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  1. No. I like the idea but I think there's a better use of this 50M enu. We can open this motion probably as one of the choices or options for the use of the said funds.
  2. There are pros and cons for having ID revealed but if you'll think about it there's more favor on our side. Surely, we can produce a better way of handling things without having an issue of revealing BP's identity. To put it simply, this is the only way to stop abusive BP's.
  3. I vote YES. Same reasons as mentioned above and listed below. It makes the block producer accountable for their actions It ensures they are not running multiple BP nodes (increasing chance of an attack on the network Our network is not secure if we do not know who is being paid to secure it BPs are responsible for handling your money No one will take us seriously as a DPOS chain with anonymous block producers and developers.
  4. now that's a really nice sample. thanks for your hard work as always mate.
  5. Thank you, sir. To those who want to join the list please make an appeal anytime as stated above. Go for it mates.
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