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    RoE and UBI Effective March 31, 2019, RoE funds will be added to the 10M UBI funds. We have 3 UBI offchain tests and 2 onchain tests coming up soon and some of the funds of UBI will be used to reward those who will test the new systems. At the end of March, all citizens will get 10K ENU each as last reward for being citizens. RoE will still exist but without funding and it's up to them if they want to continue or to disband. Focus will be on UBI since there are many approaches/variants that we need to test very soon. RoE did not serve its purpose as I envisioned it. It was an experiment. Thanks to all who participated. Enumivo 1.7 Release We are skipping 1.7 Release and wait for the next one since we have seen some problems in it and we can't risk the chain. I have also seen other chains where nodes randomly shutting down running 1.7. We have managed to decrease the failing tests below 10 and we are working hard to bring it down to zero in preparation for the next eosio release. USD Denominated Salaries Effective April, all salaries will be renegotiated in US Dollars and will be paid in USD Stablecoins. This is done for us to have minimal market effect every end of the month which usually happens every payday. I will be contacting each one by the end of the month to renegotiate. Work for Us If you feel you have the time to work for Enumivo even on a part time basis, any skill that you think you can contribute to add to the value of ENU, feel free to contact me.
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    After the announcement for our enumivo BP node that was successfully deployed and operational, we are currently sitting on the 62nd position on the enumivo BP list, thanks to everyone who voted us and believe on what we have done before and what we can do together again. Here for our block producers announcements - Enumivo forum - whaleshares [coming soon] Our monthly enumivo campaign starts tomorrow 28th to 1st February (5days) The project atlas has made it there priority and responsibility to promote the enumivo platform third week for five days of every month using its community crowd force on social networking platforms and create more media presence. This campaign like we always initiate every month, is to spread positive and vital information about the project across social platforms, spread the project on Twitter using hashtags and our community crowd force to create more awareness plus reaches for the enumivo project all over social platform we initiate it on. Good thing about our campaigns from now on is that, it isn't only on Twitter anymore, as we have broaden our online presence to reach more people far and wide on other social platforms this includes - memo cash - Facebook - Instagram more about the campaign take a look here https://whaleshares.io/project-atlas/@project-atlas/the-atlas-enumivo-social-media-campaign-join-us-and-earn-whaletokens-to-build-up-your-whalestakes And thanks to @Peesus for completing the Enumivo.org website as we now have something to present, something to talk about, to show off and most importantly a website to sell of the enumivo product and projects also a place to attract investors when we do what we do. For now, our campaign on this social site is done by volunteer members that gets rewarded with a UIA tokens i created and backed with my whalestake (Lifecoin) [i plan porting this token to the enumivo chain sooner and leverage its potential] In the future if we can be among the top 30 to 20 positions on the bp list or starts producing more blocks. some of the rewards will be channelled on running paid ads on social websites by then spreading the enumivo project more further for greater and better audience. And may the force be with us. Previous updates I would always be updating this thread with every of our monthly activities to get all our iniatives and activities in one place for easy access. - Announcements and - Campaign Results with my team - you can support us by voting for our BP "projectatlas" - Or donate Enu to us I have about 11 team members and i fund this initiatives - monthly - every support is appreciated.
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    eurnoproject last 8 days 400.799 enu https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/3c5f13ced94aa3c542e6a28b54f5fef3f8f25b6ee049c0b5b5de018117acffcb https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/02d154131e367367076d644e2d6ab3600447d991ebee4d67af1684af84f969e0
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    eurnoproject last 8 days 400.799 enu https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/3c5f13ced94aa3c542e6a28b54f5fef3f8f25b6ee049c0b5b5de018117acffcb https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/02d154131e367367076d644e2d6ab3600447d991ebee4d67af1684af84f969e0
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    I think we need a more beautiful frontend in MM.
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    Dear community members, I found a problem. If someone bids name but doesn't claim it, then later people will not be able to claim their names. Aiden said that the problem has been resolved in the new contract, but some BPs do not upgrade the contract, so this problem has always existed. And this problem has been around for a year! As the cornerstone of ENU, BPs should maintain chain and upgrade contracts, but some BPs only charge interest but dont do anything. So I appeal to community members to vote for active BPs and let the BPs who are not doing things die. If BPs don't value their responsibilities, then ENU doesn't need them. Do we want the problem to exist forever? Exercise your rights and vote for active good BPs!
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    RoE members' salaries for February 2019 has been sent from account: roesalaryyyy to all current RoE members' mainnet accounts. You can check from : https://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=roesalaryyyy
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    Matched with 2000enu. https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/bf59b5cfe6314610f7c1c36025ec795ae97f6168083f9de29cb6435205157ec6 https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/d6c882709c3bbd14663a429c32f388f50ee08e1b0143f77bf8f3e3c6be4e6e1c
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    Matched with 801.598enu. https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/495cee038aa4e4f983e4f1e2b56d7e13523351d9a376814008f8b1b9a266a29f https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/9fb3bea3b27645982682718ee35dbe87dc8d87a375718d7d852915f906c2ed48
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    Hi, everyone, I am laowancn, I am the early holder of enu, I will always hold enu, until ubi succeeds, my Weibo is laowancn,my mainnet is laowancn.enu, I hope everyone will vote for me, thank you.
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    funkydaifuku will support
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    enumivoooooo bought and burned ELN which worth 100ENU: https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/abfaf9ec730d7c275ab6fadbcf35d0e793f7e606425937ca435321f0b9da6714 https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/c06b0f0737b7bb0b1fd2f889ad76eb1f81faf7960e5078502b507819044cd605 5111.3719
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    enumivotyler - support funkydaifuku enumivoqsxio - support enudavidfnck - support enulexlexlex - support ansenironman - support btroncomnode - support enusmallfish - support gamevcfundbp - support enuhlawapiti 1wenubuyrm52 huobipoolenu kkextodamoon enutoptoptop accommodated eurnoproject - support enumivoooooo - support enubishijian mathwalletbp - support enubifreedom - support sixbtcforenu After more than a day trying to get in touch of active block producers on telegram and here, only 12 cared to respond. The Enumivo system contracts can't be upgraded. Behold, your block producers.
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    enuviptaiwan supports this and will support any reasonable upgrade.
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    btroncomnode support
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    Tomblocknode supports this and any other upgrade.
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    ansenironman support
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    enudavidfnck support
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    enumivoqsxio support
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    You'll need to sync up which has proven to be harder and harder these days
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    support this action.
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    upgraded the contract, need 15 of top 21 bp to do
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    I represent eurnoproject and am for the contract upgrade however to perform said upgrade it needs to be agreed and actioned by 15 out of top 21 BPs
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    RoE members' salaries for March 2019 has been sent from account: roesalaryyyy to all current RoE members' mainnet accounts. You can check it from : https://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=roesalaryyyy