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    Hello Enumivans, I would like to start a process of BP validation that should help us know each other a bit better, be able to get the network hearth-beat a bit faster and be able to react within minutes (it takes hours to recover from an app crash so the sooner it's launched the faster it gets back online) in case of a disaster. Besides that we would need to have a test net, some UAT or acceptance criteria when a new release or change is made. - For the BP part I would recommend validating them as a human being (just like the oracles process) - JSON should be updated and uploaded on the mainnet - valid https access (for some whitelisted IPs if there's a concern about that) - valid personal contacts (email + phone number). I would expect to gather a group of people willing to validate both the email addresses and the phone number. I'm offering to do validation around Europe or close to my timezone for english speaking people. For gathering the data we can either use a google spreadsheet shared among each others with user explicit access. Please feel free to comment. Dragos.
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