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    Whether you enjoy consuming your glorious Mary Jane in an edible, bong or big old traditional bifta one thing is for sure: today is your day to share your preference with the rest of world. As April 20th makes its sluggish appearance on the global calendars millions of appreciators of Mother Nature’s glorious herb – marijuana – are preparing to celebrate the internationally celebrated weed day with eyes redder than Santa’s coat and a bag of munchies bigger than his sack of gifts. While most countries are still getting with the program, numerous countries around the globe have acknowledged and accepted the fact that cannabis is not something to be demonised and that smoking a doobie will not turn people into brain dead zombies covered in ash. Since its legalisation in places such as the USA (well, a fair few states) the cannabis industry is one which is rapidly growing into an extremely lucrative one. Last year Grand View Research posted an article estimating that the total value of the industry could reach $146.4 billion by the year 2025 (source) which is great news for those hoping for legalisation in their own country. If there is one thing we know that governments listen to, its money and the current market cap of the industry is just the tip of the iceberg. Advancement in Generally Accepted Uses Many bud smokers have long known the medicinal benefits of the naturally occurring compounds grown on the marijuana plant but it seems that the mainstream media and corporate entities are only just catching up. In the past decade there have been a swathe of stories involving worried parents which have children suffering from diseases, such as epilepsy, and have had to illegally medicate them with homemade THC/CBD tinctures in order to calm the symptoms experienced by their child. But, for whatever reason, mainstream media outlets have preferred to focus on a smear campaign against weed and omit the many benefits of its main active compounds. It is only now, in 2019 that we are beginning to see the war on weed has been won, by weed. Governments, media outlets and close minded people alike are now finding themselves accepting the facts that cannabis has a place in the medicinal world, that it can be used for anything from paper to cooking oil and that using it recreationally, generally, wont lead to much worse than an empty fridge. Although I am not advising anybody to self diagnose and go make a load of THC/CBD oils to feed their kids, there is a medically accepted place for the beloved compound of stoners worldwide within the medical world. You Don’t Even Need to Smoke it As with all substances, the start of the legalisation revolution has lead to multiple explorations into the methods by which a person can consume cannabis. People have always known that you can eat or drink weed (Bhang Lassi – basically a weed milkshake – has been a traditional Holi Festival drink in India for years) however, since its legalisation in many USA states and Canada, the research going into the field of marijuana has exploded. Nowadays you can make a quick google search for cannabis and find everything from skin rubs to vape juices which are made from the plant. Further to that, there are now huge markets for the non-psychoactive variants of it, just search for CBD products and you will see what I mean. My Personal Message Having been introduced to Mary Jane about 19 years ago I think it is fair to say I have quite a bit of experience with it. I have personally been through stages of abusing it like it was going out of fashion (smoking around 7g of skunk a day) and also through phases of complete abstinence. I have rolled tulips, windmills, plaits and straight up monster joints. I have had cakes, cookies, oils, Bhang Lassi, hash, bud, trim and vape juice. I have smoked super strength skunk with > 20% THC, low grade bush weed from a holy-man in the Himalayas, blow your head off ice hash and relaxing CBD bud with < 0.2% THC. In my current mind state I enjoy having a joint when the time is right, that might mean when my partner and I are up a mountain and taking in the awe inspiring views offered by Mother Nature. It may also mean in the bath with a cuppa after a long shift at work which has seen me set up five stages and full PA to match. Whatever the case, the point is that marijuana is something which should be appreciated by all, but abused by none. You don’t have to smoke it, eat it or even look at it but don’t condemn those who do. And if you are a toker celebrating today have a big toke for me, and remember to know your limits! Happy 420! Love, peace and happiness. Original Article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/blog/random-tangents/happy-420-weed-day/
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    this is a tutorial for use tokenpocket to change an ENU account's key pair, please notice that currently English version cant not change the key pairs please use Chinese language and follow the screenshots. you can download tokenpocket here https://www.tokenpocket.pro/ 今天给大家介绍一个使用tokenpocket钱包更换ENU账户密钥对的教程,tokenpocket钱包可在这里下载:https://www.tokenpocket.pro/
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    Good day Enumivo community, This post is to inform the general enumivo community about our next move of shutting down our enumivo BP node this Friday 10th, not because we are not capable of running it or upholding the promises made before the nodes went live but because of some circumstances and factors surrounding the enumivo network and also "WRTN" kind of whales. "The project atlas are group of individuals from different part of the world, they promotes a supported blockchain projects mostly on Twitter. And they run block production for dpos projects and enumivo has been supported right from the early stages which i mean since February 8th 2018. and we have been promoting enumivo date back till now, all for awareness and visibility purposes". projectatlas.info We erected our bp node in good faith that we might acquire vote from the community for all our works and to do more of what we've previously done and while the block rewards gotten from our nodes will be channelled into 4 uses to help foster the media aspect of Enumivo and for its development. - Channel some to running Ads on Facebook/Instagram and Twitter - Help create more media contents like graphics for marketing purposes (Some of this graphics i did create and dished out for community uses) - Pay technical team for monitoring and management - Pay team who crowd promotes enumivo on Twitter as a team. I normally used my monthly Roe salary back then to fund server cost and use the left over to compensate the atlas team for their work, on some occasions i reward the team with LifeCoin,( a cross token for upshares on. whaleshares) , and since we can't further pay for server cost, and while our bp node has been running at great lost, i think its wise we don't stress it that much, take a bold step on shutting it down, it seems we haven't done much for the community to get their votes even all this while we thought we have.And i don't blame the community for not actually putting us on spot but could have been we were too clumsy and just haven't done what we've promised. I have reached out to the China community for support but only a handful was willing to support us, in a dpos system we believe the community have a bigger say and since few are willing to, this means and shown we haven't really work our ass out like we should to earn supports, this i understand and accept, being one of the reasons which prompted me on making this post to inform the community of the new development to discontinue our Enumivo Nodes. But that doesn't stop me from doing any little thing i can do in order to make sure enumivo gets out there to more individuals , and i might be using the lifecoin and leverage the whaleshares platform on rewarding my team or anyone whilst they campaign Enumivo on Twitter like they've always done since i have run out of enu. My full Appreciation goes to those enumivo accounts that believed and voted us, we really really do appreciate and give you'll a big thanks for supporting us, But we are still block producers for - Smoke.io - Whaleshares.io If you are on this platforms, please kindly show us supports by voting our nodes. Thank you. "Below img attached are those who voted us" "The North never forgets, like wise the atlas project"
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    1, Trustgraph.org is a test application of ENU's UBI WoT (web of trust) branch. If it runs smoothly, it will be combined with other ENU's UBI branches and add more functions, finally realizing the safe, efficient and transparent UBI application running in the blockchain. Today let me give you a brief tutorial for it. / trustgraph.org 是ENU的UBI的WoT(web of trust)分支的一个测试应用,如果它顺利运行,以后将会和其它ENU的UBI分支结合,并加入更多功能,最终实现在区块链中运行的安全、高效、透明的UBI应用。今天我给大家做一个使用它的简单教程。 2,Open trustgraph.org, Click here, register an account / 打开trustgraph.org,点击此处,注册新账户 3,Just normal registration, please pay attention not to forget the password, because there is no binding email address, if you forgot your password, you can not recover your account. / 正常注册,请注意不要遗忘密码,因为没有绑定邮箱,遗忘密码则无法找回账号。 4,Enter the homepage, first click here to get your first UBI, and you can get it again 24 hours later. / 进入主页,首先点击此处,领取你的第一笔UBI,领取24小时后,可再次领取。 5,Find an account in the home page that you want to trust (in this case tomblocknode) and click here. / 在主页中找到一个你想信任的账户(这里以tomblocknode为例),并点击此处。 6,Setting Max Supported Amount, as shown in the figure I have set to 100, means that I only allow my own peilin account to have a maximum of 100 COINS generated by tomblocknode. If I already have 100 tomblocknode COINS in my possession, no one else can exchange tomblocknode COINS for my peilin account. If you trust the account, set the number to -1. It means you have no restrictions on holding the coin. / 设置Max Supported Amount,如图我设置为100,则表示我只允许我自己的账户peilin拥有最多100个tomblocknode账号生成的币。如果我已经有了100个tomblocknode币,则其他人无法再用tomblocknode币与我交换我的账户peilin所持有的币。如果你非常信任该账户,可把此数字设置为-1。则表示你对于持有该币不做限制。 7,Setting the Protected Amount, as shown in the figure I have set to 10, means that only if I have more than 10 tomblocknode coins can someone else get my tomblocknode coins by swap. / 设置Protected Amount,如图我设置为10,则表示只有当我拥有超过10个tomblocknode币时,别人才能从我这里用其它币交换走我的tomblocknode币。 8,As tomblocknode has not yet trusted my account peilin, we cannot conduct direct transactions with each other, so let me take the example of trusting my account libert as an example. Type lib directly into the search box to see libert. Then click libert to access the account's home page. / 由于tomblocknode暂时还未信任我的账户peilin,我们之间不能进行直接交易,所以接下来我以信任我的账户libert为例来说明。直接在搜索框中输入lib即可看到账号libert。然后点击libert,进入该账户主页。 9,You don't need to know much About the "About" and "Timeline" in the homepage for the time being. If you click "Support", you can see all the accounts that trust this account. Where, YOU is your own account and Balance is how much libert coins each account owns. As shown in the picture, it means my account owns 35 libert coins. The Protected and Maximum values are the Protected and Maximum values that each account sets for the libert coins. 主页中About和Timeline暂时都不用过多了解,点击Support,则可以看到所有信任该账号的账号。其中,YOU为你自己的账号,Balance表示各账号拥有多少libert币。如图所示,表示我的账号拥有35个libert币。Protected和Maximum则为各账号对libert账号设置的Protected和Maximum值。 10,Click wallet to see details of the various coins held by that account, libert. Where UER's is the coin generated by the account itself, YOURS is the coin generated by your account(peilin coin) and held by that account (in this case, libert account). 点击wallet,则可以看到该账号libert所持有的各种币的详情。其中UER'S为该账号本身所生成的币,YOURS则为该账号持有的你的账号所生成的币(本例中则为peilin币)。 11,Click on the Actions in the upper right corner to see three options. Transfer, Swap and Distrust. Transfer is to Transfer the coin held by your account and also trusted by that account, and Swap is to exchange the coin held by and trusted by both sides with the rate of 1:1. / 点击右上角的Actions,可以看到三个选项。Transfer,Swap,Distrust。Transfer为将自己持有且对方信任的币转移给该账号,Swap为与该账号1:1互换所持有的且双方都信任的币。 12,Transfer is very easy, don't need explain, here mainly explain Swap, first you need to choose the coin you want to get in the "Receive Token", as shown in the figure, if I want to get 2 coins of SENDER (libert coin), then fill in 2. Then click Send Token. Transfer很容易,不用讲解,这里主要讲解Swap,首先需要在Receive Token里选择你想获得的币,如图所示,如我想获得SENDER(libert)2个单位的币,则填写2。之后点击Send Token。 13,In the Send Token column, select the coins you are willing to pay. As shown in the figure, I want to pay 1 of my own coin, plus 1 of Sosolean's coin, then I input 1 in both boxes. so I'm going to pay 2 coins in total. So the total pay and the total get is the same number, then I can finally click Swap, exchange success. / 在Send Token栏选择你愿意付出的币,如图所示,我想付出1个我持有的自己的币,再加上1个我持有的Sosolean的币,则我在两个框中都输入1。则总付出2个币。这样付出和获得的币数量相等,最终点击Swap,交换成功。 14, In order to simplify the process, I use two accounts that trust each other as an example. In fact, two accounts that do not trust each other can also transfer coins to each other through one or more accounts that trust each other. If you are interested, you can have a try. The app is still being tested, and the official version will include a rating system that encourages account holders to trust other accounts they believe are real. If a real account trusts many other fake or cheat accounts, the value of its own account decreases. Therefore, in the end, in order to maximize their profits and reduce their losses, most accounts will truly and objectively choose whether to trust other accounts. then we achieve the goal of decentralized KYC. On this basis, the decentralized UBI can be well implemented. Please wait and see if you are interested in it. / 为了简化说明流程我使用了两个互相信任的账号作为例子,实际上两个互相不信任的账号也可以通过1个或多个互信账号实现相互转账,大家感兴趣可以尝试一下。目前该应用还在测试阶段,正式版将会加入评分系统,即鼓励账号持有人信任他自己确信的为真实账号的其它账号。而如果某真实账号信任了许多其它的作弊账号,则它自身账号的价值将会降低。所以最终,为了尽量提高自己的收益,降低自己的损失,大多数账号都会真实客观的选择是否信任其他账号,达到去中心化KYC的目的。在此基础上,也就可以很好的实行去中心化的UBI了,请各位感兴趣的老铁们拭目以待吧。
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    Since many ENU holders don't know much about existing BPs, I wrote the post to introduce the top 30 I know and BPs that are not in the top 30 but holding by active community members. All BP holders who would like to add or modify the introduction please contact me. I will update the introduction notes from time to time. 1, enumivotyler: ENU early promoter tylerxiong, active member of the community. Co-founder of the ENU mille community.https://enumivo.com/topic/574-tyler-xiong-applies-for-a-block-producer-seat/ 2, enumivoqsxio: ENU early promoter joshua, active member of the community. Enumivo.qsx.io browser developer, one of beta UBI developer, ENU red envelope developer, telegram free ENU account bot developer. https://enumivo.qsx.io/  3, funkydaifuku: ENU early promoter daifuku, active member of the community. http://enuism.com/ 4, btroncomnode: btron Exchange.https://www.btron.com/ 5, enulexlexlex: ENU early promoter LEX, active member of the community. https://eosforce.io/ 6, enudavidfnck: ENU early promoter david, active member of the community. Multiple ENU WeChat groups owners, managing Weibo: Enumivo_official. http://enudf.com/ 7, ansenironman: ENU early promoter ansen, active member of the community. Ironman plugin developer, ironman.com developer multiple ENU upgrade organizers.https://enuironman.com/ 8, eurnoproject: UK ENU node, early ENU promoters sosolean and pessus. Active members of the community. ENU white paper writer. Enumivo.org developer. http://eurno.org/ 9, enusmallfish: ENU early promoter fish, active members of the community. enu.one developer zhandui (zhandui.io) developer, the ENU zhandui wechat group owner. https://enu.one/#/donate/donate4ex.io 10, gamevcfundbp: Unknown. https://enumivo.com/topic/501-gamevc-applies-for-a-block-producer-seat/ 11, enudonnysong: ENU early promoter Donnysong, active member of the community. https://enumivo.com/topic/1195-enudonnysong-applies-for-a-block-producer-seat/ 12,1wenubuyrm52: ENU early promoters sihai, active members of the community. Co-founder of the ENU mille community. 13, enuhlawapiti: Unknown. https://enumivo.com/topic/516-wapiti-applies-for-a-block-producer-seat/ 14 kkextodamoon: KKEX exchange. https://kkex.com/ 15 huobipoolenu: Huobi mine pool. 16 mathwalletbp: Math wallet. http://mathwallet.net/cn/ 17 accommodated: Unknown. https://www.tokenpocket.pro/ 18 enutoptoptop: Unknown. https://enu.top/ 19 enubishijian: ENU early promoter, Bingqiang, an active member of the community. https://www.bishijian.com/project/detail/project_id/12.html 20 enumivoooooo: ENU early promoter Pelin, an active member of the community. ENU Q&A wechat group owner, managing Weibo: ENU首席传销官. https://enumivo.com/topic/596-please-vote-for-enumivoooooo-your-votes-will-help-poor-children-to-study-better-请为enumivoooooo投票,你的投票将帮助贫困儿童获得更好的学习条件/ 21 sixbtcforenu: Unknown. http://enu.6btc.com/ 22 tomblocknode: US node Tom, early ENU promoter, active community member. http://enutom.com/ 23 enuchinafans: Unknown. https://enumivo.com/topic/570-enumivochina-applies-for-a-block-producer-seat 24 enujzcapital: Unknown. 25 theseed.enu : Unknown. http://www.theseed.org/wiki/Home_of_the_SEED 26 enumivolambo: Unknown. 27 enuallstarbp: Unknown. http://enuallstar.io/ 28 enumcdonalds: Unknown. 29 enumivomille: Unknown. http://enumille.one/ 30 hzchenforenu: Unknown. http://bityear.com/ ------------------------------------------------ The remaining active member BPs that have not entered the top 30: 35 dragosvlaicu: Romanian BP dragos, active member of the community. https://vlaicu.pro/ 38 enuviptaiwan: Taiwan BP ironpapa, active member of the community. https://enuvip.com/ 58 libblocknode: India BP libert, early ENU promoter, active member of the community. https://enumivo.com/topic/1261-libertlibblocknode-enumivo-witness-application/ 60 projectatlas: Nigerian BP, early ENU promoter, active member of the community. ttps://www.projectatlas.info/
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    According to a press release originally posted on CoinRivet.com, Travala.com have teamed up with the Litecoin Foundation. The nature of the blockchain based hotel booking service’s partnership with the Litecoin Foundation is one which will enable LTC holders to spend their crypto on holidays. To celebrate the new marriage of services, Travala.com have made a discount package which will allow users of their website and Litecoin’s Loafwallet to save up to 40% on hotel bookings. While any discount is always a welcome one, I always feel the “up to X%”‘sales’ are a bit like a financial honey-dick trick where the true discount is closer to the 5% — 10% mark. I could well be wrong on this discount though. The press release on CoinRivet stated that the partnership with Travala.com and the Litecoin Foundation didn’t stop at currency implementation. They also announced that the London based purveyors of holiday homes will be the “official travel partner” to the Litecoin Summit (due end of October 2019). Matthew Luczynski, CEO and Founder of Travala.com said that the partnership pleased him and that the two companies shared a vision of bringing “the mainstream use of cryptocurrencies into everyday life”. Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin and Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation, stated that he was “excited” by the partnership. He also added that the ability to allow LTC holders to travel the world using their Litecoin is a “powerful” opportunity. I have never used the Travala.com platform so I cannot give any opinion on the service they provide. However, I do believe this partnership to be another step in the right direction for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. As our industry keeps on expanding I would hope we will see more news of partnerships. Over the past couple of weeks we have seen Jaguar Land Rover partner with IOTA and Starbucks with Microsoft Azure. What will be next? If you wish to explore Travala.com’s platform I invite you to signup via our referral link below. If you would prefer to not user our referral link please click here. Love, peace and happiness. Visit Travala.com Original article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/news/cryptocurrency/travala-com-partners-with-litecoin-foundation-for-crypto-payments/
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    I’m sure anyone who has already been to the all encompassing sub-continent of India will agree to its uniqueness. While it is a place which has unimaginable beauty, it is also a place with mass poverty and poor sanitation. If you grew up in a ‘developed’ country, like myself, India is a country which may catch you off guard. When I first backpacked around India I was not prepared for what I experienced and wished someone had warned me. Many people had taken a great deal of time to describe, in oceanic depth, the peacefully desolate landscapes offered by Hampi. But nobody bothered to mention a thing about the squat toilet which was covered in human excrement. Nor did they mention the dodgy bloke unofficially taking payment from tourists for using it. Situations like these are exactly why I am making this post. I wish to give people a few tips which I feel would have benefitted me on my first trip. A lot of the tips in this post will probably seem like standard protocol to some, if so I apologise. This is targeted towards people who have never been to a country where the air is so polluted that it will literally leave you blowing blood from your nose. It’s for the unseasoned traveller who hasn’t experienced having their eyes forever scarred with the memories of inexplicable animal cruelty. It’s for the people who are yet to have their hearing range destroyed as a result of the relentless noise of the street. I feel a need to point out the fact that, since that initial baptism of fire, I have returned to India, and am planning to return again. A lot about my introduction to the country caught me off guard. A Little Background I need to give a little background regarding my first trip to India. I went with my partner and, before we headed out, we did the usual: read blogs, watch travel videos, check Lonely Planet etc. then decided that we should make a plan for our trip. My dad, who was meeting us out there in order to take us to his hometown in Punjab, was one of the leading campaigners for the making of the plan. So we did. We made the most detailed plan you had ever seen. And what happened? At the first hurdle, the plan failed us. As mentioned, my dad met us in India so, while we were with him, everything was plain sailing. His driver was taking us everywhere and he was navigating crowds. We ate at either my family home or the home of one of my close relatives. We slept in spotlessly clean beds and our belongings were safe. It wasn’t until the morning of our departure from Punjab that the issues with having a plan were exposed. We left the house at 5am and drove through fog so thick it was like driving in Snoop Dogg’s bong. Our train was due to leave at 7:30am and we managed to arrive at the station at roughly 6:30am. Upon arrival my dad went to the counter to collect tickets and, when he returned, he told us the train was delayed. I asked how long and his exact words were “maybe one hour, maybe one day, maybe it never comes”. This was a huge problem. We were due to begin a hike the following morning. We had already paid for it and it was due to start in Haridwar. Not only was it a hike but it was also a full week of food and accommodation. Not only that but we were still yet to buy gear for the hike. Anyway, to cut a long story short, this all resulted in an 18 hour drive from Amritsar to Haridwar, via Chandigarh and Ludhiana. Half of which was with a stranger who was an absolute nutter. When finally in Haridwar we were subjected to what is the filthiest room I have ever seen, to date. After this we had the most travel sickness-inducing 7 hour drive up the Himalayas, ever. This was followed by a disagreement with the hike operator and a 7 hour drive back down to Rishikesh. There we were, 32 hours of driving and about 3 hours sleep in two days; About £340 down with 7 days un-budgeted for and no accommodation booked. In short, our entire plan had to be rearranged and, had we not have had the plan we would have just stayed in Punjab when the train was delayed. This brings me to my first tip. Tip #1: Don’t Make Strict Plans For me this was crucial to my partner and I enjoying our most recent trip so much. Due to so many factors the public transport network in India is hard to predict. In our most recent trip we found that the information you find online regarding local bus routes, and times, is often incorrect. We also found that busses out there break down… a lot. Don’t get me wrong, they often get fixed and, most of the time, in our experience, there is another bus. However, if you have a strict time-frame which you need to stick to it can become an issue and the fact is that some busses do only run once a day, week or fortnight. Don’t take this as me simply suggesting for you to head to India with nothing more than a few night’s clothes and a sprinkle of fairy dust. Before you head off, spend some time highlighting your three most desired activities/sights to do/see. When you have cemented the three things which most tickle your fancy, find the area they are in and take it from there. By taking this approach you will find yourself experiencing more than you would have with a strict plan, and you won’t be aimlessly travelling without at least a rough idea of where you’re heading. Another benefit is you will have the flexibility to stay for longer periods of time in the places you enjoy. Tip #2: Expect Situations Which Make You Uncomfortable This might sound like an off-putting tip but it is one which I feel needs to be emphasised. Even if you simply plan on going around the famed golden triangle you will see, feel, smell or hear a plethora of incidents which leave you feeling mentally disturbed. Within a matter of hours in the country we saw a dead human body on the street. Dead bodies are not something you can expect to see a great deal of but there is the chance. One thing is for sure, if you spend more than a few weeks in India, you will most likely see a dead cat or dog. And you will, definitely, see malnourished animals on a regular basis. You will also see dogs with such severe mange that they have no fur and their skin is like leather. If you are a woman you can also, unfortunately, expect to get a lot of attention from leering men. The sad fact is that the cultural norms in some Indian villages has not changed for some time. This means that men from these areas lack education and treat women with little to no respect. This lack of respect can vary from men refusing to speak directly to you (if you travel with a male partner they will just talk to him), to them literally just groping you when in the street. Dressing down does help but it will not entirely save you. If this is something which concerns you then I advise to stick to places which experience high levels of tourism, such as Goa. Tip #3: Be Confident and Stick to Your Guns When visiting tourist attractions you will often find yourself in a situation which requires getting transport. The main thing we found, time and time again, was that the tuk tuk/taxi drivers which hang around the tourist hot-spots will do anything to get you in their vehicle. All too often we would be calmly waiting for our bus back, knowing that it was a 15–30 minute wait, and a taxi or tuk tuk driver would appear from nowhere. He would then casually begin lying about the lack of busses. Even if you tell them that you are ok and you are waiting for the bus, which you know is arriving in 15–30 minutes, they will lie to you and begin telling you there is no bus for the route you are taking. Literally. We have been in a bus station, next to the station master, while a taxi driver incorrectly tells us there is no bus in existence which goes the route which we were told seconds ago. This is not a rare occurrence and backpackers in India really need to be firm when telling people that they know where they are going. Tip #4: Watch What You Eat & Drink With all the stories of Delhi belly this might seem like a no-brainer but, sadly, it isn’t. Let’s face it, when you go travelling a major part of the fun and excitement comes from tasting the foods which the locals eat. You’ve spent a load of time and money trying to experience the culture and the food is as much a part of that as the local religious buildings. However, food standards within many under-developed countries simply does not exist. For example, within India you will rarely see a street food vendor wearing hygienic gloves to handle your food — they will simply just grab it and stick it in the bag or on the plate. This is obviously a health risk as many contagious illnesses are passed this way. After travelling the sub continent a considerable amount I can give the advice of checking who it is that you’re buying from. Street food is fine if you pay attention to the people in the queue, the location of the stand and the apparent hygiene of the person running the stand. Personally, we found that a quick look at the cleanliness of the serving area was important, as was the ability to see the food going from preparation to cooked. If you cannot see where the, for example, bhaji, is being battered avoid it. It is also wise to see if it looks like the food has been cooked within the past hour. If it has been sitting out longer than an hour it has a much higher chance of becoming contaminated by anything from flying insects to dirt particles in the air. Another suggestion is to avoid meat and fish. I occasionally eat meat at home but I’m completely vegetarian in India unless at my family home. Obviously many people have been there and eaten meat & fish to not have any problem, this is just my opinion. The fact is that dodgy meat & fish is something which can be extremely dangerous makes it a no brainer to be avoided for me. The country is one in which proper food sanitation is rarely witnessed and the use of refrigerators is a luxury which many people cannot afford. To add to that, much of the food is delivered by unrefrigerated vehicles which allows bacteria to grow. For locals this is fine as their bodies have evolved to tolerate these bacterias but if you, like me, are from the west you may find it an issue. On my first trip my partner and I went to a very expensive restaurant in Delhi (I wont name it but it was on Connaught Place and the meal was £60 — a hell of a lot in India) and it ended up giving me the worst food poisoning of my life. I was bed ridden for three days and, as a result, nearly went home. You also need to be strict regarding ice within India. Saying “no ice” should be like a second nature by the time you return. Again, this comes down to the poor sanitation within the country. You’ll find most of the street vendors get their ice delivered in one huge brick by a bloke on a bicycle. The water is not filtered and has been contaminated by god knows what while in transit. Obviously there are some exceptions — if the place you’re drinking at clearly has filtered water it will most likely be fine — but it should be a serious consideration at all times. My partner managed to get a strain of E.coli from the water out there and it ended up destroying both of us. Luckily for me I didn’t get ill until back home but it resulted in an ambulance rushing me to hospital and sticking me on the IV before giving me some powerful antibiotics. This was the result of a slip in attention for one second — she didn’t notice the sugar cane juice guy running the juice through a sieve with ice in before serving her. Tip #5: Cross Reference Reviews & Filter for Negative Ones Many people who have been there will instantly know why I have put this as a tip for backpacking in India. When travelling across the tropical sub-continent we found the reviews on sites like TripAdvisor and Booking.com to be unreliable at best. We had visited places which were rated a 9 for cleanliness on Booking.com and looked like a bomb of dirt, grime, pubes and everything in between had hit them. We have been to hotels where the beds were covered in bed-bugs and the corridors were covered in urine. We have stayed in neighbourhoods where the local children try to physically attack you on a daily basis. All of this was as a result of not cross referencing reviews, and not searching for negative reviews. One thing we found to be the case on a freakishly regular basis is the act of review sites, seemingly, omitting negative reviews on purpose. All too often, when we sorted by worst reviews, we found that the place which had been rated highly was actually a place which had gone downhill, drastically. We also found that, when I posted a negative review of a place, it was never included on my partner’s results when she checked on her phone. By which I mean, I would post a damning review, she would go on her phone the next day (after it had been published) and it would have been buried beneath all the positive reviews the place in question had received. The only way she would ever find my negative review would be by specifically searching for it. Love, peace and happiness. Original article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/opinions-blogs/travel/travel-tips-for-backpacking-in-india/
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    Kieran Benson is a name which most people will not have heard of. Why would they? He isn’t a celebrity, in anyway, and he isn’t someone constantly in the public eye. However, if you are a resident within the small town, Glynneath, Wales, you may have been in eye shot of his charitable work. The 35 year old window cleaner has been spending significant portions of his free time cleaning his local street signs. When asked, by the BBC, why he decided to begin the task of sprucing up he town he stated that he took inspirations from others. Kieran’s work is not only limited to street signs, however, he is also cleaning bus shelters. As anyone who is a resident in London will know, some bus stops really need it. When asked about this he is quoted saying: “It’s all about just making it a cleaner environment for our elderly who sit in those shelters.” Although the task which Kieran has decided to undertake can be seen as a selfless one, he has stated that he takes some joy from it. He also has stated that he made it a personal mission to find the ‘dirtiest sign’ in his town. And that cleaning the dirtiest signs can be a therapeutic experience. At present Kieran attempts to clean at least one sign at the end of every day. He has also stated that he ropes his family into helping him on some days. When he was asked why he continues to conduct his voluntary clean up he stated the following: “I wanted to give back to my community, make the area feel a bit nicer… It’s all about loving where I live, being proud of where I live and making it into a better environment for all.” Anthony Taylor, deputy manager of Neath Port Talbot council (the acting council), was full of praise for Kieran. He went on record stating that the help is much appreciated in a time where councils are struggling to provide essential services: “Many local authorities are now at the stage of fighting to protect and sustain essential services so it is tremendously heartening to see communities respond in such a way.” It may not be the most glamorous of jobs but I think Kieran deserves to be commended for his efforts. A society is only as strong as its least worst team player and we all have a social duty to fulfil. Love, peace and happiness. Original article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/news/societal/meet-kieran-benson-the-man-cleaning-glynneath-for-free/
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    This is the 12th donation of the enumivoooooo BP,From last donation to today, the BP gains a total of 12704enu. The technicians received 3177enu proceeds, and 10% of the remaining 9527enu proceeds, 952.7enu should donated. The current market price of enu is 0.102 yuan, so a total of 100 yuan donated. The donation program provides nutrition allowance of one free egg per day for children in poor areas. For more information you can search through alipay: 一个鸡蛋的力量. 这是第12次enumivoooooo节点收益的捐献,从上次捐赠到今天,enumivoooooo节点总共获得12704enu的收益,其中技术人员获得 3177enu收益,剩余的9527enu的10%即价值952.7enu的收益被捐献出去,目前enu市价0.102元,所以总共捐赠100元。
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    On April 18th 2019 I posted an article about the release of a hunt for $1 million USD in Bitcoin. The treasure hunt came in the form of a game called Satoshi’s Treasure and I promised to keep you updated. Since its release a total of four key fragments have been released, with clues regarding their location. At the time of writing this update all four keys have been located by online communities and, as a result of the game’s prize, online communities are rushing to make a clan. These clans are basically groups of ‘treasure hunters’ who wish to claim a chunk of the grand prize. How The First Three Were Discovered After realising the keys had been discovered I, like many of you reading this, wanted to find out how. I know the last post I made had a list of coordinates but that didn’t really tell all that much. As it turns out the coordinates (for the first clue) lead to a QR code which had the word ‘orbital’around it (see picture below). This QR code simply provided a link to a website (https://satoshistreasure.xyz/k1). When you visit the link you are prompted to enter a password, which turns out to be ‘orbital’. Great that is key 1. The next two keys, found early by John Cantrell were discovered by using a bit of ingenuity and experience. Taking note of the web address which key 1 was stored on John decided to try his luck by replacing the ‘k1‘ in the aforementioned web address with ‘k2‘ and ‘k3‘. Guess what? It worked. Upon entering the forbidden key pages John found that the pages were being locked by client side Javascript code. Said Javascript stored the pass-phrases, albeit encrypted, in the HTML document which meant he was able to brute force attack the page on a local copy of the website. For those who don’t know, brute force attacks are essentially a case of guessing the password until you get it. Instead of doing it manually, John wrote a script in Ruby (a coding language) which checked all the possible phrases (encrypted in the same way) stored in a text based dictionary he downloaded. When his encrypted passphrase matched that of the website’s he tried it on the actual game site and, guess what? It worked. What About Key 4? When looking for key number 4 you will be confronted by a gif image and not much more. Reddit user Vaultminer managed to find it hidden within the gif itself. They explain (on this post) that it was not hidden as a frame on the gif, as you would expect. In fact, the gif was found by downloading the image provided by the game and then opening it with a text editor. Upon opening they noticed that there was actually a text file stored within the default directory left by Mac computers (__MACOSX) and decided to then open the gif file with a compression application (7zip) to access the contents of said directory. They then found a text file which had a url and asked they enter the Jade key as the password. They were then directed to a web store which sold email delivered eggs. Each egg they purchased contained 1 of 8 pieces of the the QR code. They combined all 8 pieces and found the following URL: https://satoshistreasure.xyz/6WskbAMc8U6m3B68DdHL2QQ822odpPG. That is it for now but I will continue to keep you all updated as, and when, I find information. Love, peace and happiness. Original Article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/crypto/news/four-satoshis-treasure-key-fragments-found-heres-how/
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    [2019-04-22 04:52:57] BP: dragosvlaicu [2019-04-22 04:52:57] ENU used: [127.6159] TX: https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/90066be77c8dd1910fcaa5bb5d47cd33a821018619ae28bca13f4a7058687bc2 [2019-04-22 04:52:57] ELN burned: [8244.3503] TX: https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/86162b3b958963c2d41d9e53f040db2dfeb50c33ea21b02d8445a9730fdf789e
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    Matched with 737.1596ENU http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/985fc954679cc9f4a3373fceacde811208c6035b068401bb2992a171008b3cd0 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/315dfd05db7cd3db2499ed9f8f69b12cc8c29784506b108f9553230ded14c682
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    eurnoproject week 5 (368.5798) https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/e9508e0aa195e5efef2579f81b981312339685abdd25bc5a55a9efadb39127cc https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/c93cb989677b66d568a99e5d5efa6dd65afd785fabc897c293a71f070b35b107
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    自动做市商(Automated Market Maker?)是如何运作的? 如下图所示,它表明AMM持有1,661,141.4464 ENU和4.33300955 BTC。合约账户是enu.btc.coin。这意味着如果你向本合约发送BTC或ENU,您将自动获得ENU或BTC。做市商将作为你交易的对手方。如果你卖,它会买。如果你买,它会卖。 做市商合约将ENU x BTC视为不变。因此,如果你添加ENU,它将以这样的方式返回BTC,它所拥有的新ENU x BTC保持不变(当然,在收取1%的费用之后)。这意味着你放在一边越多,另一边的价格就越高。 谁在AMM拥有ENU和BTC? 答案是持有ENUBTC代币的社区成员。如下图所示,有7,295.6066 ENUBTC代币在流通。每个ENUBTC都拥有AMM里一部分的ENU和BTC。如果你将ENU或BTC发送到enubtc.mm,你实质上是将你发送的内容转换为ENU和BTC,并将其添加到AMM,AMM为你提供代表你对AMM的所有权的股份。随着越来越多的人与AMM进行交易,由于收费,ENU和BTC将持续增加,因此您的ENUBTC股份也将拥有越来越多的ENU和BTC。拥有AMM的份额实质上意味着你是所有股份的一部分所有者,这意味着你拥有它代表的ENU和BTC的一部分。如果有人购买ENU或BTC,你会出售部分ENU或BTC。如果有人出售,你会买一部分ENU或BTC。 拥有ENUBTC有什么意义? 拥有ENUBTC意味着您已将ENU和BTC添加到AMM,因此您可以为交易所增加流动性。在图中,这意味着AMM有166万ENU和4.33 BTC可供出售。流动性增长越多意味着价格波动越小(需要更大的交易量使价格变动)。AMM流动性越大意味着大笔交易不会使价格大幅上涨或下跌。 与AMM交易有什么好处? 使用AMM进行交易意味着你可以获得更好的交易。我们观察到,尽管收取1%的费用,但AMM仍然提供最佳价差,如果您买入或卖出,您将获得更多。此外,如果您持有ENUBTC股票,您将获得部分费用,并获得其他交易者消耗的交易费的一部分。由于AMM是社区成员所共有并由开源智能合约提供支持,因此一切都是透明的,社区成员可以获得所有交易费用。每个ENUBTC所有者就像操作他/她自己的从不停歇的全天候交易所。如果你将ENU或BTC放在钱包上而没有做任何事情,那么你可以将其放入AMM让它获得收益并帮助增加AMM的流动性。 AMM实时数据查询地址:https://wallet.enumivo.com/market-maker
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    How does the Automated Market Maker (AMM) work? If you look at the image, it shows that the AMM holds 1,661,141.4464 ENU and 4.33300955 BTC. The contract is enu.btc.coin. This means that if you send either BTC or ENU to this contract you will automatically get the other coin. The market maker will act as a counterparty to your trade. If you sell, it will buy. If you buy, it will sell. The market maker contract treats ENU x BTC to be constant. So if you add ENU to it, it will give you back the BTC in such a way the new ENU x BTC it owns remains constant (after taking 1% fee of course). This means the more you put on one side, the more the price of the other side increases. Who owns the ENU and the BTC in the AMM? The answer is the community who holds ENUBTC tokens. If you look at the image, there are 7,295.6066 ENUBTC tokens in circulation. Each ENUBTC is a share of the ENU and the BTC owned by the AMM. If you send ENU or BTC to enubtc.mm, you are basically converting what you send into both ENU and BTC and add it to the AMM and the AMM gives you shares to represent your ownership of the AMM. As more people will trade with the AMM, since there are fees taken, the ENU and BTC it holds will gradually increase, so your ENUBTC shares will also own more and more ENU and BTC. Owning a share of the AMM basically means you are a part owner of all the shares, meaning you own part of ENU and BTC it represents. If someone buys, you sell part of it. If someone sells, you buy part of it. You basically become a participant of each trade and you earn a share of the trading fees. What is the significance of owning ENUBTC? Owning ENUBTC means you added both ENU and BTC to the AMM so you add liquidity to the exchange. In the image, it means the AMM has 1.66M ENU and 4.33 BTC to sell. The more the liquidity grows means less price volatility (it takes more to move the price). The more liquidity in the AMM will mean that big transactions will not move the price so much. What is the advantage of trading with the AMM? Trading with the AMM means you get a better deal. We have observed that despite the 1% fees, the AMM still offers the best spread and you will get more if you buy or sell. Also, if you hold ENUBTC shares, you earn back part of the fees you generate and earn part of the fees other trader generates. Since the AMM is community owned and powered by an open source smart contract, everything is transparent and the community earns all the fees. Each ENUBTC owner is like operating his/her own exchange that runs 24/7. If you have ENU or BTC sitting on a wallet and not doing anything, it would be better if you put it in the AMM and let it earn and help build the liquidity of the AMM.
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    Hope you had a good day bro!
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    Interesting, but the borrower must have collateral. Lock ENU as collateral and borrow BTC. Then we put a margin call mechanism where if the collateral value goes dangerously low, we force to sell the collateral and pay the BTC loan before it becomes too late. This way the lender will always be sure to get paid. Everything can be automated in a smart contract. It is basically a collateral debt position.
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    borrow from enu pool in mm , and sell it to mm , but will not receive btc actully. so mm will have another income from borrow interst. It maybe conplicated .
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    420......... brother 🤗 spread bud and not war 😎
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    i am thinking of adding short function to MM
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    April enumivo Campaign Analysis and reaches on Twitter Links for more details. https://whaleshares.io/@project-atlas/project-atlas-enumivo-campaign-analysis-april-edition
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    RoE and UBI Effective March 31, 2019, RoE funds will be added to the 10M UBI funds. We have 3 UBI offchain tests and 2 onchain tests coming up soon and some of the funds of UBI will be used to reward those who will test the new systems. At the end of March, all citizens will get 10K ENU each as last reward for being citizens. RoE will still exist but without funding and it's up to them if they want to continue or to disband. Focus will be on UBI since there are many approaches/variants that we need to test very soon. RoE did not serve its purpose as I envisioned it. It was an experiment. Thanks to all who participated. Enumivo 1.7 Release We are skipping 1.7 Release and wait for the next one since we have seen some problems in it and we can't risk the chain. I have also seen other chains where nodes randomly shutting down running 1.7. We have managed to decrease the failing tests below 10 and we are working hard to bring it down to zero in preparation for the next eosio release. USD Denominated Salaries Effective April, all salaries will be renegotiated in US Dollars and will be paid in USD Stablecoins. This is done for us to have minimal market effect every end of the month which usually happens every payday. I will be contacting each one by the end of the month to renegotiate. Work for Us If you feel you have the time to work for Enumivo even on a part time basis, any skill that you think you can contribute to add to the value of ENU, feel free to contact me.
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    When you stake your ENU and you vote, your account has vote weight which is proportional to the ENU you staked. This vote weight diminishes slightly everyday until you vote again. To keep your vote weight at maximum means you get the maximum possible LTS, it is best to always update/refresh your vote before claiming the free LTS. Eosio type chains is designed to have vote weight diminish over time so that voters don't just "vote and forget". They have to come back and vote again (even for the same block producer/s) to have their vote weight "recharged" to the maximum. The claimforvote contract deployed on Enumivo with the help of Joshua (qsx.io), is designed to monitor and reward free LTS every 24 hours to those who stake and vote exactly one block producer. They will get free LTS proportional to the ENU they staked. So every 24 hours, I suggest you cast your vote again to one block producer (you can vote the same bp over and over again everyday), then send 0.0001 ENU to claimforvote, then you will automatically get back the 0.0001 ENU and the free LTS proportional to your vote weight. The more ENU you stake, the more vote weight you have, the more LTS you get daily.
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    With the Extinction Rebellion protests gaining a fair share of press, I thought it would be a good time to look at who is to blame for the state of the global climate. And what we can do to solve the issue. As general consumers we are constantly being told we need to use less energy, stop using single use plastic, cycle instead of driving to work. Let’s ask ourselves one thing: what are the world’s elite doing to aid the issue? While the average person is doing all they possibly can to lower their carbon footprint, the CEOs etc of multinational companies are flying to meetings on a daily basis; Militaries are dropping and testing bombs while flying jets at mach 1 and above; Supermarkets are actively wrapping fresh produce in plastic; Government officials are driving around in limousines; Celebrities are transporting tonnes of equipment around the world. All this is just the tip of the iceberg, I could go on an endless rant as to how much of an affect society’s least mentioned culprits are having on the climate. While the ULEZ charge prevents you or I from driving a 2008 1.6 Ford Fiesta into central London Donald Trump is planning a ‘state visit’ to the UK from the USA, Theresa May will be escorted around in a limo with a convoy of escorts, and millions of business people are flying around the world for meetings which could be had on Skype or Zoom. With all the above in consideration it really begins to seem as though the average consumer is not being tasked with lowering the carbon footprint of mankind, we are being tasked with offsetting the carbon footprint of the world’s elite. It’s All About Responsibility A popular phrase which most people will be aware of is “lead by example”, but it feels as though this only applies to those who are (for want of a better phrase) at the bottom of the financial totem pole. We’re in a world where footballers drive around in highly polluting sports cars and take weekly flights in order to kick a ball to each other. Yet the carbon footprint of the world’s most popular sport is never mentioned. Nor is the carbon footprint of making a high budget film ever mentioned. I personally have worked on a couple films you will have seen, I wont name them. I can tell you first hand they are not considering their carbon output in the slightest. One film in particular saw 7 super grand pianos flown from multiple continents to the UK to be used as… PROPS! Yes, props! This means there was no need to use the actual pianos as it was only used for aesthetic purposes and could have been replaced with a fake shell made in house. What is more, that same film, saw the same 7 pianos being transported from Hounslow (in a full 40+ tonne lorry) past Heathrow airport, to Windsor, to then be collected by another 4 full sized lorries and taken back to Heathrow. All this, for what? A film. From my time working in the entertainment industry I can list a number of examples, such as the one above, where celebrities are needlessly polluting our planet for a trivial matter. I have literally seen an arctic lorry being used to drive 240 miles (round trip) in order to transport a package which could have been delivered on a motorcycle. Again, the reason? Showbiz. But showbiz and sports are not the only culprit. Let’s Talk About Supermarkets I want to start this paragraph by stating I am not vegan or vegetarian – I eat meat on average about twice a month and use long life milk (which comes in a carton) – and I do not think going full nuclear on either side is the solution. I think the solution is, as you probably know, responsibility. We’ve all been to supermarkets which have wall to wall isles of fresh produce wrapped in plastic, as well as more meat and dairy than could ever be consumed before it goes out of date. Why do they have so much produce? Profits. The simple fact of the matter is the meat and dairy industries both output products with extremely short shelf lives and, instead of risking not having a product available to sell, big chain supermarkets would prefer to simply throw a tonne of inedible produce away than miss out on sales targets. This needs to be one of the first things to change. Nobody in their right mind needs to eat as much meat as what is stocked in the average western supermarket. Stop Wrapping Fruit n Veg in Plastic Again, I have to ask: when did you ever ask for your cucumber to be vacuum packed in plastic? I know I never did, but it is the norm in the UK. Why? Longer shelf life. When did you ask for your spuds to be separated into 1kg plastic bags? When did you ask the same for pretty much all fruit and veg? You didn’t, nor did I. And this is where the problem is. The sad fact of the matter is many people in the UK simply cannot afford to have a choice in where they shop, they have to go to the cheapest shop they can get to. The same problem exists when considering what they are buying and it is not limited to the UK. It is all well and good telling people to go to the likes of Planet Organic et al but their prices are so high that it isn’t even a real consideration for most people who are paying up to 90% of their monthly income on rent. Tax Those Who Can Afford to Pay It While I am aware that a single blog post is not going to solve all the world’s issues regarding single use plastic, I believe a solution to start tackling this issue is a simple one: tax wastage. If the likes of Tesco, Sainsburys etc were being actively taxed on their waste they would think twice about the amount of produce they supply and this would have a knock-on effect which runs right down to the farmer. If they were also taxed further on the amount of single use plastic they are using this would also have a huge impact on their mentality. The sad fact of the matter is this probably wont happen as governments are so corrupt they simply do not care enough to risk losing financial backing from said supermarkets. The mentality of our governments is highlighted by plastic bag situation in the UK: the consumer has to pay 10p per bag they use. Instead of continuing the plastic bag trend they could easily do what India are doing: give cotton bags. They could do what they used to do, before plastic came around: give paper bags. But why would they can charge the consumer? As with everything in life there isn’t a one-fix-all solution and it is going to take a huge effort from EVERYONE in the world to save the human race – the planet will continue without us, after climate change wipes us all out – and the focus needs to be put on the people in this world which are, objectively, causing the most damage. The irony is they are also the group of people with the power and finances to actually do something about it. Go figure. Love peace and happiness? Visit the Extinction Rebellion website Original Article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/blog/random-tangents/extinction-rebellion-have-highlighted-the-issue-when-will-the-elite-listen/