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    I vote No, even though my identity is widely known - Tyler Xiong, the COO of Bixin. 1. BP's role in a blockchain is to provide data validation services. As long as it is providing this service, it can get the reward. It is how the blockchain works. 2. Please don't forget that our founder Aiden Pierce is also anonymous. I don't need to trust him; I only need to trust the code. 3. Anyone can get a lot of fake identities at low cost, so there is no point in this motion.
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    Hello everyone, From our first round of voting I guess some guidelines should be implemented in order to make things clear to everyone. Like in most of the democratic countries the rules for the current election are available before the election date and set in stone. The question(s) and the number of participants (in case of a minimum required percentage to pass/attend is needed) will be displayed before the voting date. So I put to a vote the following guidelines: The question should have one line, simple and concise. A debate thread should be made and linked to the voting thread. The voters should be the ones in RoE at the moment of opening the poll. If there's a close vote nobody will vote a new potential member even though, probably, most of us will be interested to have him, because the > 50% will grow so it will be a waste of time and resources. The topic should be clear and concise. I suggest discussing it with everyone and try to come up with solutions before the thread gets opened and all the pros/cons should be debated in the dedicated thread. Since the poll is not working alongside a post I suggest voting using emoticons: heart: yes sad face: no confused: abstain
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    Hello, The rule here is simple. We should allow to vote on an open/pending motion only the people that were registered before the motion is opened. I think this will help us add more users to RoE regarding pending motions. Think of it like this, when we have a tie vote and the community has not decided the fate of that motion nobody would allow a new member into the community. It will be one side willing to vote for that user but the other will abstain or vote no just to forbid him access to the RoE so he cannot vote and change the end result. What I'm trying to say is that most of the times we might face this situation and we should not have a deadlock on the RoE admission. Members should join and we should vote regardless of the current motions opened. Let's try to test the emoji/emoticons vote on this one. YES - NO - Abstain -
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    My project the project atlas in which i am the Founder of, is a crypto promotional project dedicated on promoting other blockchain projects on social platforms [Our future aim is to build a cross-chain dapp for for promoting blockchain projects and to run nodes for interesting projects alongside our 500+ community on discord] My team and i have come together, decided on setting up a NoDe in order to not only help foster our project and the dapp but to use the block rewards as incentive to our communities who are responsible for promoting enumivo on the interwebs. for more https://www.projectatlas.info/future-and-bp Some brief info's about the atlas project Project-Atlas is a crypto promotional project dedicated on promoting other blockchain projects especially crypto related ones affiliated to "The Beyondbitcoin Team". Our focus is centered on creating awareness for such projects on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram and other social media giants. We are now on the enumivo network and we hope our services will be of great help to the community and the world when we start running and have set up our nodes. For more information on our promotional services, kindly visit the “What-We-Do” section of our website via this link https://www.projectatlas.info/what -we-do We are Project-Atlas and we are here to promote the enumivo platform on various social networks, to create more awareness and reach out to more investors. Our focus won't just be targeted at media presence and users of dpos but also on researchers, bloggers and cryptographers, as well as prospective investors. How Do We Create This Awareness We first initiate a community campaign on Twitter and try as much as possible to start up a conversation on the subject and with the help and usage of Hashtags we gradually migrate to other social media platforms, leveraging on the use of the Hashtags to reach out to our targeted customers and a broader audience through a process termed Hashtag callings.. Our Future Plans Like we earlier stated, our aim is to promote Blockchain and Crypto related projects. This we cannot achieve effortlessly if there isn’t an automated working system, as being humans, the vital machines in every system, we are limited by uncontrollable human factors. Therefore, in the near future, we plan to build a cross-chain dapp for the future of Blockchain promotion, and we assure you it would be awesome. We will be blogging about it in the near future so stay tuned to our blog. However, all promotions are presently been done manually by the team, with the full and zealous support of the whaleshares community. We are also constantly recruiting talented developers, people with special project skills and computer geeks who have what it takes to achieve our desired goals and together we will build something iconic. What do you think? Do you think we get your support and of the community supports on our BP when we set it up - kindly let us know if we are making the right moves or not?
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    Now we have only the "Open motions" and "Close motions" topics. I propose we add a "Pending Motion" topic to make our discussion more efficient. What is a "pending motion" topic? All new motions first go to this pending motion topic. a motion is pending means it gains explicit approvals of less than 1/3 of the total number of RoE members. a RoE member can refuse to give approval/disapproval to a pending motion. once a pending motion collects equal or more than 1/3 of the total votes, it is moved to the open motion. Which means all RoE members MUST give votes within 7 days, which is second motion of this post .
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    As the RoE has now got access to the voting power of the 50m fund I would like to propose a motion for the eurnoproject BP to receive said voting weight. As you know we have done a lot for this community, which ranges from making the current enumivo.org homepage to writing the original whitepaper and making the recent wordpress cross chain explorer plugin. Our BP is eurnoproject and was solidly in the top 21 since the chain went main net. Our website is https://eurno.org and we are actively developing for and on the Enumivo blockchain. We are one of few BPs which have completed everything all required by other EOS based chains. Vote YES if you think eurnoproject is worthy of receiving the 50m vote weight, vote NO if you think we aren't.
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    Since people have voted against all BPs being required to reveal their true identity in order to receive the 50m vote from the RoE I would like to pass a motion for all BPs on the Enumivo chain to be required to prove they are unique individuals prior to receiving said voting weight from the RoE. The method by which individuality will be achieved can be discussed by the current RoE, this is simply a vote to ensure all BP owners prove they are not personally running more than one BP and that they are not part of an organisation which is also operating a BP. If this motion passes we will, as a community, decide how BPs will be required to comply with this ruling. This is to prevent numerous scenarios, for example: An exchange/wallet breaking their users' funds into numerous wallets and then dispersing them between multiple members of staff in order to acquire more than one BP slot under an umbrella of perceived individuality. One person from operating multiple BPs through numerous online personas. Reasons FOR the motion: We need to ensure our network does not have a cartel running the BPs If we do not ensure we have individual BPs a 51% attack is a real threat If we have a cartel on the BPs they can collude to do anything from take funds to kill the network. Security, in every aspect Reasons AGAINST the motion: You do not believe a cartel scenario is a threat You disagree that a company or person should be limited to one BP If this motion passes the RoE will go about deciding HOW to PROVE that each BP to receive RoE voting is not only operated by a unique individual, but that they also are not part of an organisation which also has a BP receiving RoE funding. Vote YES if you agree that all BPs should be required to prove they are unique individuals who are not a part of a collective of other block producers. Vote NO if you disagree.
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    Good day communities and Viewers Part of my dedication and ways to promote enumivo isn't just only online with the project atlas but organizing meetups and letting people around my locality know about enumivo through lecturing them about blockchain. If you are kin to the enumivo project or visits the forum(meetup) often , you would have seen the past meetups where i talk about enumivo as enumivo was one of the sponsors of the event. Blockchain Saturday is an event organised and sponsored by 3 to 4 projects and for blockchain enthusiasts to bring in their projects, talk about it and lecture the attendees about such projects . the recent one we did was in Lagos, and enumivo was one of the sponsors, we had about 39++ attendees - we are trying to take this event to different places in the nation for more participation and awareness - so the next one will be at Ibadan-the largest city in west Africa and this is to happen in their university where we believe we can introduce blockchain to the students. Numbers of attendance is unknown yet but capped from 50 minimum Enumivo to be among the sponsors Alot of project will be presented, enumivo will also be presented and it will be amazing if one of us who were on the council of elders can make out time on that date which is 26th (I saw dragos interest back then.) (Date might change as everything is on planning mood but would update that if it becomes the case) - and the enu volunteer give a succinct message about enumivo message through Skype on the event - its not a must though but i do think its about time we start doing things as a community - yeah i would talk about enumivo but letting attendees know we are from different parts and all over the world, makes it easy for me to explain decentralization to them lol and furthermore would make them understand the project is for everyone who could provide value one way or the other. To be among the sponsor of this event I rounded the amount on 600USD after rough draftings - Where it all cover the sponsorship, the traveling to the city and enumivo custom t-shirts plus banner if applicable. Should enumivo project (RoE) sponsor this event that will expose it more to alot of enthusiasts students. agree 👍 or disagree 👎
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    I vote Yes. This is still a motion to make an effort to prove uniqueness. Whether or not we can come up with a practical and acceptable method is anybody's guess.
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    I vote YES. But as @PeiLin said and others we should all try to find a way to identify ourselves. I understand that IDing everyone may pose some problems even though the initial plan was not to reveal the documents to everyone but just to be validated by a handful of people or a commetee decided by us but there are other ways, video was one of them, also we can organize 2 min video interviews and talk a bit about this. Or a different feasible way to validate each other. Please let's work this out and have in mind that language barrier exist and cultural differences should be considered as well. Just have in mind if one says something maybe the intention was not to offend you, hopefully. 2. "If aperson controls several BPs, he can easily find one unique identity for each BP. Even finding 21 different identities is not hard." - sadly that is also true but that does not mean that we should do nothing.
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    Hello all people of Enumivo! My name is Wayne and I want to make this community great! I am hoping to become a member of RoE and take part in democratic motions. I have much experience in creative writing and am working as a retail checkout person. When I have free time I like to read and explore. I have much experience in camping and nature and wish to help the world with this one life I have. Please, I do not have much social media. It is not allowed in my family. I help Enumivo by spreading word and making great things for this project. People already joined tell me this is good place to be and that I just need to be active for people to know me. They tell me it is not require to have Twitter or Facebook or WeChat. Please tell me who in this great community is also excited for next steps! My friends tell me of universal basic income for all as Enumivo is justice and equality. I wish to be equal with all people Enumivo.
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    I see, you wont another 50m ENU to give out but not the 50m ENU to vote BP to give out right? I think it's a good idea, but as I know RoE can only control 8m ENU to send out as bounty. But dont worry, as I know, Aiden has a plan to give a new airdrop soon.
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    I was thinking to have a thread with a question and inside that thread a link to a debate thread. The first should be clean without any reply, only votes. The other can be an open thread.
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    I VOTE NO, You should give the practical method to prove the unique. I think we should not make a motion so easliy. If there is pratical method , i will vote yes then.
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    I'd vote for a "qualified" NO. While I see the critical need for accountability to help ensure the reliability and integrity of the chain, I also understand the privacy concerns of some honest and credible BPs. The goal is to achieve a blockchain of integrity. It should be inherent upon BPs also comply with updates and regulations. The RoE will exercise their voting power for the BPs. For the non-compliant, or perhaps malicious BPs, they will have to be weeded out accordingly.
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    I vote NO. My opinions: 1. BPs' basic task is to keep the ENU mainnet stable. 2. RoE's basic task is to attract more real people join ENU community and push UBI forward. Why does RoE want to control BPs or give the instruction to BPs? Nobody is the leader. Everyone does his own part he should do, that's enough.
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    I vote NO, but I'm not against BP owners should reveal their identity. I'm against that they have to reveal their true names. Here is the reasons. 1, A person's true name will tell a lot of this person's privacy and information. As I know, a police officer in China can easily get a person's many privacy like hotel records, address if he know the person's true name. And ppl who know tech can also use "Cyber Manhunt" to know this person's more privacy by his name. 2, ENU mainnet WON'T be dangerous if some BP owners don't provide their names. Coz if a BP didn't get more than half YES votes from the RoE members, then the BP can NOT get the 50m ENU votes. If a BP owner didn't provide his real name, but he still get more than 50% votes from the RoE members. We can say this BP is trusted. And it will hardly never do bad things. For example, I think most people in RoE trusted TOM, but even if he didn't provide his real name. His BP "tomblocknode" can also get more than 50% votes. Coz people trust him and his BP will be safe. And his BP will be more safe than a newbie's BP who provide his real name. 3, Due to the safe mechanism of ENU chain, only more than 14 of BPs are bad, then they can do bad things. I don't think ENU chain will have that many bad BP since all those BP have to get more than half YES votes from RoE members. 4, The ENU mainnet will be very dangerous if all 21 BP owners are all in real names. Coz that way, governents can easily control those BPs if they think it is needed. ENU want to make UBI, and UBI will be seem as great challenge for many governmets around the world. So I think they will want to control those BPs if they think it is needed. (in fact, if BTC was owned by 21 real name BPs, it should be died a long time ago, since BTC is a great challenge for government's mintage power.) ----- 5, If there are bad BPs, the RoE members can cancel their votes to them anytime. then those bad BP wont in the 21 anymore. ----- 6, People can easily buy fake IDs in a low price. To pretend that they are another person.
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