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  1. Everyone can now edit their own content in the forum as long as the thread is not locked.
  2. A community member now is having problems with them with withdrawals. I emailed them and they have not replied after waiting for 4 days. I'm now coordinating with the block producers for help to have their account frozen.
  3. Not final yet how we select the first 1000 members. I'm hoping brightid will be live by then and if it's a good way, we can utilize it. The goal is to make it fair and proven to everyone that the selection is not centralized. The oracles right now as it is is using centralized selection and I want that changed when a better solution is available.
  4. enumivo

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    I suggest everyone create their own thread and ask for votes to promote healthy competition among community members. Even your simple answers and being active in the community brings value. Let the oracles decide that value. Just create a thread and introduce yourself and what you can do to add more value to Enumivo, even if it's as simple as telling your friends or answering questions here in the community, the Oracles will decide. ---中文翻译--- 我建议每个人都创建自己的主题贴 (https://enumivo.com/forum/63-enumivo-oracles/),并请大家为你投票,以促进社区成员之间的健康竞争。 即使你做一些简单回答,在社区保持活跃也会带来价值,就让 Oracles 成员们来决定你贡献的价值。 现在你只需创建一个主题贴并介绍你自己以及你可以做些什么来为 Enumivo 增加更多价值,哪怕就是告诉你的朋友或在社区回答问题这么简单,Oracles 成员们也会决定你贡献的价值。
  5. what i'm thinking is instead of mining and proof of work by solving hashes, what if the work is to check faces which are unique and which are the same. everyone can submit pictures of their faces on chain (no name/semi anonymous) and also they can submit pictures of them together with their friends. everyone can easily vote that these people in one picture are unique individuals, and at the same time they can also vote that these faces are unique or the same (within the database of faces), etc. this will take a while though.
  6. i'm researching on face recognition and putting pictures on chain and let everyone vote on it. it will take time though.
  7. https://enumivo.com/topic/821-to-those-who-want-to-become-an-oracle-but-dont-have-a-passport/
  8. enumivo

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    You can now join with any two government issued identification.
  9. You can now submit any 2 government issued identification. It must be clear and your name must be in English alphabet. You should also include 2 pictures with you holding those IDs. We will still be very strict in approvals we have to research each country about IDs they issue. https://oracle.enumivo.org/
  10. enumivo

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    Being an Oracle and by voting accurately you can get rewards also.
  11. enumivo

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    You can wait for the UBI if your goal is to get something by just being a human being and nothing more. This one is for actually giving value to ENU.
  12. enumivo

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    You can try, the oracle will have to decide if to vote for you or not, but how can they vote for you if you do nothing? Think of this a massive hiring by oracles, i don't think someone would want to hire someone applying for a job title of "just being here" 🙂
  13. I will maintain a list of names here for individuals who want to work for Enumivo Community. 1. @Sosolean 2. @PeiLin 3. @Lunatic 4. @davidfnck 5. @marshalllife 6. @gij 7. @Dragos 8. @Canton Wang 9. @fish 10. @smakeit 11. @qixiaotianpaul 12. @cheyx 13. @TylerXiong 14. @ENUholder 15. @firefly_man 16. @yangzuoqi 17. @Denny_Yu 18. @Peesus 19. @David ishia 20. @libert 21. @Cocojam0610 22. @enutodamoon 23. @RyanGoslingXoXo .... If you want to get voted by the Oracles and get a share of the monthly rewards based on their votes, you will need to do the following: 1. Create a new thread in this forum https://enumivo.com/forum/63-enumivo-oracles/ and introduce yourself and include as much information that would be seen by the Oracles to get their votes. 2. Reply with your thread here so that I can include your username as part of the list that will be voted. The list above will be edited as soon as you have your thread. It will be included later in the official selection in the Oracles Voting System. 3. Maintain your thread regarding your activity/progress/help in the community and the Enumivo Project and reach out to everyone. Every month, the Oracles will vote for you and based on their votes, you will get a share of the monthly rewards (amount to be decided but i'm thinking up to 200K ENU monthly to be paid to you, separate budget for Oracle rewards). We start we a small budget and keep on increasing as the number of oracles and applicants will grow. You will get a proportional share of the monthly pool based on the number of votes you get in such a way the last one paid will get 1,000 ENU or more. This means the more votes you get, the more rewards you receive monthly so it's important that the oracles know what you are doing. Instead of me monitoring and managing human resources of the Enumivo Project, I will just rely on the Oracle and distribute monthly rewards. Whether you translate the posts to another language, or write articles for Enumivo, or develop dapps/apps for Enumivo, or anything at all that will help the Enumivo Project, the Oracle will vote for you based on what you do and get your fair share of the monthly budget. #decentralizingHR I'm getting the Oracles System modified in such a way that every oracle will have 100 points to distribute their votes. That means they can vote from 1 to 100 community members, and they decide how many points they distribute. Every month the votes will be tallied and published. Each voted member will get a proportional amount of the budget in such a way that the least paid member gets at least 1,000 ENU each month. This is almost the same as how standby producers get at least 100 ENU per day depending on how they are voted.
  14. I'm thinking if you have a list of those who are getting UBI and their proof of epassport can be automatically be added on the oracles.
  15. Hi, how can we work together to make use of your mobile app for our kyc for oracles? May I also ask how many people joined UBIC using epassport? I'm sure most people who don't understand cryptography are apprehensive they are thinking their passport data are revealed. Nice work, though. Learned about it today and I like it.