Can you tell me how you have been losing money? You mean you own ENUBTC shares? Holding ENUBTC means you have invested in the ENU side and the BTC side in such a way you have the same percentage of both sides. If you have m percent of all ENUBTC shares, that means you own m percent of ENU and m percent of BTC of the market maker. Everytime a trader buys/sell in the market maker, 0.3% of his trade is taken from him and added to the market maker, that means as trade happens, the ENU and BTC side grows, subsequently your ENUBTC shares now end up owning more ENU and BTC. If you use ENU to buy ENUBTC shares, part of your ENU is used to buy BTC, this is to make sure you add the same percentage of ENU and BTC to the market maker, and you will be issued the same percentage of ENUBTC shares. The same also happens if you use BTC to buy ENUBTC, a portion of your BTC will be used to buy ENU. When you sell back your ENUBTC shares, it will be destroyed and you get the same percentage of ENU and BTC in your account.
  6. Please check the draft of the 2nd round of oracle rewards. Please direct your queries to @PeiLin MVM Nov 2018 applicants reward detaill.xlsx MVM Nov 2018 rawdata.xlsx MVM Nov 2018 voters reward detaill.xlsx
  7. The FTP tokens are issued by a smart contract every time a trader buys and sells in the ENU/BTC automated market maker. You get the same amount of FTP with the amount of ENU you trade. If you send ENU to enu.btc.coin or you send BTC to enu.btc.coin, you get the other token and also earn FTP points. FTP points act as loyalty points for on-chain market maker trading within the Enumivo network. It is also to test and get information because I intend to do the same for UBI tokens. I am looking for a way to also automate a "buy and burn" method where I set a monthly budget of some amount (maybe 100K ENU monthly for 50 months for a total of 5M ENU). I have not yet figured out how to do it fairly so I'm thinking of creating later an ENU/FTP market and ENUFTP shares, and later probably a smart contract will do a "buy and burn" on a regularly spaced intervals. The ENU/BTC market is a fair and a transparent market. The smart contract is open source and published on our github repository. All future markets will use the same method. The ENUBTC shares also gives a chance for community members to own shares of the market maker by providing liquidity. Everyone can now basically run an exchange business on chain. Regarding the sustainability of the 100K ENU monthly to "buy and burn", I'm observing and finding a way to extend it to more than 50 months, maybe I'll personally invest a substantial amount to ENUBTC shares or maybe I can run my own Block Producer to make sure I can sustain past 5 years. Nothing is final yet but what I can guarantee is 5M ENU allocated for FTP shares for the next 50 months. Also, if you hold FTP, it means you actually paid trading fees and helped make the ENU/BTC market alive. Your fees go to ENUBTC shareholders. I am also thinking of giving my effort for FTP to give it more value. If I will create a sidechain, it will be for FTP holders. If I should reward the community, I have to consider every FTP holder, aside from the Enumivo Oracles or the Enumivo Foundation. The automated market maker system and the market maker shareholder system is a system I designed from scratch and it seems to be working. The FTP points system is an extension to that in order for me to keep track of those who are using what I did. So if I have to honor a particular group within the Enumivo community, it would be the FTP holders for they put their money where their mouths are. Thank you, FTP holders and FTP "miners".
  8. https://etherscan.io/tx/0xda7231062056453381b35a77a174fc3470b69e46014f5a0049a35a2b0426e8e3
  9. What is ENU/BTC Market? The ENU/BTC Market is a smart contract based automated market maker using a modified Logarithmic Market Scoring Rule by Hanson. You trade with it by sending ENU or BTC and and you automatically get the other token. The market maker is deployed in enu.btc.coin. You simply send ENU (enu.token) or BTC (iou.coin) to that address to trade. How does the ENU/BTC market maker determine pricing? The market maker treats its total ENU in inventory as equivalent to its total BTC. If the market maker holds 100,000 ENU and 5 BTC, that means it treats 20,000 ENU = 1 BTC or 0.00005 BTC = 1 ENU. This is the instantaneous price, however (if you buy infinitesimally small amount). As soon as you buy, the price changes, so it calculates using definite integrals: let btc_balance = BTC held by the market maker let enu_balance = ENU held by the market maker if you send Qs amount of BTC, the market maker will send you Qb such that: Qb = enu_balance - ((btc_balance * enu_balance) / (Qs + btc_balance )) If you send ENU, the formula applies but reverses btc_balance and enu_balance. All trades will charge 0.3% fee which is retained by the market maker. What are ENUBTC Shares? The ENU/BTC Market is a community owned market. All the ENU and BTC it holds are owned by investors. To keep track of their investments, ENUBTC (shares.coin) tokens are issued and destroyed as needed. All ENUBTC tokens represent ownership of all ENU and all BTC in the market maker. If you own 1% of all ENUBTC tokens, that means you own 1% of all ENU and 1% of all BTC in the market maker. How do i get ENUBTC Shares? If you add x percent to ENU and x percent of BTC to the market maker, the market maker will create additional x percent of ENUBTC Shares and give it to you. If you return the ENUBTC, your shares will be destroyed and the ENU and BTC you own will be given to you. You can sell your ENUBTC (shares.coin) by sending it to enubtc.mm. This means you are divesting your shares. Investing ENUBTC, however is a bit more complicated. Since the wallet can only send one token at a time, you can either invest in ENUBTC by either sending ENU or sending BTC. If you send ENU, part of your ENU will be used to buy BTC so that you will be able to add the same percentage of ENU and BTC to the pool and be issued the same percentage of ENUBTC. The same formula also is used if you send BTC to enubtc.mm. All the smart contracts are open source and in the enumivo repository for you to analyze. Why should I invest in ENUBTC? Investing in ENUBTC means you are helping the Enumivo community by being a liquidity provider. At the same time, you also are a passive income investor since the market maker charges fees every trade. You help the trader reduce price slippage and you get a fair share of the fees in return. How do I get BTC (iou.coin) tokens? Contact me to get a BTC deposit address. How do I cashout my BTC tokens? Send your BTC (iou.coin) to aiden.pearce and include in the memo your Bitcoin address and I will send you BTC, I will deduct fees the same as bitfinex fees for bitcoin withdrawals at the time of sending.
  10. the trades i just did were only 1% of the tokens on one side of the equation and there are almost no price slippage
  11. however, buying bigger portions on one side (one token), will cause a big price slippage like what @kkkk6921experienced. that's why we need investors to add more liquidity and reducing price slippage.
  12. it's a simple quadratic equation by the way, but the proof is handwritten in paper in a few pages
  13. that means my math works https://github.com/enumivo/enuethshares/blob/master/ex.cpp double a = eth_balance; double b = 2 * eth_balance * enu_balance; double c = - eth_balance * enu_balance * received; double eu = (sqrt((b*b)-(4*a*c)) - b)/(2*a); double ee = received - eu; double new_shares = shares * (ee/(eu+enu_balance));
  14. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/3036c7b6f2157dbc24fdaa7369e8bccb679dda53563769e5cecf69a05e36a8da http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/96f51d7f752008c1c62e21132a266542b8012d54ab8115ea71869e8cd94d2870 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/5759f821d93c7fc35e1f3f1e23ddf7d1e798d67feea8ba64ef1173b822e943ae i bought 0.02 ETH and got 3.5347 ENUETH then i sold 3.5347 ENUETH and got 0.01003042 ETH and 149.9262 ENU then i sold 149.9262 ENU and got 0.00993954 ETH so 0.01003042 ETH + 0.00993954 ETH = 0.01996996 ETH which is almost 0.02 ETH probably just the trading fees is the difference when i sold ETH back
  15. i will now try doing the same with ETH and back to ETH