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    Howdy all! Hope you are well. I have been tasked with creating a homepage for Enumivo (lets face it, we have needed one for some time) and am pretty much finished with my creation. Aiden wanted to get the community's opinion on the matter so I wanted to make a post here to see what everyone thinks of my design. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to let me know them and I will do my best to implement whatever is within my scope of abilities. At present I have not fully set up outward links etc as this is just a dummy to show you all what I have created and to get an idea as to whether people would like Aiden to implement the theme I have made. Anyway, if you would like to check the site out it can be accessed temporarily on https://peesus.com I currently am tidying it up and making it as SEO friendly as possible. I plan on implementing live ENU prices on the home page when it gets the go ahead to be used as the official site for Enumivo. As always, I made this from scratch and off my own accord, in my own time and with my own funds. If you appreciate what I do for the community please vote for the eurnoproject block producer and vote for me in the oracles. Happiness.