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    This post was originally written in Chinese, I translated it by google, so it may have many mistakes. Today ENU's first beta UBI was released. Many friends are asking how to apply to join UBI. First of all, we have to know that this is just one of the ENU UBI versions, and is currently in beta, so the initial data may be deleted. This version is the version closest to the ENU white paper description. Simply put, all existing members vote KYC for the applicant. When an applicant obtains more than half of the existing members to vote, and the member has voted for more than the number of negative votes. The applicant becomes a new member and can receive UBI. So how do you apply for success? First, you need an ENU main network account, then log in to the account via ironman and link to ubi.qsx.io to fill in the relevant information to apply. If you are an active member of the ENU community and most members know you, then it is easy for you to get approval from the members and become a new member. If you are not an active member of ENU and not many people know you, then you will need to fill in your relevant information in detail in your information section. If you don't mind, it's best to upload your real name and photo. The most important thing is to fill in your Weibo, Twitter and other social accounts. And use the Weibo account to send an application similar to my use of ********** (the main network account) to join the ENU.UBI project. This allows members to view your social account while voting, to confirm that the applicant is not a fake cheat account. This way most members will vote for you, and you will have a higher probability of applying successfully. Need to reiterate that the current project is in the testing phase, and UBI members will not get much benefit. And the data in the test phase may also be deleted. However, it is recommended that interested friends participate in the ENU.UBI project. At the same time, there are several other types of UBI applications with different KYC methods being developed. Please wait and see.
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    enulexlexlex support
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    support this action.
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    upgraded the contract, need 15 of top 21 bp to do
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    enumivoooooo support the upgrade.
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    I represent eurnoproject and am for the contract upgrade however to perform said upgrade it needs to be agreed and actioned by 15 out of top 21 BPs
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    Dear community members, I found a problem. If someone bids name but doesn't claim it, then later people will not be able to claim their names. Aiden said that the problem has been resolved in the new contract, but some BPs do not upgrade the contract, so this problem has always existed. And this problem has been around for a year! As the cornerstone of ENU, BPs should maintain chain and upgrade contracts, but some BPs only charge interest but dont do anything. So I appeal to community members to vote for active BPs and let the BPs who are not doing things die. If BPs don't value their responsibilities, then ENU doesn't need them. Do we want the problem to exist forever? Exercise your rights and vote for active good BPs!
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    enumivoqsxio support
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    @davidfncklet other bp's state their opinion.
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    You'll need to sync up which has proven to be harder and harder these days
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    The ENU/BTC Automated Market Maker has been updated with the following changes: The trading fees is increased to 1%. After observation and comparison with outside centralized exchanges, making the market maker charge higher fees will still offer better spreads since the market maker uses a different algorithm of asset pricing. This will also encourage people to invest in the market maker thereby increasing its liquidity resulting to less slippage and even better spreads. At 1% trading fees, asset pricing will still be superior compared with centralized exchanges. The FTP coin is not anymore issued when you trade on the market maker. The FTP tokens will not have any further supply increase anymore.
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    了解到enu应该是17年末到18年初牛市末期,那时候流行各种以太坊的各种空投和撸羊毛的热情,我相信大家初期也是通过空投来了解enu的,印象中enu是第一个以太坊的空投。当时确实没有深入了解enu的远大理想,因为白皮书还没出来。 后来enu在币信引起一阵风潮,关注的人逐渐多了起来。其后,白皮书也由AP写出来了,里面阐述enu将采用类eos的公链的原因,以及目的是要做惠及所有人的UBI。通过白皮书、论坛、电报群等了解到,选择类eos公链作为enu的载体,是因为相对其他公链,综合判断类eos公链最适合做UBI。当时AP也曾表达过,如果万一eos不能如期上线或失败,不排除enu采用neo的公链。 现在项目、市场在平稳发展,各种活动吸引人气,还有一众布道者不遗余力使其理念深入人心。 从波场这个废柴项目被硬生生传销起来看,ENU+UBI,项目牛逼,团队努力,就差各位壕识货,一日上个大市场,直接拉爆云霄九万里,到时天下何人不识君。