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    We are airdropping the rest of the undistributed LTS to all those with ENU who will stake and vote with their tokens. They will get LTS proportional to their vote weight. This is to test a system where all future airdrops by the development team will be distributed in a way where ENU holders who want to participate in governance of the Enumivo chain will get free rewards. To maximize your share of the LTS tokens, here's what you do: Stake ENU you don't need for the next 3 days to max out your vote weight. Vote 1 block producer of your choice, not 0 or 2 or 3 or 30. Just 1 BP must be voted. Send 0.0001 ENU to the address claimforvote. You will get back your 0.0001 ENU and free LTS. Wait 24 hours and repeat the whole process. In order to maximize your free LTS everyday, it's best to always refresh your vote before sending ENU to claimforvote. It will maximize your vote weight. You can vote for the same BP everyday. You just need to refresh your vote for maximum vote weight since your vote weight diminishes slightly everyday. Your LTS rewards are based on your vote weight. Always vote just one block producer, if you vote two or more, you will not be able to claim free LTS for 3 days. We are observing the contract for bugs, we initially have 20M LTS and will send more and more as the contract gains stability. We might upgrade the contract and make some changes if we see the need. We will post comments into this thread for updates. This will go on until all the undistributed LTS are fully depleted. While this is going on, we might have another airdrop that will run in parallel so maximize the use of your ENU by staking it if you don't intend to sell it anytime soon. Monitor our announcements in twitter, telegram, facebook, forum, and all social media channels. Please let us know if you find bugs. To see how the airdrop is going: https://enumivo.qsx.io/accounts/claimforvote Note: Everytime someone claims free LTS, it will create 5 deferred transactions to check 5 other users if they changed their votes to more than 1 block producer. If they are seen doing so, they will not be able to claim free LTS the next 3 days. UPDATE: If you have 500 ENU or more staked and taking part of the 400M LTS airdrop, there is a chance you also win free 10 ENU every now and then.
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    I'm Daifuku (enumivo account is funkydaifuku) I'm an early participant of enumivo. As a developer, I started up the first community-driven testnet -- ENUAvengers, and gathered the early development community included @fish @ansen @Ovi-Wan Kenobi and so on. I also helped Aiden Pearce to activate the enumivo chain and became the first voted block producer to produce. I'm also the developer of enutick.com(it's offline now cause lack of maintainance, I promise that I'll bring it back), the core source is open-sourced at https://github.com/d13o/enumivo In the recently system contracts upgrading, @ansen and I launched up a chain to do the very first verification, and after the testing we gathered the producers to bring the system contracts to the new version. Enumivo is the most outstanding blockchain project after Bitcoin in my opinion. It started up with no funding, only the core members and amount of fans. I love this project and respect Aiden Pearce so much about his idea, passion and vision. I will be glad to be a citizen of RoE to promote the project and spread its philosophy. You can contact me here:  Telegram : t.me/Daifuku Email : daifuku.nakamoto@gmail.com Github: https://github.com/d13o
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    RoE members' salaries for February 2019 has been sent from account: roesalaryyyy to all current RoE members' mainnet accounts. You can check from : https://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=roesalaryyyy
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    a chinese translation: 我们将空投剩余未分配的LTS,空投对象为:持有ENU、抵押并使用代币投票的人。获得空投LTS的数量将与他们的投票权重成比例。此次空投目的在于测试系统,以便将来开发团队发起的所有空投都可以分配给那些希望参与Enumivo 区块链治理的ENU持有者。 为了使你得到的LTS数量最大化,你需要: 1.在未来3天抵押所有不需要使用的ENU代币,以最大化你的投票权重; 2.给1个候选超级节点投票,不是0个、2个、3个或者30个。只能投1个; 3.向claimforvote账户发送0.0001个ENU,你将获得0.0001个ENU以及LTS空投; 4.等待24小时,之后重复整个流程。 为了使你每天获得的LTS数量最大化,在向claimforvote账户发送ENU之前,最好总是刷新投票。这将使你的投票权重最大化。你可以每天都给同一个候选节点投票。由于你的投票权重每天会有少许下降,你需要每天刷新投票。你将按照自己的投票权重获得相应的LTS数量。 记住:只能投一个候选节点。如果你投了2个或更多,将在三天内无法申请LTS空投。 我们将关注智能合约的漏洞。起初将空投2000万LTS,随着合约趋于稳定,空投数量将越来越多。 我们将根据需要升级智能合约并做出修改。我们将在此帖下面跟帖升级的相关评论。 本次空投将持续至所有未分配LTS全部耗尽为止。 与此同时,我们可能会推进另一项空投,以最大化利用持有者手中的近期不出售的ENU。跟进我们在twitter、telegram、facebook、官方论坛以及其他社交媒体的公告。 如果你发现了漏洞,请通知我们。
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    Well, I wish I could. I think I would need a digital camera for such I don't think phone phone could do that or I'll probably ask around. Thanks mate! Enumivo to the Moon! Atlas to the World!