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    LTS and ELN are two tokens based on the main ENU network. They can be exchanged 1:1 by transferring one token to lts.eln.coin at any time. The ELN will be used on the main ENU network as collateral for various stable COINS. All ENU holders can obtain LTS at least every 24 hours by mortgaging the ENU and voting for only one BP. However, at present, only a few users have mortgaged and received LTS, which is a pity. So I'm writing a tutorial here to briefly explain ENU mortgage and LTS collection through TokenPocket wallet. LTS和ELN是两个基于ENU主网的代币。它们之间可以随时通过向 lts.eln.coin 转账而 1:1 互换。而ELN将被用在ENU主网上作为各种稳定币的抵押币,所有ENU持有者可以通过抵押ENU并投票且仅投票一个超级节点的方式而每隔至少24小时获得一次LTS。但是目前却只有很少用户抵押并领取LTS,非常可惜。所以我在这里写篇教程,简单介绍一下通过TokenPocket钱包抵押ENU并领取LTS。 1,如图所示点击资源 Click on the resource as shown 2,输入你想抵押的ENU数量,如你想抵押600ENU,则可在此两处输入300,300。 Enter the amount of ENU you want to mortgage. If you want to mortgage 600ENU, you can enter 300,300 in the two places. 3,点击投票 click the vote button 4,选择一个超级节点并点击投票。 find one BP and then clike vote 5,向claimforvote转账0.0001enu tranfer 0.0001enu to claimforvote 6,此时,你已经收到了LTS,如果你想查看记录,可以点击该交易记录。 At this point, you have already received the LTS, if you want to view the record, you can click on the transaction record. 7,如图所示,点击交易号 Click the record as shown 8,如图所示,显示收到8.9698LTS。如果你想获得更多LTS,可以通过抵押更多ENU并每隔24小时向claimforvote转账0.0001ENU。 As shown, the 8.9698LTS was received. If you want to get more LTS, you can mortgage more ENU and transfer to claimforvote every 24h