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  1. Seen mine, a big thanks again to the community. 🙂
  2. Cocojam0610

    Enumivo.org Homepage Test

    now that's a really nice sample. thanks for your hard work as always mate.
  3. Cocojam0610

    Partial List of RoE Settlers

    Thank you, sir. To those who want to join the list please make an appeal anytime as stated above. Go for it mates.
  4. Cocojam0610

    ROE opinion for Listing on CoinflyerX.

    CMC is short for Coinmarketcap. I'm sure anyone who is in crypto space since the birth of BTC know this CMC (coinmarketcap).
  5. Cocojam0610

    ROE opinion for Listing on CoinflyerX.

    Right, respected that opinion mate. I think I don't need to elaborate on the benefits of ENU getting listed on CMC. I'm sure everyone knows it.
  6. Hi guys, I'm making this post to ask the opinion of ROE members regarding the listing of ENU to this soon to launch the coinflyerX exchange. You can find our conversation below between me and the CEO of coinflyerX Mr. Anthony Vipond. As far as I know, he is the man behind the Loyalcoin project. He is the main developer. I have invested in Loyalcoin last year Nov 2017. Currently, the token under NEM is trading to different exchanges, ref: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/loyalcoin/#markets Anyway, Mr. Vipond now is the CEO of this project exchange and will accept ENU to be listed on coinflyerX with a fair amount of fee. With the skill of this man and his team I'm pretty sure their exchange will soon get listed to CMC. As you guys know, we are already listed to Cointiger and we need one more exchange to get listed with enough volume for CMC to consider us. 0.8 BTC as listing fee will be fair enough on my opinion as they will also need to do some work on their end for our ENU blockchain to be integrated to their exchange https://prod.coinflyer.com. Note that I have informed the council before and Aiden and I had a conversation already with this and He is positive about it. Please see our conversation below and please give your honest opinion here or in our ROE telegram group.
  7. Cocojam0610


    Ya saw it a while ago. I will see your application there too soon. 🙂
  8. Cocojam0610


    oh is that so? Still pretty awesome. Hope you can join ROE too. cheers man 🙂
  9. Cocojam0610


    As I remember you are the one that on the top 1 for oracle voting 🙂
  10. Cocojam0610


    Updated as per Instruction. Ref to this post: https://enumivo.com/topic/1047-general-rules-posting-application/
  11. Cocojam0610


    This is the one among the easiest Yes vote I can make. 🙂
  12. Cocojam0610

    Project TokenCreator/一键创建token助手

    Got it. thanks man
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  14. Cocojam0610

    Creating the KENU

    Greetings. By the creation of a token creator dapp by smakeit, I, and some of my colleagues are planning to create a token under ENU chain to start a self-drop project same as what ENU did last February 2018. Currently, we are on the initial stage where we do the plannings and creating the concept that will be related to ENU and UBI. The process will ask an investor to send X amount of ENU to the smart contract to receive X amount token. I have created now the token in preparation for this upcoming project. This is a very ambitious project as we want ENU to be used and known around the globe and spread its vision and mission. We are planning to make a bounty program as well just like any other ICO or self-drop project in space. There are many things to be discussed and our small team (for now) is trying to finalize the concept of the project. I will update this thread for further details. Stay tuned. Details of Token Name: KENU Total Supply: 1000000000 Other Details Whitepaper: soon Website: soon Social Media: soon
  15. Cocojam0610


    great. 🙂