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    I have deployed enu.token on the address satonenumivo (http://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=satonenumivo) to represent the satoshi, bitcoin's smallet unit of measure. I have also created the SAT/LTS exchange contract satltsmarket (http://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=satltsmarket) to make SAT and LTS constantly tradable against each other. This contract initially holds 1M LTS and 10M SATS. To buy SAT, just send LTS to this contract and you automatically get SAT. To sell SAT, just send SAT to this contract and you automatically get LTS. We will also be adding the live price feed of SAT/LTS along with ENU/LTS in https://wallet.enumivo.com/dashboard to let everyone see the price before trading. Integration of the SAT token with blockchain.info api is underway to make it easy for everyone to deposit/withdraw BTC in/out of Enumivo. While we are working on this, you can contact me if you want to trade your SAT with BTC. Later, SAT/ENU exchange will also be added.
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    Please help us test our voting for oracles. Each oracle will have 100 votes and will be able to select 20 to 100 forum members they think are most helpful to the community. To all forum members, if you want to receive votes from the oracles, go to your profile and set your Enumivo mainnet account. To the oracles, you can distribute 1 to 5 points for each forum member, just click their profile and put their mainnet account. After 7 days, the voting will close and the votes will be counted. 10,000 ENU will be distributed proportionally to the highest voted members of the forum in such a way that the least reward to a member does not fall below 500 ENU. The remaining 10,000 ENU will be distributed to the voters of those who won. If member X gets Y, all voters of member X will equally share Y. This is first test voting. We will increase the rewards as we fine tune everything. The rewards will increase as the number of oracles increase. I will make a separate announcement for each voting period. This will be done on a monthly basis. Initially, the tally will be done manually so expect a few days of delay after the voting closes before the results are published. All voting data will also be published to let everyone know how everyone voted. To all forum members who want to get a share of the 10,000 ENU bounty for this test, please update your profile to include your Enumivo mainnet account, create/update your thread and inform everyone to get noticed why you deserve the oracles' votes.
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    Today the bancor trading pair for SAT/LTS finally runs on Enumivo mainnet, and the bancor trading pair will allow people to buy LTS through BTC, or buy BTC through LTS.(https://enumivo.com/topic/893-introducing-satoshi-token-sat/) Aiden will also continue to issue Enumivo CNY (unidentified name) token on Enumivo that can be exchanged for RMB. In future, it will be able to trade via bancor algorithm with LTS,ENU,SAT(BTC) and others. Enumivo CNY is designed to be able to make 1:1 exchange with fiat/legal CNY through alipay or WeChat (a little labor fee will be charged). And Aiden designated me as the exclusive market maker for the Enumivo CNY token. I will transfer some of my cryptocurrency to Aiden as pledge. So don't worry that I may will cheating, because if I cheat, Aiden will give the compensation (maybe more than the pledge). The details are not yet set, we will continue to push forward the work, it is expected that as soon as this week the beta project will work. And if you are from another country, you can also apply to be the market maker for your country's fiat tender and corresponding cryptocurrency on Enumivo mainnet. Just contact with Aiden. ———————————————————————————————————— 今天SAT/LTS的bancor交易对正式在Enumivo主网运行了,这个bancor交易对将允许人们通过BTC购买LTS,或者通过LTS购买BTC。(https://enumivo.com/topic/893-introducing-satoshi-token-sat/) Aiden也将继续在Enumivo发行可以等值兑换人民币的Enumivo CNY(未确定正式名称)代币。今后,它将可以通过bancor算法与LTS,ENU,SAT(即BTC)等进行交易。 Enumivo CNY设计为将能和法币CNY通过支付宝或微信支付1:1兑换(将会收取一定人工费)。 同时,Aiden指定我为Enumivo CNY代币的独家做市商。我会转移一部分我的数字资产给Aiden作为抵押。所以大家不用担心我跑路,如果我跑路了,Aiden将会做出赔偿(也许是比我的抵押金还高的赔偿)。 具体各项细节还未定型,我们将会持续努力推进各项工作,预计最快大家将能在本周内看到成形的项目。
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    I'm rewarding someone who can create a simple exchange for LTS and ENU. There will be a smart contract with initial liquidity by holding x amount of LTS and y amount of ENU. That makes LTS priced at y/x ENU per LTS. This smart contract will be able to buy or sell of up to 1% of x at a time. If you want to buy, it will take your ENU and give you LTS (less 0.1% fee). If you want to sell, it will take your LTS and give you ENU (less 0.1% fee). I will also be providing initial liquidity of the final contract and also some test LTS and ENU for those who want to try this challenge. As this contract will do trades with anyone, and with the 0.1% fees each time, it will be expected that, over time, it will hold more and more LTS and ENU providing a lower volatility of the price of LTS. If you have any questions, just reply to this thread. If someone can create this and after proper testing and scrutiny of the contract by everyone, I will pay the developer 100K ENU. UPDATE 100K ENU Bounty given to @ansen http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/5dadbfdcfecff22956d4089fe8233518168c5cc1fd8e63ad14d693de73732321
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    Now that we have successfully deployed the LTS/ENU market maker smart contract which enables everyone to always be able to trade their LTS against ENU, I will be working on adding the BTC market to be able to trade bitcoins against ENU and LTS. This will be a centralized token initially and will go on forever to let everyone be able to trade without going through other exchanges and have minimal trading fees and no need for kyc verification and use instant deposits and withdrawals using blockchain.info's APIs. I have already created the BTC token and will be working on the integration to the Enumivo chain and the deployment of the automated market maker the same as the LTS market. Later on, when we will have a BTC stablecoin solution, we will also be able to trade this real BTC to the stablecoin BTC and all along other tokens that will be issued on the Enumivo market (ENU, LTS, THQ, ENO, et al.). To everyone who plans to create a project on Enumivo and are planning to issue their own tokens, I'll help them setup a market and initial liquidity for their tokens. Just let me know.
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    ENU Pixel Master is now online / ENU像素大师游戏已经上线 game site: https://enupixelmaster.com update: 10/11/2018 Congratulations to the winner of the 1st round, enugoodbye44! The winner prize, 13151.0575 ENU, is already sent to him. The 2nd round is coming soon, please pay attention to this thread. The artwork already on the blockchain will never be erased, feel free to enjoy and withdraw anytime. 恭喜ENU像素大师第一局的获胜者,enugoodbye44!奖金13151.0575 ENU已经发送到其账户。第二局很快就会上线,请持续关注本帖子公告。 已经在链上的画作会永远留存于ENU链上,欢迎大家随时欣赏和提现。 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/4cda550b4a937b5b34f2d1c21416c29f5dea21021a80eaae7f2194aba436072e IMPORTANT UPDATES: * We have enabled withdraw! Please clear browser cache and reload the website of https://enupixelmaster.com * To speed up this game and encourage more users, we have upgraded the smart contract and make the duration shrink. Currently when one pixel is sold, the left time is refresh to 24 hours. From 10/10/2018 12:00:00 Beijing time on, the left time will ** DECREASE 100 seconds ** per pixel sold. The left time will keep decreasing until it is smaller than 1000 seconds. Then the duration will keep being 100s until the game ends. 重要更新 * 我们已经开放提现!请清空浏览器缓存然后重新加载网站,https://enupixelmaster.com * 为了加快游戏进程和鼓励更多用户参与,我们已经升级智能合约来使得剩余时间可变衰减。 当下每个像素售出,游戏剩余时间更新为24小时。 从北京时间2018年10月10日 12点起,每卖出1个像素,剩余总时间会减小100秒,直至剩余时长变为1000秒,然后剩余时长会稳定在1000秒持续到游戏结束。 EOS Pixel Master is the world's first on-chain collaborative pixel game, which has winned great success. It's fun and easy to play with. Now our team has ported this game to Enumivo, https://enupixelmaster.com. Most of the rules and setting are the same as the originl game. We did adjust some parameters to make it easier for the enumivo community. The initial price of one pixel is 1 ENU. Compare to the high cost(0.05 EOS) of the original setting, we think a lower price is more wellcomed. The bidding price is 2x of previous price. EOS and FIBOS have tried the 1.35x setting, ENU can try a new one.On the one hand, we want people explore and share the space (1000x1000), so we make the cost higher for others to tamper original content. On the other hand, 2x price lift may somehow attract more people who wants to make a profit from this game. The Game Activation threshold is 50,000 pixel. Considering the number active users of ENU mainnet, 150k pixel is far too many to achieve. So we lower the bar, so early players don't have to wait too long. Hope you guys enjoy this game and create your own artwork on blockchain freely. ===================================================================================== EOS Pixel Master 是世界上首个链上协作式像素游戏,并且已经取得巨大的成功,游戏有趣并且很容易好玩。现在我们团队将这个游戏带到ENUMIVO https://enupixelmaster.com。 大部分规则和参数设置与原版游戏相同,我们调整了以下几个参数使之更好适应ENU社区: 像素原始价格改为1 ENU。相比原版游戏0.05 EOS的高价格,我们认为低廉的价格会更加受用户欢迎。 像素拍卖价格改为原来价格的2倍。EOS和FIBOS上已经探索过1.35倍的设置,ENU上可以尝试下新的设置。一方面我们希望用户可以充分探索和共享整个画板(1000x1000)空间,提交拍卖价格可以增大修改/破坏现有内容的成本。另一方面,2倍的价格提升或许可以吸引更多希望从游戏中获利的玩家参与。 游戏奖池激活阈值改为50,000个像素。考虑到ENU主网活跃用户规模比EOS小很多,150k 像素对应ENU来说很难以短期内实现。所以我们降低了门槛,早期参与玩家不用等待太久。 希望大家可以喜欢这款游戏,并且能在区块链上自由的创造自己的艺术品。 Tips of playing games ENU pixel master needs to use Ironman to sign every transaction. Considering the execution time limitation of a transaction, we limit the number of pixels per transaction to 32. So when one wants to draw more than 32 pixels at one time, the pixels are split in to multiple transactions, each require to sign with Ironman. To make it easier, one can use the whitelist feature within Ironman. Besides the bottom-left checkbox, one needs to check the memo and quantity field to embrace the changing of pixel location and color to make the whitelist work as expected. With the whitelist working fine, One should need just one click to buy any number of pixels. ===================================================================================== ENU像素大师需要使用Ironman来对每个交易进行签名。考虑到交易执行时间限制,我们限制每个交易最多修改32个像素。所以当用户想一次画多于32个像素时,程序会自动把像素分成多个交易中,每个交易都需要调用Ironman来签名。为了是游戏更加的方便,用户可以使用Ironman内置的白名单功能。 除了左下角的框,用户还需要勾选memo和quantity字段旁边的复选框,这样即使下次画不同位置和颜色的像素时,白名单规则依然生效。有了白名单功能,用户应该只需要一次点击确认,就可以购买任意数量的像素了。 Updated: Contract source: https://github.com/enupixelmaster/enupixel
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    Intro 介绍 Maybe the old friends remember our first Enumivo testnet, ENUAvengers, which is used for BP candidates to warm up before the main net kick off. Now, I've brought it back. 老朋友们也许还记得ENUAvengers,Enumivo的第一个测试网络。在主网上线前,我们用它来进行BP热身。现在,我把它重新启动了。 For the reason that Enumivo mainnet system contracts need to be upgraded, we need a place to practise the complicated steps, so I launched the testnet again. Read @ansen's post for more details about upgrading. Enumivo主网需要进行系统合约升级,我们需要一个地方进行演练,这是我重启它的原因。想要了解更多关于升级的细节,请阅读一臣的文章 How to Join 参与 You need to deploy an Enumivo node, the newest version( 1.3.0) is recommended. 部署一个Enumivo节点,最好使用最新版本(1.3.0) Add to p2p-peer-address in config.ini 将172.105.202.169:9876加入到配置文件的p2p-peer-address项中 Use the content below as the genesis.json 使用下面的内容作为genesis.json Leave a reply includes your account name and public key, @ansen and I could create the account for your, and allocate system resources and coins for it. 在本帖子下留言,留下你的账户名和公钥,我和一臣会帮助你创建账户,并分配系统资源和币 Then you should register the account as a block producer, and ask others to vote for you. 注册为block producer,找人为你投票 What To Do Next 将要做的 If you‘ve got a testnet account, please help others to create their own accounts 如果你已经拥有了测试网账户,请协助其他人创建他们的账户 Resign system account and leave the ownership to enu.prods ( this is my work) 释放系统账户权限给enu.prods Any help on setting up a network monitor is needed 需要一个网络监控页面,希望有人能帮助部署 Make a plan on system upgrading practice( up to the main participants schedule) 制定一个系统合约升级演练计划 Test more functions on it 尽可能地测试更多功能 Upgrading Practice Plan 升级演练计划 For the upgrading needs block producers cooperate seamlessly, we must decide a certain time to practise. 2018-10-12 is the first weekend after National Day of China, most block producers will be available at that time, so we decide starting upgrading at that day. 系统升级需要block producer无缝合作,所以我们需要选定一个时间来进行演练。2018年10月12日是中国国庆日后的第一个周五,大部分来自中国的block producer应该可以在那个时候就位。 The days from now to 2018-10-12, will be left for the block producers to join the testnet and do common tests. ALL THE ACTIVE PRODUCERS SHOULD TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO JOIN THE NETWORK. 从现在到2018年10月12日的这段时间,会留给block producer加入测试网络并进行一些常规测试。所有的激活状态的block producer都应该负起责任,加入到测试网络中来。 @ansen will make a more detailed technical plan about how to upgrade. 一臣会制定一个详细的升级演练计划,讲解技术上的要点
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    You can now buy and sell LTS with/for ENU easily by sending tokens. To buy LTS, send ENU to the account enultsmarket and you will automatically get LTS. To sell LTS, send LTS to the account enultsmarket and you will automatically get ENU. The live price of LTS is shown in https://wallet.enumivo.com/dashboard Details of how it works: enultsmarket is running a smart contract as defined here: https://github.com/enumivo/enultsmarket This contract holds ENU and LTS. This contracts treats all its LTS to be equal to all its ENU. If you send it LTS, it will give you ENU. If you send it ENU it will give you LTS. The change in balances after each transaction will move the price. There is also a 0.1% fee that is taken for each transaction. The fee goes back to the contract. The maximum transaction is 1% of the LTS the contract balance. Remember, buying LTS increases its price right after. Selling LTS decreases its price right after.
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    Hi to all members of the community, a pleasant day. I would like to introduce myself, Cocojam0610, I'm one of the early supporters of ENUMIVO since the day it was published on Bitcointalk. I'm in the crypto space since late 2015 and saw the Up's and Down's of the market several times. When I got retired from my main profession last 2017, I decided to focus on being active here in crypto space with the timing of the birth of Enumivo. Some of you may be familiar to me as I'm very active most of the time in our Main Telegram Channel. Some of the help I provided to the project was able to list ENU to Blockfolio and Coingecko. Currently, I'm moderating Enumivo's very own child board at https://cryptotalksworld.org/index.php?board=112.0. For these reasons I was chosen to be one of the Enumivo Elders by our founder himself which I took as a great privilege. I'm handling the two current campaigns we are having right now which are the AIODEX Voting and FYRUS Voting Campaigns. I would love to be part of the Enumivo Oracle as much as the other community members, If I'm worthy of your votes kindly do so. I will continue my support to Enumivo and to our founder as long as I can do. Note: thread will be updated regularly. AIODEX CAMPAIGN ENDED
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    i'm actually planning to make national currency tokens for each country as long as we have an ambassador like CNY for China, PHP for Philippines, EUR for EU, USD for USA, NGN for Nigeria, etc. As long as someone is willing to work with me for their country, we can do it.
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    About Me I'm working for an airline for five years in Beijing and a believer in ENU and UBI. Freedom is our instant persistent pursuit and ENU community will make it to big extent! I bought BTC in the end of 2013, a bull market since I was an enthusiastic in PC hardware DIY. When everyone talked the mining performance with GPU or CPU, BTC's target or nature appealed me a lot. My major is macro economics in post-graduate and it helps me the meaning of understand cryptocurrency. Involvement with Enumivo The article on Enumivo I write down attract thousands people to read via Weibo and WeChat. When BTC was created, 99% people thought it is a scam or Ponzi while Santoshi announced his target is to challenge fiat currency, and it succeed to be a weapon against inflation of fiat currency. When I got ENU airdrop, I start to investigate a lot on UBI and know ENU is a clone from EOS with great future. As a believer in liberalism, UBI is far way from right now in real world but it will be a wayout to serious problems like poverty and unemployment . So UBI is not just a fantasy or utopia. Enumivo must be a very meaningful tool to distribute UBI transparently and effectively. What I Can Do For Enumivo I will follow all update on Enumivo and propagandize it in my social network. My weibo: BitOpia比特乌托邦 My wechat chanel:
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    Hi, enumivians. I'm ansen, a blockchain engineer from China. I am a long-time supporter and developer of Enumivo. Here's the list of things I've done for Enumivo community: 各位牛油果社区小伙伴们好,我是ansen,一个来自中国的区块链工程师。我是ENU的长期支持者和开发者。下面是我为ENU社区做过的一些事情: Developed the Ironman wallet (600+ users), which empowers many dapps, and maintain the website of enuironman.com 开发了Ironman浏览器插件钱包(600+用户),支持了许多dapp应用,并且维护enuironman.com网站。 Created a free account auto-maker on TokenPocket, and have over 1000+ free registerd accounts. 在TP钱包商创建了一个免费ENU账号注册机,成功创建超过1000+免费账号。 Served as one of the top21 block producers ( ansenironman ) most of the time after the mainnet goes live; 主网上线后大部分时间被选上担任21超节点之一,持续为社区提供服务。我的节点是ansenironman。 Propose to set up the UFE(United Foundation of Enumivo) with PeiLin, which make community governing more decentralized. 和PeiLin一起提议并且推动建立了牛油果团队基金会,使社区治理更加去中心化。 Translated several important post of Aiden into Chinese. 翻译了若干篇重要的Aiden的文章。 Spread the idea of ENU/UBI, and build relationship with men in the EOS community 传播ENU/UBI理念,与EOS社区成员保持紧密联系。 In the future, I will do more for the community. Basically, I will focus on the tools and infrastructure of the blockchain and provide service for all kinds of dapps. Please support me, and vote for me. Thanks! 在未来,我会为社区持续做更多事情。我会关注区块链上工具和基础设施建设,为各种dapp提供基础服务。请投票支持我,谢谢!
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    Hey everyone, Most of you will probably know of me already as I have been a part of the Enumivo project since its inception back in February 2018. If not I'll give you a little background info: My name is Paul Singh I am educated to degree level in the UK and have a BSc from SAE Institute, London, in Audio Production. I have been involved with web development and management for roughly 15 years and have managed a number of websites/online entities in my time. Since the restructuring of the Enumivo core team and rebranding to the UFE I have been elected as one of the 7 board members and have assumed the role of Sales/Marketing head. As mentioned by @Sosolean I am the founder of the Eurno LTD project (a directly democratic charitable project), something which we both hope will add to the use case of Enumivo and assist with growing the community. At present I am trying to get a UFE constitution in place to assist all UFE members and provide a level of accountability for us all while providing transparency to the wider Enumivo community. I have also been, along with @Sosolean, attempting to provide safeguards for the longevity of the Enumivo project. In the not too distant future I plan to create a website for the UFE which I believe will assist us with legitimacy and transparency. I am also the owner/founder of Something Decent and have supported Enumivo on there since ENU was airdropped. Happiness. **EDIT** In line with my introduction I have acquired the domain: https://enufoundation.org and made a quick landing page while the website is built.
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    Below is my list(still updating) of voted candidates of the "Most Valuable Member" of the Oracle voting. I want to make it public and show my reasons of why I choose them. As part of the Oracle, I think we are responsible to know the community members well and vote for those who actually make contributions to the community. 下面列表(仍在更新中)是我准备投给“最具价值成员”的Oracle投票。我想将这个列表公开,和大家分享下为什么要选这些人。作为Oracle的一份子,我认为我们有责任充分了解社区成员,把票投给真正在为社区做事的人。 Enumivo account 主网账号 forum account & Link 论坛账号 Vote Reason 投票原因 marshalllife marshalllife Active promoter 活跃推广者 midantechltd Sololean UFE manager 基金会管理者 enudavidfnck Davidfnck Community leader 社区领袖 wangwangwang Peilin Chief CX officier 首席传销官 funkydaifuku Daifuku Active developer 活跃开发者 enusmallfish Fish Active dev, zhandui.io 站队开发者 tylerxiong22 TylerXiong KOL, BIXIN COO 意见领袖,币信COO enuniversity ENUholder Desinger & promoter 首席设计师 summitdecent Peesus White paper Author 白皮书作者 tomblocknode Tom Community Educator 社区教育者 enumivoqsxio Joshua Qiu Enumivo Browser Author 浏览器作者 cryptococooo Cocojam0610 Active promoter 活跃推广者 ansenironman ansen Ironman wallet Author 钱包开发者 talktomyself leimao Wechat group manager 微信群主 dennyyuanman Denny_Yu Freshman Educator 新人教育者 firefly.enu firefly_man Active promoter 活跃推广者
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    This is a simplified way that's why you can only buy or sell up to 1% of the LTS it holds to prevent wild price swings.
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    This is a Chinese version of the post/这是对主贴的翻译。 请帮助我们测试预言机投票机制。每一个预言机成员都将拥有100张选票,选出20到100个他们认为对社区最有帮助的论坛成员。 对于所有的论坛成员,如果你想从预言机中获得选票,请修改你的个人资料并设置你获得赏金的Enumivo主网账户。 对于预言机成员,你可以为每个论坛成员分配1到5张选票,只要点击他们的个人资料并放入他们的主网账户。 7天之后,投票将结束,选票将会被统计。 最终,所有获得投票的成员将按其所获得的投票按比例获得10000enu奖励,以获得最少奖励的人不少于500enu为准。 剩下的enu将分配给投票人。如被投票人A获得1000enu,那么所有为A投票的人将平均分配另外1000enu。 这是我们首次测试投票,当我们把一切程序优化好后,我们将会加大奖励。同时,奖励也会随着预言机人数的增多而增大。我会为 每次新的投票单独开一篇新帖。 投票将按月进行。 在初期,投票的统计工作将会人工完成,所以投票结果将会在投票结束之后延缓几天公布。 所有投票数据也会在投票完成之后公布,这样可以保证投票公开透明。 所有想获得奖励的论坛成员请修改你的个人信息,将你的enu主网账号公布在你的个人信息上。并且更新你的个人介绍帖,这样投票 人就能更加了解你为社区所做的工作,并为你投票。
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    Not final yet how we select the first 1000 members. I'm hoping brightid will be live by then and if it's a good way, we can utilize it. The goal is to make it fair and proven to everyone that the selection is not centralized. The oracles right now as it is is using centralized selection and I want that changed when a better solution is available.
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    Hello everyone, I was approached by @Tom to mod Enumivo telegram on exact day when myetherwallet dns was hacked. Since then I am managing Enumivo and Liteshares group (with the help of other community members) and loving every moment of it (no I am not exaggarating). Except that I try to promote Enumivo on various web platforms in non spammy way, mostly steemit/bitcointalk or when someone asks potential coins on social media I reply them with enumivo. To me that seems like a best way to promote something. Thank you!
  19. 1 point
    Generally speaking, active key have most of the functions, it will be better if you only use your active key. owner key have all functions that active key have. And it can change your private key, so just use your private key, and if some one hacked your private key, you can use your owner key to change the private key.
  20. 1 point
    Can you try trading with a smaller amount? Maybe you are trading more than 1% of the LTS the contract has.
  21. 1 point
    because as time goes by ,the UBI token itself have its own vaule. people will accept it.
  22. 1 point
    HALO! Guys, I am a core dev of enumivo. How I got here? To make the long story short - our spaceship collides in this universe and he hired me as his assistant in developing some stuff because he is so focus on the blockchain development. I am with enumivo on early days and here are the list of apps I have developed to the community. 1. FB/Twitter Social Airdrop 2. Swap Interface from ERC20/LTS to MAINNET 3. The enumivo web wallet http://wallet.enumivo.com. Special thanks to qsx.io and enu ironman. 4. The oracle community web site. FYI, apps above are mostly aiden.pearce ideas. I am just hes slave (LOL). Cheers to all.
  23. 1 point
    ahh sorry, I just noticed that you said passports but not ID cards. I'm afraid that I have to wait a long time to get it, because in China you can only get it when you are in your home city, but I'm in another city now.
  24. 1 point
    Hi @Nikolai Here are the approved logo previews with color variations. I already sent editable file to @freethinkingme for the guidelines. Logo A will be the main logo and B is the emblem type
  25. 1 point
    Here are the mobile versions (768 x 1579) of the Enumivo Wallpapers you can use on your phones.