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    What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. For a few times we had our chain almost died. Today was the worst. I was ready to let it go and let it die. However, in the next few days, I will run 30 nodes and take over the whole network if I still have the time to save it. This will mean I will take all the inflation and burn them all. This will be fair to everyone. The only risk is we will become centralized. With me taking over than letting it die, I choose to take over. That is, if I still have the time to make it within the next few days. The chain will still run as normal but about 44M ENU under my control will vote all 30 nodes under me. If the community can beat my votes for another producer, then they deserve to join me and get their share of the inflation. This will go on until I will lose my voting power since I will continue to sell 1M monthly. If you are a block producer who can convince the community to beat my votes, join me. I will burn all my producer income, you can keep yours. I will go on until all my 30 nodes are overcome by block producers that are voted by the community. I will gradually shutdown my 30 nodes one by one as they are replaced by real producers elected by ENU holders. I want to make it clear that I own the 44M and I have full control how to spend it. With the rules of DPOS, I have all the right to do so, even sell them all at once. But I'm not stupid to do that, I value more my ENU than what is the price now. Forcing to sell it this cheap for a while now is a sacrifice I had to make in order to give others a chance to get it cheap and be part of governance. But unfortunately, other whales have different intentions and also claims to play by the rules. If I have to give the 44M for free to so many unique individuals I will if it will help the chain become more democratic. If you don't agree to any of my plans, or you oppose to it, you can stop me since it will take me days to prepare for the takeover. You can destroy the chain yourselves before I can save it, or you can collude and blacklist my account to prevent me from taking over. Then I will accept it and I will be gone if that happens. That is also a DPOS rule that I will have to respect. The ENU swap is almost over. So far more than 150M ENU are not swapped. After the deadline, instead of the original plan to burn them all, I will take custody of the undistributed ENU, but I will not take ownership. I will find a way to distribute them either by airdropping to those who will take part of the voting and/or governance, or give them as rewards to the upcoming mm v2 + stablecoins. For as long as I can fairly distribute them, I will do it. This will also give the community more ENU to vote with and gradually replace my 30 nodes. If you hold ENU and you don't want to learn how to vote, you better sell them now since the 150M ENU that will go to those who are more active than you will highly devalue your ENU. When I take over the network, I will burn all savings and do all upgrades. If you don't want a centralized chain, we might as well kill it. Or push me out and you take over. You have your whales anyway and you can do it. It is your choice to stand in my way or stand aside. I will know your stand in the next few days.
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    Hi, AP! I am Aaron from the Chinese community. My English is not so fluent to express myself. I am an ENU holder. In the beginning, everyone got ENU through airdrop, almost no cost. Later, I saw your hard work and the contribution of the community, then I believed ENU will be a great project and bought some. I am in several Wechat group. There are many ENU holders supporting you! We think you DON'T NEED to buy ENU from the holders. Each one is an adult and should be responsible for his or her decision. You just do what you think is right, make ENU a greater project. Many of us are supporting you!
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    I will be taking over the network soon. I will run 30 producers around 6 locations around the world. I will give 30 trusted community members with substantial stake the keys and they will only use it if I'm out of touch for 7 days. If you want to get one of the 30 private keys, reply your details here with your mainnet account, your ENU balance, and your telegram account and all details you want to give. I will pm you the keys if I find you worthy to get it. You are not to use it if i'm not gone for 7 days.
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    In the process of anything, there is inevitably a different voice. You should focus on the development of ENU, not be bothered by those things. The price is determined by the market. As an adult, you should be responsible for your own investment, not you. This is not a wise decision.
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    Introducing VEOS VEOS is a stablecoin following the price of EOS. Creation and destruction of VEOS tokens are purely controlled by an algorithm inside the contract deployed on veos.mm. VEOS token is deployed on token.mm. Dual Cryptocurrency Backing VEOS is backed by dual tokens, the ENU and ELN, with out margin calls, without fractional reserve. All VEOS issued has reserves of ENU and ELN inside the veos.mm contract. How is VEOS Created VEOS is created when someone sends either ENU or ELN to veos.mm and puts VEOS in the memo. If they send ENU, the ENU will be broken down into two portions, the first portion is added into the ENU reserves of the contract, the second part is used to buy ELN and added into the ELN reserves of the contract. This is needed since the reserves will always be both ENU and ELN. It will be calculated in such a way that the sender will add the same percentage of reserves for the ENU side and the ELN side. New VEOS will then be created to represent that percentage of all VEOS issued. How is VEOS Destroyed Destruction of VEOS is the opposite of its creation. Sending VEOS to veos.mm and putting in the memo either ENU or ELN will destroy the VEOS and will give back ENU or ELN. Since VEOS is backed by both ENU and ELN as its reserve, choosing one token (either ENU or ELN), will have the other token sold. If you want ENU, the ELN portion of the reserve will be sold for ENU. If you want ELN, the ENU portion will be sold for ELN. veos.mm as ENU/ELN Market Since veos.mm holds both ENU and ELN as reserves for all VEOS issued, it also acts as a market to trade ENU and ELN. Using our proven market maker system, you can buy ENU with ELN and also buy ELN with ENU. Simply send one token to veos.mm and indicate in the memo the token you want to get. The veos.mm contract always treats the ENU and ELN it holds to have equal value, and using automated market making, it has a way of pricing the tokens in reserve. The Need for VEOS Having VEOS Stablecoin and Automated Market Maker enables the Enumivo chain to become a price oracle of outside market. VEOS will only be the start. We can later add major cryptocurrencies as stablecoins inside Enumivo and smart contracts can use them as price feeds. We can make possible margin trading, lending, other derivatives markets, we will only be limited by our imagination. Who Honors VEOS Tokens Since VEOS is issued by a smart contract and not by any other entity, nobody is compelled to honor VEOS. You can't force anyone to convert your VEOS into EOS, or you can't force anyone to convert your EOS to VEOS. We expect gateways to come up with swapping systems. We for one are considering it by putting some EOS and VEOS and act as gateway and charge service fees each trade. If you have VEOS, since you always have 100% reserves, you can always convert it into ENU or ELN if you can't find someone to trade it with EOS. Why Hold VEOS Anyone might find profitable holding VEOS in certain situations. If you think ENU and/or ELN are overpriced, since you can't short sell it, you can convert them into VEOS and later, when the price of ENU and/or ELN drops, convert back your VEOS to ENU and/or ELN to have more than when you started. Once we add other stablecoins like VUSD, VETH, VBTC, etc, everyone can trade those stablecoins vs other stablecoins or with ENU and ELN. The Road Ahead This has been a long time coming for us since we started perfecting the automated market maker. We are confident in our new design and will continue to improve as we go along. What we released today are simply contracts and we are working to have better tools next to let everyone have a better picture of the status of stablecoins. We will be working to have live price feeds available and make it easy to teleport your VEOS as EOS in the the eosio chain and back. Technical Guide VEOS Total Circulation: enucli -u https://api.enumivo.org get currency stats token.mm VEOS { "VEOS": { "supply": "1.0000 VEOS", "max_supply": "10000000000.0000 VEOS", "issuer": "veos.mm" } } ENU Reserves enucli -u https://api.enumivo.org get currency balance enu.token veos.mm ENU 125.0126 ENU ELN Reserves enucli -u https://api.enumivo.org get currency balance eln.coin veos.mm ELN 6250.9108 ELN Javascript Enu = require('enujs'); options = { httpEndpoint: 'https://api.enumivo.org', } enu = Enu(options); enu.getCurrencyBalance("enu.token", "veos.mm","ENU") .then((result) => console.log(result[0])); enu.getCurrencyBalance("eln.coin", "veos.mm","ELN") .then((result) => console.log(result[0])); enu.getCurrencyStats("token.mm","VEOS") .then((result) => console.log(result["VEOS"].supply)); Contract Source Code https://github.com/enumivo/veos
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    I want to have a quick survey of your status as an ENU holder. If you have bought ENU higher than today's price, how much are your losses? Will you be able to prove that your really bought them? How much btc would it take to buy back all your ENU and erase your losses. I am asking because I'm trying to have an idea if I can bail everyone out and how much it will cost me, but you must be able to prove without any doubt that your data is true. So basically you will reply with how much your ENU is now and how much will you want me to buy it with BTC in such a way that you have no losses, and you must be able to prove that what you say is true if indeed I decide to buy all your ENU. Example reply: "I bought 100,00 ENU last year at 700 sats each for a total of 0.7 BTC. I sold 50,000 ENU at 350 sats each for 0.175 BTC. I need to sell my remaining 50,000 ENU for 1,050 sats each for 0.525 BTC for me to have no losses." Again I make no promises since I have no idea how much will it cost to make everyone whole. If you can prove your reply and I am convinced that your proof is true, there will be a chance that I will buy your remaining ENU and erase your losses. Again, I'm not obligated to do this but if I can afford it, there is a small chance I will. If I can't afford to bail everyone out, at least your reply will give everyone the idea of the current state of ENU holders.
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    I don't think it is a good way . the enu price depends on market . you can just focus on the project just like mmv2 and ubi。 more people support you to dev the UBI!
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    Rest assured I will continue to maintain and develop the website as I always have. @Sosolean and I will be continuing with Eurno. This has been needed for a while. The community, for a very long time now, have shown preference to protecting the current cartel of BPs over protecting the Enumivo blockchain. People have decided that a few ENU tokens in reward from dodgy BPs, exchanges and cartels is worth more than the chain itself.
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    If you buy btc and lost your money,who pay for your loss.Why Aiden need to pay for your loss in enu?
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    After joined the avenger project last year. I bought most of the enu I hold and still believe 'SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR ALL' will be real someday. We know it's a hard way to go but we have the second chance now. God wouldn't give us a mountain can't climb. So go! Like a phoenix!
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    I have confirmed that these BPs are active, I have already voted and if you wish you can vote for them: enumivoqsxio enumivoooooo eurnoproject enudavidfnck tomblocknode libblocknode
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    @enumivo I’ll donate 50% enu generated by tomblocknode to use for your development fund. As long as tomblocknode is a producer I’ll send the 50% to an account of your choosing at the end of each month. Starting this month. Please let me know where you want it went sent.
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    Yesterday, A guy called Tim in the ENU group said that he thought the AP was probably Satoshi. This coincides with my thoughts. In fact, I have expressed this idea on Weibo before, but did not explain it in detail. Due to the two main reasons. One is that many people might think Im a fool or liar to said that. Second, those words may cause the AP to get too much attention and do bad affect to his normal work. But now that Tim has said this conjecture, many people have received this information. Then I think I should also express my thoughts, so more people will know the informations. 1, Satoshi Nakamoto is clearly an idealist, and his original intention to create Bitcoin is obviously to make the world a better place. But does Bitcoin really make the world a better place? I don't think so. Although many people admire it, I think most people admire it mainly because it makes us make a fortune, or let us have the expectation of making a fortune. But in essence it is still a zero-sum game, in fact, people who lose money in bitcoin is destined to be much more than people who make big money in bitcoin. Even if Bitcoin really reaches 1 million in the future, most of our current holders will making a fortune by it.But It is also bound to have a large number of latecomers to take over and lose money, leading to many tragedies. Obviously this reality is not what Satoshi want to see. 2, then the man who have such a comprehensive knowledge and genius ideas will not do anything after making a very creative but not very great project(bitcoin)? Obviously, Satoshi have little interest in money and more obviously no lack of money. So what is he doing in the later years after he hiding? Isn't it possible to plan something that is greater than Bitcoin and more capable of changing the world? 3, then what can be more great than Bitcoin to change the world? Except UBI, I can't think of anything else. Because any other crypto currency can't get rid of Matthew's law in essence, they are all the same game that latecomers to pick up the sedan chair of the previous comers. But ENU's UBI is completely different, it can be simply understood as a crypto currency in which everyone can participate in mining and mining efficiency is fair. If ENU's UBI is successful, in the short term, it can play a very good role in helping the disadvantaged poor. In the long run, it can alleviate or even solve the increasingly serious problems of the polarization between the rich and the poor and completely change the economic foundation of the current society. Many problems in today's society will also be solved after the popularity of UBI, benefiting the vast majority of the world's people. 4, In summary, I think the founder AP of ENU is likely to be Satoshi. In addition, I remember that someone asked Satoshi in the early days how Bitcoin solved the problem of unfair distribution of wealth. Satoshi's answer is that Bitcoin does not solve this problem. So now, isn't he likely to be doing another project and still anonymity to solve this problem? In addition, it is said that about 1 million bitcoins are clearly owned by Satoshi, but this one million has never been used. This is very confusing. I think there are two main possibilities. One is that Satoshi has died, and the other is that Satoshi wants to use this million bitcoin for a greater project. . . . . . 5, of course, these are all my guesses, as far as I am concerned. I think the probability of AP being Satoshi is more than 50%. Even if AP is not Satoshi, I still think the ENU project has a high probability of success. So I personally heavy warehouse the ENU and the token LTS (ELN) in the ENU. Different readers will definitely have different ideas when they read the words I wrote. Readers who think that I am a pyramid scheme cheater or a fool can continue to dismiss the ENU. But if you think what I said with a little reason. And think that even if only 1% of APs may be Satoshi, I suggest that you take some time to participate and buy it in a light warehouse. Because if the AP is Satoshi, then the probability of success for the ENU project will near to 100%. And once successful. It will very likely to pump 1000times from now (in consideration of ENU's totally value is less than 5 million $ now, the 1000 times pump is a very modest estimate). 6,1% of the probability to pump more than 1000 times, even though the other 99% of the probability is going to go zero. The mathematical expectation is also higher than 100% probability to pump 10 times. So obviously if you has a 100 percent probability of getting 10 times pump from a crypto, you will buy the crypto. So why don't you take a little time and buy a little ENU that you think has a 1% chance of pump up more than 1,000 times? 7, I hope that all readers after seeing this article, don't bother to disturb the AP, let him just work silently for the project. In fact, many people have asked AP if he is Satoshi, and AP has denied all. In fact, this kind of question is meaningless. First of all, the real Satoshi will not admit that himself is Satoshi. Secondly, even if the AP admits that he is Satoshi, you can't be 100% sure if he is just lying to you. So instead of hear what he said, it is better to see what he did. From my observations for so long, AP, even if it is not Satoshi,he is also an capable person who wants to make the world a better place through blockchain technology. From this point of view, even if ENU is not successful after many years, I will not regret my investment and promotion of ENU. After all, I made a small contribution to this great project.
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    Well, I think that no matter who makes the nodes is in line with the rules, the economic model guarantee that the nodes do not do evil. Ecology and content are important goals of construction.
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    I need to sell all my 160000 ENU at 179 sats each for 0.286 BTC to erase all my losses
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    @litsphwhy sad? you sure you understand that this is for the good for the likes of you?
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    If the UBI is completed, everything will not be a problem. I suggest that the unconverted ENU be used to promote UIB and ENU is given away by multi-stage invitation, which will bring more people to join.
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    Bixin team members are running 4 nodes, could you instead run 1 node, so other BPs can get a chance?
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    Facebook is due to release the white paper for its GlobalCoin cryptocurrency, in the coming days. As with everything related to the social media giant, their proposed venture into the cryptocurrency space has been met with much debate. Many people have arguments both for, and against, Facebook’s GlobalCoin. Arguments range from the usual “they just want more data” to “they will advance the blockchain industry”. Personally, I think there is something to be said for both stances. In my honest opinion I think that Facebook’s GlobalCoin will be good news for Bitcoin and other legitimate cryptocurrencies. What is ‘GlobalCoin’ I realise that some of you may be wondering what GlobalCoin even is. As such, before explaining my stance I thought I would take some time to give a bit of background. GlobalCoin is the native cryptocurrency to Facebook’s announced blockchain venture. They wish for their cryptocurrency to become a global payments solution. According to the BBC, Facebook wish for their GlobalCoin to provide “affordable and secure ways of making payments”. They will be attempting to provide banking services to those who are unbanked. And will be “competing with banks and reducing consumer costs”. Facebook’s social media ecosystem, which includes WhatsApp and Instagram, will be its first point of implementation. However, they have expressed their desire to get it accepted by other online merchants. How Does This Help Bitcoin & Others? Simply put, mass awareness. Whether you like them, or not, you cannot deny the size of Facebook’s global user base. According to Zephoria Digital Marketing, as of March 31st 2019 the Facebook user base tops 2.38 billion. That is over 30% of all people alive ((2.38b / 7.53b)*100). Of that 2.38 billion, over 1.56 billion people log in to Facebook on a daily basis. Again, this is a significant portion of the world’s population, roughly 20% of it ((1.56b / 7.53b)*100). Due to the nature of the technology, and lack of clear regulation, getting accurate statistics on Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency) usage is nigh on impossible. If we take the best case scenario of each BTC wallet created representing a user there are roughly 32 million active users of the BTC blockchain. While we know that 32m wallets does not mean 32m users, for our calculation we will be idealists and say it does. Using that number we can easily decipher that, the best case scenario (though extremely unlikely) for BTC is a marginal 0.42% of people using its blockchain. Using the numbers above it is easy to see that Bitcoin’s user base is incomparable to Facebook’s. However, the social media giant’s dip into the pool of cryptocurrency will surely raise awareness of the industry in general. It would be ignorant to believe that, of Facebook’s billions of users, a significant portion of people won’t explore the industry further. I think it is fair to say that, Facebook’s GlobalCoin will add some legitimacy to the entire blockchain space. I think it also fair to say that Facebook’s shady history regarding the privacy of their users will also cause more people to turn to Bitcoin in favour of GlobalCoin. Basically put, I think that the release of Facebook’s GlobalCoin will inadvertently raise awareness of Bitcoin and speed up the process of regulating the entire crypto/blockchain industry as a whole. When a company of Facebook’s size, and value, starts talking governments around the world start listening. As such, GlobalCoin could be the catalyst to kick start mass adoption. Love, peace and happiness. View this content’s WordProof Timestamp certificate Original article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/opinions-blogs/cryptocurrency-blockchain-opinions/facebooks-globalcoin-could-be-good-news-for-bitcoin-co/
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    He genuinely cares about the people. In my book he’s Satoshi 😃
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    Yesterday, June 10th 2019, Jonas Borchgrevin, founder of CCN, took to his website to announce the end of the world’s leading crypto news website. Within the announcing post Borchgrevin wastes no time in explaining the reason behind the shutdown. He explains that the latest update from Google has resulted in an overnight drop in traffic. The core update from Google is one which alters the way their search algorithm ranks traffic. As a result CCN have seen a ~71% drop in mobile traffic and ~53% drop in desktop/laptop based traffic. Borchgrevin explains that, the dramatic drop in traffic has destroyed their ad revenue. The company has seen over 90% of their ad revenue wiped away overnight. Within the same announcement Borchgrevin goes on to mention the fact that CCN are not alone in the Google shakedown. He explains that Coin Desk are also seeing dramatic drops in traffic for both mobile and desktop users. Looking away from the cryptocurrency industry, it would appear that Google’s update is far more wider reaching than most would have expected. Publications such as the UK’s Mirror and Metro have seen drastic increases in their search engine visibility. While websites such as Iceland (a UK based affordable supermarket which provides a lot of frozen goods) and Vimeo (a competitor of Google’s YouTube) have seen significant drops. Whatever their reasoning, Google’s brash actions have clearly had a direct impact of the livelihood of many people. Ok, Traffic is Down But Why Shut Down? You could argue that the CCN website has been ranked lower than it is today, it had to start somewhere, and that it should be able to grow once more. This is true, they didn’t begin with a high volume of traffic. Although, as the company saw increases in traffic, and ad revenue, the staff expanded. This means that the expenses grew. To quote Borchgrevin: “The money we make made on advertisements was directly funnel[l]ed back into growing the team.”. Basically put, the choices which CCN have to choose from are either close down the site entirely or fire some of their staff. Some might say this is a no brainer, just fire the staff. However, this would be something which disrupted harmony within the remaining team. It would also beg the question of who to fire when nobody is at fault? Another point on the notion of simply firing staff, doing so would mean the diversity of writing styles present on CCN would drop. This would mean a degradation in the content which is provided. Something which could further lower the website’s traffic. Looking at the Bigger Picture It could be easy to dismiss this as the turning of the metaphorical tide. Websites are born and die on a daily basis. While that is true the issue which this event poses is a big one. If one sole centralised entity, Google, has the power to literally destroy websites overnight should they not be required to do all they can to limit the affect their algorithm changes have? After all, this is people’s livelihoods we are talking about. The fact that a centralised entity has this power is one which should not be taken lightly. What/who will be next? Does this not mean that Google have the power to literally control what the average person is reading on a daily basis? Does this not also mean that Google literally has the power to be the sole decider in what is considered real or fake news? I think it does. It also means that Google are, in turn, able to influence which of their advertisers are successful. The web is at risk of becoming Google’s playground and, if we as a society do not make stand we may lose its free nature for good. Love, peace and happiness? View this content’s WordProof Timestamp certificate Original article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/news/blockchain/latest-google-core-update-cripples-ccn-forcing-them-to-shutdown/
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    Yesterday, June 8th 2019, Indian media outlets reported the release of a draft bill to ban cryptocurrencies in the country. The proposed bill is titled “Banning of Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill 2019”, and it suggests stiff penalties for anybody who is involved with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It further goes on to detail that any person within the country who is proven to “mine, generate, hold, sell, transfer, dispose, issue or deal in cryptocurrencies”will be susceptible to a whopping 10 year jail sentence. To add to the harsh penalty, the drafted bill also recommends that anybody caught, and charged for, holding cryptocurrencies should not be granted bail. As with many governments around the world, the Indian government has taken the stance that cryptocurrencies are misused for money laundering and other illegal activities, thus (wrongly) justifying their ban. India’s Central Bank Denies Any Involvement On June 6th 2019 Bitcoin.com released an investigative article which reports that the Indian Central Bank denied any knowledge of, or involvement in, the drafting of the bill. It details the actions of Varun Sethi, founder of Blockchain Lawyer, in his attempt to get some answers regarding the bill which was originally drafted back in April 2019. Varun attempted to utilise the Right to Information act in order to acquire details of the Central Bank’s input, stating: “Our team was expecting to get insights about RBI role in helping draft the bill since it had been proactive in educating and informing investors about risks of cryptocurrencies,” However, the centralised bank offered no further insight into the process of making the draft bill, simply denying all involvement. Even more frustrating, and unbelievable, the bank goes on to deny that they even had knowledge of the drafted bill. “RBI has actually stated that they have not received any communication from any department and they have also not given any communication to any government department pertaining to [the] drafting of this bill and this is very surprising.”states Varun. If the bank is being truthful (highly unlikely) it would beg the question of why they have not been consulted in the creation of a bill which will directly involve them. The Indian rupee is a closed currency, meaning it cannot be taken outside of India. As cryptocurrencies directly undermine the ability of the Indian government and central bank to control cashflow it is highly likely that the bank would, or should, have been consulted during the bill’s creation. To add further skepticism to the integrity of RBI, when Varun asked to see minutes from an interministerial meeting which states “There is an urgent need to ban sale purchase and issuance of cryptocurrency” (reported by the Economic Times), the bank simply stated “It is not clear as to which minutes of the meeting is being quoted by the news article published in Economic Times.”. What Does This Mean? Simply put, if you are an Indian living in India you are going to have to watch this event unfold closely. If the bill does become enforceable I would not be surprised to see a task force setup in order to track and punish crypto holders, while allowing the government to confiscate any crypto they uncover. As the police forces in India can be extremely corrupt it is not far-fetched to believe that this bill could lead to a whole new world of baksheeshes (bribes). If the bill does come to pass, it would also be wise for travellers to the Indian sub continent to hide any traces of crypto wallets from their phone or laptop. There is no telling to what extent the government will want the law enforced and the last thing you want is to be held in an Indian jail for holding a couple satoshis. Priorities, Eh? As the Indian government considers handing out 10 year sentences for holding Bitcoin would you be interested to know the maximum sentence issued for kidnapping? 10 years imprisonment and a fine. How about the maximum sentence for sexual assault of a person? Up to 7 years imprisonment and a fine, depending on the severity. In some circumstances the offender will even be offered bail. What about the maximum sentence for killing, maiming or mistreating animals? 5 years in prison and a fine. To put all of this into context, the Indian government is stating that simply holding some Bitcoin, which has been legitimately acquired, is of more concern than the welfare of the Indian people and animals. What world do these law makers live in? Love, peace and happiness. View this content’s WordProof Timestamp certificate Original article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/news/cryptocurrency/india-to-punish-bitcoin-holders-with-10-years-in-prison-matching-the-sentence-of-kidnappers/
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    LTS and ELN are two tokens based on the main ENU network. They can be exchanged 1:1 by transferring one token to lts.eln.coin at any time. The ELN will be used on the main ENU network as collateral for various stable COINS. All ENU holders can obtain LTS at least every 24 hours by mortgaging the ENU and voting for only one BP. However, at present, only a few users have mortgaged and received LTS, which is a pity. So I'm writing a tutorial here to briefly explain ENU mortgage and LTS collection through TokenPocket wallet. LTS和ELN是两个基于ENU主网的代币。它们之间可以随时通过向 lts.eln.coin 转账而 1:1 互换。而ELN将被用在ENU主网上作为各种稳定币的抵押币,所有ENU持有者可以通过抵押ENU并投票且仅投票一个超级节点的方式而每隔至少24小时获得一次LTS。但是目前却只有很少用户抵押并领取LTS,非常可惜。所以我在这里写篇教程,简单介绍一下通过TokenPocket钱包抵押ENU并领取LTS。 1,如图所示点击资源 Click on the resource as shown 2,输入你想抵押的ENU数量,如你想抵押600ENU,则可在此两处输入300,300。 Enter the amount of ENU you want to mortgage. If you want to mortgage 600ENU, you can enter 300,300 in the two places. 3,点击投票 click the vote button 4,选择一个超级节点并点击投票。 find one BP and then clike vote 5,向claimforvote转账0.0001enu tranfer 0.0001enu to claimforvote 6,此时,你已经收到了LTS,如果你想查看记录,可以点击该交易记录。 At this point, you have already received the LTS, if you want to view the record, you can click on the transaction record. 7,如图所示,点击交易号 Click the record as shown 8,如图所示,显示收到8.9698LTS。如果你想获得更多LTS,可以通过抵押更多ENU并每隔24小时向claimforvote转账0.0001ENU。 As shown, the 8.9698LTS was received. If you want to get more LTS, you can mortgage more ENU and transfer to claimforvote every 24h
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    I bought 265000 ENU at an average price of 239 sats for a total of 0.63 BTC,and as of now, I have not sold any ENU. I need to sell all my 265000 ENU for 239 sats each for 0.63 BTC for me to have no losses. I bought all these ENU at KKEX, I can show you a screenshot of the transaction.
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    Starting July, 2019, I will be firing all devs and people working for ENU. I will buy the daily ENU myself and pay only myself and the servers. I will also shutdown most servers to save cost. This means you won't see treasury dumping ENU anymore since I will also be firing treasury. The only expense that will be incurred will be my salary and some servers that are the minimum needed for my development and for this forum. I will prepare the server to revert back to the old website. If you need services, ask from block producers. That is their role. If you need public http api services, they better run their own. If @Peesus will be unable to continue running the enumivo.org website, I will revert it back to the old one. This is good news for you all since you don't want us selling ENU from dev funds. I will just buy them and the sales will be used for minimal services to keep Enumivo going. For all other services, you'll have to ask the block producers. I will become an ordinary ENU holder and I will also vote if I choose to from the ENU that I myself will buy. I am also keeping my options open to make all the ENU i get to be given as airdrop as I see fit. Also, since the community wants us to sleep, and they also want the producers asleep, that's what we are going to do. I listen to the community. I am granting their wish. This will go on until I change my mind. I'm still committed to execute my plans. It will just be only me. I will not pay anyone anymore. I will only sell my ENU to cover the minimal expenses that I need. Enumivo is a community project. I don't have influence over it. If I had, most of the block producers would have been different. And most community would have voted and most exchanges would not be lying about their trading volume. It just shows that I have no control or influence.
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