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    1, Trustgraph.org is a test application of ENU's UBI WoT (web of trust) branch. If it runs smoothly, it will be combined with other ENU's UBI branches and add more functions, finally realizing the safe, efficient and transparent UBI application running in the blockchain. Today let me give you a brief tutorial for it. / trustgraph.org 是ENU的UBI的WoT(web of trust)分支的一个测试应用,如果它顺利运行,以后将会和其它ENU的UBI分支结合,并加入更多功能,最终实现在区块链中运行的安全、高效、透明的UBI应用。今天我给大家做一个使用它的简单教程。 2,Open trustgraph.org, Click here, register an account / 打开trustgraph.org,点击此处,注册新账户 3,Just normal registration, please pay attention not to forget the password, because there is no binding email address, if you forgot your password, you can not recover your account. / 正常注册,请注意不要遗忘密码,因为没有绑定邮箱,遗忘密码则无法找回账号。 4,Enter the homepage, first click here to get your first UBI, and you can get it again 24 hours later. / 进入主页,首先点击此处,领取你的第一笔UBI,领取24小时后,可再次领取。 5,Find an account in the home page that you want to trust (in this case tomblocknode) and click here. / 在主页中找到一个你想信任的账户(这里以tomblocknode为例),并点击此处。 6,Setting Max Supported Amount, as shown in the figure I have set to 100, means that I only allow my own peilin account to have a maximum of 100 COINS generated by tomblocknode. If I already have 100 tomblocknode COINS in my possession, no one else can exchange tomblocknode COINS for my peilin account. If you trust the account, set the number to -1. It means you have no restrictions on holding the coin. / 设置Max Supported Amount,如图我设置为100,则表示我只允许我自己的账户peilin拥有最多100个tomblocknode账号生成的币。如果我已经有了100个tomblocknode币,则其他人无法再用tomblocknode币与我交换我的账户peilin所持有的币。如果你非常信任该账户,可把此数字设置为-1。则表示你对于持有该币不做限制。 7,Setting the Protected Amount, as shown in the figure I have set to 10, means that only if I have more than 10 tomblocknode coins can someone else get my tomblocknode coins by swap. / 设置Protected Amount,如图我设置为10,则表示只有当我拥有超过10个tomblocknode币时,别人才能从我这里用其它币交换走我的tomblocknode币。 8,As tomblocknode has not yet trusted my account peilin, we cannot conduct direct transactions with each other, so let me take the example of trusting my account libert as an example. Type lib directly into the search box to see libert. Then click libert to access the account's home page. / 由于tomblocknode暂时还未信任我的账户peilin,我们之间不能进行直接交易,所以接下来我以信任我的账户libert为例来说明。直接在搜索框中输入lib即可看到账号libert。然后点击libert,进入该账户主页。 9,You don't need to know much About the "About" and "Timeline" in the homepage for the time being. If you click "Support", you can see all the accounts that trust this account. Where, YOU is your own account and Balance is how much libert coins each account owns. As shown in the picture, it means my account owns 35 libert coins. The Protected and Maximum values are the Protected and Maximum values that each account sets for the libert coins. 主页中About和Timeline暂时都不用过多了解,点击Support,则可以看到所有信任该账号的账号。其中,YOU为你自己的账号,Balance表示各账号拥有多少libert币。如图所示,表示我的账号拥有35个libert币。Protected和Maximum则为各账号对libert账号设置的Protected和Maximum值。 10,Click wallet to see details of the various coins held by that account, libert. Where UER's is the coin generated by the account itself, YOURS is the coin generated by your account(peilin coin) and held by that account (in this case, libert account). 点击wallet,则可以看到该账号libert所持有的各种币的详情。其中UER'S为该账号本身所生成的币,YOURS则为该账号持有的你的账号所生成的币(本例中则为peilin币)。 11,Click on the Actions in the upper right corner to see three options. Transfer, Swap and Distrust. Transfer is to Transfer the coin held by your account and also trusted by that account, and Swap is to exchange the coin held by and trusted by both sides with the rate of 1:1. / 点击右上角的Actions,可以看到三个选项。Transfer,Swap,Distrust。Transfer为将自己持有且对方信任的币转移给该账号,Swap为与该账号1:1互换所持有的且双方都信任的币。 12,Transfer is very easy, don't need explain, here mainly explain Swap, first you need to choose the coin you want to get in the "Receive Token", as shown in the figure, if I want to get 2 coins of SENDER (libert coin), then fill in 2. Then click Send Token. Transfer很容易,不用讲解,这里主要讲解Swap,首先需要在Receive Token里选择你想获得的币,如图所示,如我想获得SENDER(libert)2个单位的币,则填写2。之后点击Send Token。 13,In the Send Token column, select the coins you are willing to pay. As shown in the figure, I want to pay 1 of my own coin, plus 1 of Sosolean's coin, then I input 1 in both boxes. so I'm going to pay 2 coins in total. So the total pay and the total get is the same number, then I can finally click Swap, exchange success. / 在Send Token栏选择你愿意付出的币,如图所示,我想付出1个我持有的自己的币,再加上1个我持有的Sosolean的币,则我在两个框中都输入1。则总付出2个币。这样付出和获得的币数量相等,最终点击Swap,交换成功。 14, In order to simplify the process, I use two accounts that trust each other as an example. In fact, two accounts that do not trust each other can also transfer coins to each other through one or more accounts that trust each other. If you are interested, you can have a try. The app is still being tested, and the official version will include a rating system that encourages account holders to trust other accounts they believe are real. If a real account trusts many other fake or cheat accounts, the value of its own account decreases. Therefore, in the end, in order to maximize their profits and reduce their losses, most accounts will truly and objectively choose whether to trust other accounts. then we achieve the goal of decentralized KYC. On this basis, the decentralized UBI can be well implemented. Please wait and see if you are interested in it. / 为了简化说明流程我使用了两个互相信任的账号作为例子,实际上两个互相不信任的账号也可以通过1个或多个互信账号实现相互转账,大家感兴趣可以尝试一下。目前该应用还在测试阶段,正式版将会加入评分系统,即鼓励账号持有人信任他自己确信的为真实账号的其它账号。而如果某真实账号信任了许多其它的作弊账号,则它自身账号的价值将会降低。所以最终,为了尽量提高自己的收益,降低自己的损失,大多数账号都会真实客观的选择是否信任其他账号,达到去中心化KYC的目的。在此基础上,也就可以很好的实行去中心化的UBI了,请各位感兴趣的老铁们拭目以待吧。