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    The weakness of the UFE The UFE was an attempt to have a decentralized governance system and in my opinion it has failed since most of the members became inactive. At first my proposal was to have a monthly voting to remove the weakest member and be replaced by the strongest member waiting in the pool. The members decided not to follow that rule and since I promised not to interfere with them as much as possible, it seemed they will get paid monthly and put the system on deadlock until the funds I gave to them will run out. However, I also said I will interfere only when there is abuse so I am now forced to stop the UFE since I can't stand to see it continue as it is now. The weakness of the Oracles System The oracles system was also an attempt to have a decentralized governance system where community members vote on other community members they believe are valuable members of the community. By design it was supposed to be a democratic vote of unique individuals to reward other members who put in the effort to help the Enumivo project. The selection of Oracles are through a centralized kyc. Someone once asked me if oracle member A is also oracle member B, and by design no matter how I say that they are different individuals, I can't prove to you beyond doubt that indeed they are without revealing their identities. That is the main disadvantage of a centralized oracle system, you will have to take my word for it. Also, I asked members of the community to document what they have done to help the project to get votes, it seems the oracle system becomes a popularity contest. The oracles don't care who they vote they just want the rewards, and the community members ask for votes without actually doing something for the project. My proposed solution: The Republic of Enumivo (RoE) I propose a new governance system and attempt to make it as decentralized as possible. The Republic of Enumivo will be composed of productive individuals who are willing to join and help govern and move the project forward with their diverse skills. The RoE will be a virtual nation where citizens will govern all aspects of Enumivo. I propose each citizen be paid 5,000 ENU (or 500 USD max) monthly for as long as they are voted as citizens by other citizens and at the same time they contribute to the Enumivo project. The Republic of Enumivo will have more power than block producers since I will lend them voting rights of 50M ENU (diminishes by 1M every month). Republic of Enumivo citizens must be unique individuals to prevent sybil attacks against our governance system. Everyone is expected to be vigilant enough to make sure that this is always the case. Every issue the RoE faces must be resolved by a democratic vote where each citizen is counted as one vote. RoE must be autonomous and have the best interest of the Enumivo project in mind in every decision they make. In order to start the RoE, everyone interested to join will be asked the following: 1. They must create a new thread detailing of who they are, their skillset, what they will do to help the project (it must be easily verifiable), and document their activities to prove later that they indeed do what they promised. It is helpful also to reveal their identity in order to make sure they don't already exist as citizens, any attempt to cheat by attempting to create multiple accounts to gain more must be and will be treated with maximum contempt by honest citizens. It may be possible to remain anonymous and still become a citizen but that would be more of the exception than the rule, since it would mean you are very popular or have proven to the community of your worth despite being anonymous. Applications are listed here: https://enumivo.com/forum/65-roe-applications/ and it must have the title in this format forumname/mainnetaccount. 2. They must act as ambassadors to the Enumivo Project and act as reponsible citizens of RoE. 3. Be active and vigilant in activities pertaining to RoE and Enumivo, such as, but not limited to, vote on issues, design new rules, debate on issues, etc. 4. They must help govern other citizens by become judges themselves and act as check and balance to other citizens whether or not they are performing as what was expected of them based on the promises they made when they applied. 5. They must keep on finding ways to improve RoE and Enumivo and help each other bring out the best in everyone. Initial Selection of Citizens The plan is to make RoE fully launched and relatively decentralized by the end of the year and be fully autonomous starting January. Initially, I will select the candidates based on the application thread they will create. I will also give credit to those who have proven as valuable members of the community since the project started. By January, I am hoping there will be many citizens and they will govern and decide who to add and remove as citizens by voting. So from today until the end of December, it will be me selecting the initial citizens, and I will publish who will launch the RoE as citizens by the start of 2019. All citizens will be paid every start of the month. Every month there will be voting by the citizens who to remove as citizens and add as new citizens, so the population is expected to be very dynamic. Funding of RoE Initially, RoE will own the original budget of UFE and I will find a way to make it always funded (to be discussed further), final budget will be published before RoE officially launches, I'm estimating it is near 10M ENU. I will also propose that the unclaimed funds (about 160M ENU at the moment) be owned by RoE and they decide how to use it to benefit all ENU holders). Conclusion All the information above are subject to change and it is published to be open to debate and I will make a final publication before January as to who will start as RoE citizens. Please make your comments and sentiments known in this thread. You can also start joining https://enumivo.com/clubs/27-republic-of-enumivo/ and create your application thread and post it here https://enumivo.com/forum/65-roe-applications/. Specific rules to avoid ambiguity will also be published prior to launch. Edit** Citizens will be paid every beginning of the month the amount of 5,000 ENU or 500 USD whichever is lower. New Location for RoE applications: https://enumivo.com/forum/70-roe-applicants/ Please join the RoE Telegram group: https://t.me/joinchat/H2CND1aG_B015kO0xUuPSw
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    Hi, I'm Tyler Xiong, COO of Bixin, one of the largest ENU wallets. I also run ENUMIVOTYLER, the ENU Block Producer with the most votes so far. I am the founder of ENU community “10,000 ENU” too, one of the most active ENU communities. As an industry veteran, I played an essential role in the listing of ENU on Bixin, KKEX, Feixiaohao, Cointiger, and the upcoming Btron. As an Austrian economist, I understand the importance of UBI, provided by the market rather than the government. Therefore, I am an active supporter of Enumivo since its birth. Hope that we can work together to make UBI better. My main net account is “tylerxiong22”.
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    I noticed in the RoE Applications that most promises made are not easily verifiable for citizens to really have something to check on. The valuable members of Enumivo community took time to really build trust and reputation from other community members and that I will surely select them for the January initial citizens. But the others, I implore you to do more than just a simple application. I cannot enumerate one by one but for example: "vote for me, citizens, and give me 5,000 ENU monthly, and I will tweet about Enumivo", do you think this is fair if you become a citizen of RoE and you will get 5,000 ENU and everyone does not even know your twitter account and the number of twitter followers you have? Would that be the RoE we want to have? I am afraid RoE will just fail that way if the initial citizens I will select will later vote for those kinds of applicants. It will be their vigilance that will determine RoE's and Enumivo's fate. RoE is supposed to be an online nation of productive citizens. This is not yet about UBI. In UBI you just have to be a unique human being to get something. RoE is something more. In RoE, you will be a citizen with a duty. So I am asking everyone to treat their RoE application like a job application. RoE will be a game of expectations. Everyone will expect from you what you promise that is expected from you and it must be verifiable. You can not make a promise that no one can verify. Please modify your applications if you have to or I will be forced to either remove it or not make it a valid RoE application. Also, I ask everyone to show their opinion of the RoE applications by giving it a "like" if they want it or a "sad face" if they don't.
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    For the 3rd round of Oracle Rewards the following changes will be applied: The voters/oracles will share 30K ENU regardless of who they voted for. They must have spent 100 votes and must have selected valid mainnet accounts. Those who don't vote will be removed as oracles. The most valuable members the oracles voted for will share 70K ENU proportional to their votes in such a way the least awarded will get at least 500 ENU. The UFE budget will be moved to the Oracles so expect the Oracles Rewards to keep on increasing. Note to oracles/voters: It will not matter anymore who you voted for you will still get the same rewards. Please vote for community members who you think deserve to get paid and those who really helped and add value to ENU. You will get the same ENU anyway. Please make your votes count. To community members who feel they deserve a portion of the 70K ENU for round 3: Please create a thread on what you do to deserve the votes. To everyone: Help the project by becoming an oracle, vote fairly, create threads on what you do to get oracle votes. Please don't buy votes. I will be forced to stop this if it happens.
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    I am PeiLin. I comes from Sichuan China, I joined crypto world on probably July 2017. And I started to know ENU when it is airdropping. I love the idea of UBI, I think that's a good way to solve the problems of poverty and unequal distribution. I'm also very interested in the RoE, I hope it could become a real democracy and justified virtual country. You can contact me here: t.me/pei_lin wechat: peilin567 weibo: ENU首席传销官 What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I have wrote many articles for Enumivo, most of them are included in: https://enumivo.com/topic/964-a-collection-of-articles-and-tutorials-on-enumivo/ https://enumivo.com/topic/963-关于enumivo的文章和教程合集/ I will still write articles for Enumivo. I will help spread the idea of Enumivo. I will try to invite many people to join the RoE.
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    I am davidfnck. I was invited by @Tom to join the core team at early time. I translated the whitepaper of ENU to Chinese (https://www.enumivo.org/s/whitepaper_cn.pdf) in two days after English version was released. I represented ENU to talk with bixin, kkex (https://kkex.com/trading?symbol=ENUBTC), feixiaohao(https://www.feixiaohao.com/currencies/enumivo/) and some other partners in china or who speaks Chinese. Of course, there are many failures, but thanks for Aiden's trust to me, and also thanks for all the partners gave help to ENU. I wrote some articles to let more people know ENU on medium (https://medium.com/@davidfnck) and steemit (https://steemit.com/@davidfnck). I also writing the series of ENU story: 《Enumivo 2018》, it will help many new people know ENU better. (1): (2):  I gave the presentation of Cointiger exchange's road show to introduce ENU, the post is here: and now ENU is listed on Cointiger exchange: https://www.cointiger.pro/zh-cn/#/trade_center I gave the sharing of ENU in the wechat group to many big names, the post is there: I held the ENU meetup in Hangzhou, China, the post is here: I gave the sharing of ENU in the wechat group in hoo wallet, the post is there: https://m.hoo.com/info_detail/144 I also pull the famous EOS wallets to support ENU, such Tokenpocket, Starteos.io. You can contact me here: Telegram : t.me/davidfnck Wechat : fromfriend020 E-mail : davidfnck@gmail.com What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will maintain the BP: enudavidfnck. I will maintain the ENU weibo social media: https://weibo.com/enumivo . I will maintain the ENU chinese wechat groups, now the amount is about 18. I will keep writing and giving presentations in all the possible places to promote ENU. I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people I know. I will maintain a thread and document all what I have done for Enumivo.
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    1. Name: Cocojam0610 2. Social Media links: t.me/Cocojam0610 https://twitter.com/cocojam061015 3. Introduction: Hi to all members of the community, a pleasant day. I would like to introduce myself, Cocojam0610, I'm one of the early supporters of ENUMIVO since the day it was published on Bitcointalk. I'm in the crypto space since late 2015 and saw the Up's and Down's of the market several times. When I got retired from my main profession last 2017, I decided to focus on being active here in crypto space with the timing of the birth of Enumivo. Some of the help I provided to the project was able to list ENU and LTS to Blockfolio and Coingecko. Currently, I'm moderating Enumivo's very own child board at https://cryptotalksworld.org/index.php?board=112.0. For these reasons I was chosen to be one of the Enumivo Elders by our founder himself which I took as a great privilege. I'm handling the two current campaigns we are having right now which are the KUCOIN Voting, AIODEX Voting and FYRUS Voting Campaigns. These are some of my proofs asking blockfolio to list ENU and LTS on their app after FEB 2018. Note: As they approved to list LTS they added KKEX exchange as well. Conversation between me and Teong Jing Sim of Coingecko Links of all the Campaigns I handled: 4. Enumivo Mainnet Account: cryptococooo 5. Skills: Blogger, Trader, Influencer, etc. I'm no developer but from time to time I dedicate myself to find ways to contribute and make Enu known to a larger audience. My goal is to help give ENU the active community it deserves by spreading information and educate others about Enumivo. Most importantly I will do my best to have a fair judgment and show the best interests for ENUMIVO for every action I will take during my stay as part of the ROE 6. Plans and pending contributions: 1. I have applied Enumivo to Blockfolio signal last October 2018 and still waiting for their final response. Note that Peesus made the same request lately. 2. I'm in contact with the former developer of Loyalcoin (can be found in CMC) as he is developing his exchange that accepts EOS based protocol coins/tokens. The exchange is called Coinflyer. All details required was submitted and waiting for his response. 3. I'm still managing this childboard for ENUMIVO on this forum https://cryptotalksworld.org/index.php?board=112.0 and will continue for as long as it takes. 4. I have some plans to develop my own token under the newly created "token creator" by one of the members of the community and a project that will use it for the benefits of Enu and our community. Credits to SMAKEIT Here's my first post for this plan Note: thread will be updated regularly. KUCOIN CAMPAIGN ENDED AIODEX CAMPAIGN ENDED FYRUS CAMPAIGN ENDED Update: Here's the update for the Coinflyer listing
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    I am Joshua Qiu. I am a developer. I am interested in UBI project, hope it can help more and more people. You can contact me here: telegram: t.me/joshuaqiu wechat: 232883442 email: x@qsx.io What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will maintain the enumivo explorer : https://enumivo.qsx.io/ . I will maintain the free enumivo account robot: https://t.me/FreeEnuAccountBot . I will maintain the bp : enumivoqsxio . i will help to maintain a mobile wallet that support enumivo : https://51token.im . I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people I know.
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    关于理想国的提议 UFE的缺陷 UFE试图建立一个去中心化的治理体系,在我看来,由于大多数成员变得越来越不活跃,它已经失败了。起初我的建议是每月进行一次投票,删除最不活跃的成员,由在池中等待的得票最高的成员取代。但是成员们选择不遵守这条规则,而我也承诺过尽量不干涉他们。于是,他们每月都会得到报酬,直到我给他们的资金用完,系统也就崩溃了。但是,我也说过,在资金被滥用的情况下我会进行干涉,所以,我现在被迫停止UFE,我无法忍受它继续这样下去。 Oracles 系统的缺陷 Oracles 系统也试图建立一个去中心化的治理体系,社区成员对其认为是社区有价值成员的其他社区成员进行投票。按照规划,它应该是个体民主票选以奖励努力帮助Enumivo项目的成员的体系。Oracles系统的选择是通过中心化的身份认证。有人曾问我oracle成员A是否也是Oracles成员B,而如果我按照规则不透露他们的身份,无论怎么说他们是不同的人,我也无法证明这件事。这是中心化Oracles系统的主要缺点。另外,我要求社区成员记录他们为项目所做的工作以获得投票,于是,似乎oracle系统成为人气竞赛。Oracles 系统不关心他们投票的人,他们只是想要奖励,而有的社区成员拉票却没有实际为项目贡献过什么。 我提议的解决方案:理想国——The Republic of Enumivo (RoE) 我提出一个新的治理体系,并试图尽可能地使其去中心化。理想国将由富有成效的个人组成,他们愿意加入并运用他们的诸般技能管理和推动项目。RoE将是一个虚拟城市,市民将管理Enumivo的各个方面。我建议每个市民每月获得5,000 ENU(或最多500美元),只要他们为Enumivo项目做出了贡献,并且被其他市民票选为市民。理想国将拥有比区块生产者更多的权力,因为我将借给他们50M ENU的投票权(每月减少1M)。 理想国市民必须是特定的个人,以防止对我们治理系统的女巫攻击(sybil attack)。每个人都应该保持警觉,以确保始终如此。理想国所面临的每一个问题都必须通过民主投票来解决,每个市民被视为一票。 RoE(理想国)必须是自主的,并且在做出的每一项决定时都要考虑是否符合Enumivo项目的最佳利益。 启动理想国,有兴趣加入的成员必须做到: 1.必须加入理想国社区(https://enumivo.com/clubs/27-republic-of-enumivo/。 2.他们必须创建一个新的帖子,详细说明他们是谁,他们的技能,他们将如何帮助项目(必须易于验证),并记录他们的活动,以便以后证明他们确实按照他们的承诺行事。这同样用于确定身份以确保不存在一人注册多个市民身份,任何企图通过创建多个帐户以获得更多报酬的欺骗行为将受到且必须受到诚实市民的最大蔑视。这样,就有可能在保持匿名的状态下仍成为市民,这并不是规则,也有例外,这意味着你很受欢迎,或者尽管是匿名的,但已向社区证明了你的价值。应用程序在处:https://enumivo.com/forum/65-RoE-applications/ 3.必须担任Enumivo项目的大使,并担当理想国负责任的市民。 4.时刻留心并积极参与RoE和Enumivo的活动,包括但不限于:对议题进行投票、设计新规则、就问题进行辩论等。 5.他们必须通过成为法官(judges )来帮助治理其他市民,检查和权衡其他市民是否按照各自申请时作出的承诺行事。 6.他们必须不断寻找改善RoE和Enumivo的方法,并互相帮助,以实现每个人的最佳状态。 市民的初选 该计划将使理想国在年底前完全启动并相对去中心化,并从1月份开始全面自主。最初,我将根据成员的发帖来选择,我还将表扬那些自项目启动以来被证明是社区有价值成员的人。到1月份,我希望会有很多市民,他们将通过投票来管理和决定谁作为市民加入和祛除。所以从今天到12月底,将由我来选择最初的市民,我将在2019年初公布谁将作为理想国市民。所有市民将在每个月初获得奖励。每个月市民来投票决定谁加入谁被剔除,所以预计会非常活跃。 理想国基金 最初,理想国承接UFE的原始预算,我将探索一种方法来保持资金的注入(待进一步讨论),最终的预算将在理想国正式发布之前发布,我估计它接近10M ENU。我还建议无人认领(unclaimed )的资金(目前大约160M ENU)由理想国拥有,他们决定如何使用它来使所有ENU持有人受益。) 结论 以上信息可能会有所变化,并请大家开放讨论,关于哪些人将成为最初的理想国市民,我将在1月份之前做出最终版。请在此贴下提出您的意见和观点。您也可以开始加入https://enumivo.com/clubs/27-republic-of-enumivo/并创建您的帖子并在此处发布https://enumivo.com/forum/65-RoE-applications/。如何规避含糊不清的具体规则也将在发布之前公布。 编辑** 市民将在每个月初获得5,000 ENU或500美元(以较低者为准)。
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    I am Qing Feng. What I promise if made a citizen of RoE 1. Ironman wallet firefox plugin maintainer 2. qingfengzzzz BP maintainer 3. I maintain a 500K network community (https://www.douban.com/group/beijing/) , and I will try to extend the UBI concept to this community. You can contact me here: t.me/qingfengcloud
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    The Enumivo Market Maker calculators which I released are now displaying the price change in percentage. The change is currently set to 12 hours as the new database I created needs to populate with data in order to allow the 24 hour change to be displayed. This will be complete late tonight. You can see the changes by visiting the same page as always: https://enufoundation.org/market-maker-calculators/ The badges which display the change are referring to the price of X currency for 1 ENU. Obviously the nature of the exchange rate calculation means the rate you receive will decrease with the amount you trade. ENU MM Calculator WP Plugin You can now display the Enumivo Market Maker Calculators anywhere on your Wordpress website by installing the ENU MM Calculators WP Plugin. This is a work in progress and I will be continuing to develop it but feel free to use it and let me know what you think. It is available on the Eurno Github on the link below. Link: https://github.com/Eurno/Enumivo-Market-Maker-Calculators It is still in development so please do report any issues you encounter to me! I will be writing documentation for it when I get home from work today. Happiness.
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    I am Paul Singh. I have been a part of Enumivo since its inception. I have managed to survive and retain my passion for the project through all core groups/UFE formations which have occurred in the time. I have knowledge/experience of PHP, JS, HTML, CSS as well as a BsC in audio production and other qualifications in other disciplines of engineering (aerospace and manufacturing). I have been involved in the web development and management space for over 13 years and have been the creator of a YouTube channel which grew from 0 to literally over a million views in less than a year (which I now have sold). I wrote the original Enumivo whitepaper, got us listed on blockfolio, applied for listing at numerous exchanges/coin trackers. I created the enufoundation.org website from scratch and host it etc myself. I created the market maker calculators from scratch myself. I have provided a high quantity of high quality articles regarding the various stages of Enumivo and its various related projects. I have conducted numerous ENU giveaways through my website, Something Decent. I decided to release my own cryptocurrency project, Eurno LTD (incorporated in London, UK), on the Enumivo blockchain and have been airdropping to all oracle verified community members. I found numerous errors in the market maker contracts at the time of their release. When I found the errors I reported them to Aiden instead of taking advantage and draining the coins out of the contracts. Throughout my general conduct i have always done my utmost to support the wider Enumivo community and will always continue to do so. You can contact me here: t.me/peesusjesus paul@enufoundation.org My account on here. What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will continue to develop and maintain the enufountdation.org website. I will also continue my plans to make the WP theme which I have created specifically for the enufoundation.org site available for all to apply on their Wordpress blog/site. I will continue my plans to get the theme listed within the official Wordpress repository when I feel the code has been tidied up enough to warrant their approval. I will continue to develop the ENU Market Maker Calculators and attempt to realise my overall goal of implementing the Ironman wallet to allow for a Bancor type exchange on the Enumivo blockchain. I will continue with my plans to turn the ENU Market Maker Calculators' code into a reusable Wordpress plugin which will allow anybody who uses Wordpress to display them on their website with a simple shortcode. I will continue to push the Enumivo project to reach all of its potential through various mediums and I will continue to support it on all projects which I am involved. I will continue to proceed with my plans to release the Eurno voting dApp on the Enumivo blockchain and keep the Enumivo blockchain as the home of the Eurno project. I will continue to provide information about the project where possible and assist our community in anyway which I can. I will also continue to provide updates of my work for the Enumivo project through this forum and my websites. Happiness.
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    Hello community Nadim aka @Sosolean here have been a longterm supporter of the enumivo project was invited to join the core team shortly after the airdrop. When the core was dissolved was invited to join the council of elders @enumivo's advisory group and was also voted in to become an officer for United Foundation of Enumivo. Have taken up role as finance officer based on my career where I previously worked for Barclays Bank for 14 years in various roles which ended up in the global corporates team. Unfortunately due to non participation by some UFE members the original idea for the Foundation has been cancelled and been Rolled into the RoE. Most of you would have seen me in the various telegram groups and here on the forum where I help members of the community who are experiencing problems and answer questions. I also represent half of the Eurno project with @Peesus which a directly democratic charitable organisation https://eurno.org we are funding the project with our own initial investment of 100k ENU and half the income from our BP and masternodes as described on the eurno website. We are hoping to distribute to 100k people so will help enumivo to grow in the process. Should be clear that I am very passionate about the enumivo project and truly believe in the long term goal, the UBI Hope I can continue being of service to the community 🙂 You can contact me here: telegram: t.me/sosolean wechat: nadimmeghji Twitter: https://twitter.com/nadim_meghji email: sosolean@enumivo.com What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will build a full enumivo block explorer/ API and fork tools that will help development, (have finally managed to sync a Full MongoDB history node after several attempts am looking into how to implement the api). I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people I know and continue developing Eurno I will maintain a thread and document all what I have done for Enumivo. Will continue to look for strategic partnerships through my work at a prominent exchange
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    It is just like yesterday when it all started. The buzz and excitement of a new project beginning right in front of my eyes. I have been and early rider in the enumivo project. The enumivo project has taught me a lot about the Blockchain Technology especially Crypto currency. It has caused a grate hunger in me to explore this amazing technology. I dolf my cap to all the dedicated and well mannered admins who have painstakingly contributed in one way or the other to the growth of the community. My profound gratitude goes to the vision bearer in the person of Aiden pierce. Sir I will for ever be grateful to you for your humility and willingness to bring the ubi concept to reality which I am sure will succeed. I will like to use this medium to notify the community that a new token was created through the help of the recently created dApp known as token creator. The name of the token is cezos (cez). Cezos currently is a token in the enumivo Blockchain with a totally supply of Twenty Million (20000000.0000). An airdrop will be carried out to all enumivians using the oracle voting system as a tool for distribution. Through cezos the continent of Africa will know about the enumivo Blockchain and concept. More information will be unveiled about the cezos project in my next post.
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    1、Name:firefly_man 2、Social Media links: Mail:czjun0825@163.com Telegram:t.me/firefly.enu WeChat:dawner_2014 Sina Weibo:firefly_man 币车APP:Enumivo 3、Introduction: I am a company employee and the Enumivo project is very innovative and has a grand vision. I want to join your community and contribute to Enumivo. I will continue to promote Enumivo so that more people know the existence of Enumivo and let more people know what Enumivo will do. At the same time, we will help more newcomers in the WeChat community and solve their difficulties. 4、Enumivo Mainnet Account:firefly.enu 5、What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people I know. I will maintain a thread and document all what I have done for Enumivo.
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    This is a warm reminder that the airdrop for cezos coin will commence from today. All legit oracle members will get their tokens. Note this will be manually distributed
  17. 3 points
    Hello erveryone I want to create a dapp that everyone can create and issue a token by themselves, without deploy a contract. The way to use it is to send 3 ENU(for buy ram) to the contract tokencreator, and fill in the max supply and symbol(symbol length less than 7) of the token you want create in the memo. Then the contract will send you the token. If you send ENU success, that means you create your token success. For example: The contract I have already created it, please help me to check if it is safe. Code of contract is opened : https://github.com/smakeit/tokencreator Browser version has been completed(need to install Ironman).website: https://smakeit.github.io/dapp/enutoken/ Mobile wallet version On TokenPocket is done. Mobile wallet version On 51Token is done. NOTE: When you created your token by using Token Creator, you should know that the contract of your token is tokencreator. And if you want to record your token on mobile wallet, when filling out the contract, you need to fill in tokencreator, if not so you can't transfer your token.
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    Hello everyone, I am Dragos Vlaicu / dragosvlaicu I've been into the IT industry for most of my adult life. You can find more details about me here: https://t.me/vlaicu https://www.linkedin.com/in/vlaicu/ https://github.com/dvlaicu vlaicu@gmail.com What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will continue to support the network as a BP. I will maintain the docker images for both node and devel. I will try to offer my support when one asks.
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    English is the official language of the Enumivo community. China has the largest number of members in the community. But many Chinese don't speak English. So we need to translate some important documents and articles from English to Chinese. Some important documents have already been translated into Chinese by volunteers, such as the whitepaper. But it is neither effecient nor timely to do the translation work without plans and organization. It is much better to do a teamwork. So I propose to form an English-Chinese translation team. If I have the support of the Chinese community, I will launch a wechat-group to form the team. This team should be voluntary and open. Each member of the team will be assigned some translation work.The assigned work should be finished on time and accurate. We should translate some important articles published by AP and other members as long as the team is formed. When the RoE is launched, we will do the translation work accordingly.
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    I am Denny. I am from Zhejiang Province,China. I think UBI is a great career, and I am glad to devote my effort to UBI. You can contact me here: Email: zhedan_yu@126.com What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I have wrote some articles for ENU beginners : ENU的UBI,一个真正可以全民参与的慈善事业 一场伟大的社会试验启动了!ENU 预言机(oricle)投票正式启动!教程奉上 这可能是区块链历史上最不正经的DAPP 吐血整理!小白关心的ENU最全操作指南 I helped David to organize the first ENU meet up in China, Hangzhou, on Nov. 4th. I will still write article for ENU and UBI,and help the beginners to join UBI.
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    Good day everyone, I came to know about cryptocurrencies in late 2014, then joined steemit in 2016, that was major step for me in world of cryptos. I was fond of airdrops back in the day and just like that I came across Enumivo. Approached by @Tom in late April to moderate and assist enumivo general chat and liteshares group. Most of my activity related to Enumivo is that, learned a lot. What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: Well, I'll keep continue to do what I do right now. Will keep assisting Enumivo community. Will create content that could be beneficial to Enumivo. Will keep this thread updated with content I write about Enumivo. Enumivo Glossary Introduction To Enumivo Market Maker And will probably run a witness, to support enumivo and myself 🙂 Feel free to contact me: @telegram: https://t.me/LibertBrown @discord: libert#3361 Thank you.
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    Good day enumivians my name is Destiny Marshall AKA marshalllife. A Renaissance personality, crypto enthusiast,blogger, musician,strategist online marketer and the founder of the atlas project. I learnt about enumivo in its earlier days and have done everything possible to get acquainted with it and not only that contributed my own little ways by being the first to ever campaign enumivo on Twitter with my team and get paid with ENU when it has no value and no market to trade it. i have been organizing enumivo Twitter campaigns monthly now for the past 6 months or even before i was made a council member and was paying my team with out any help until i became a member (currently this week no campaigns were held-fall sick and can't monitor it) Been an enumivo blogger and have at least one blog post about enumivo monthly on my cross chain platforms for more awareness. An enumivo ambassador and advocate, i teach and explain about the project on numerous meets up i have attended and try every possible ways to let people be know of a UBI DAPP PROJECT on its way. Enumivo to the moon has been my self interest and holding that mantle. contact me here twitter.com/@flamzymarshall t.me/@marshalllife whaleshares.io/@marshalllife some of us here might have been brought notice of the platform because from my - blog post - Twitter campaign by the atlas crowd members 1. https://twitter.com/hashtag/hodlenu?s=09 https://twitter.com/hashtag/EnuUbi?s=09 - my presentation on some blockchain meet ups in Nigeria and also on different live discord shows (some of this meet ups weren't documented for some reasons and base on everything was done in a hurry and not properly planned - sometimes i attend meet-ups and got ask if i have anything to contribute and enumivo come into my mind first - i have discussed enumivo on different Eos talks forum and i wasn't even prepared ) - My free [LTS] tokens dished out to people who participate on my minor task(This has been going on in discord even before the bounty came into existence] WHAT I WILL DO for me i will continue with what i keep doing - Blogging for enumivo for awareness and tell anyone i meet about the project - The monthly Twitter campaign awareness to keep on spreading the enumivo project across - An enumivo ambassador and advocate, meaning i will be teaching and presenting enumivo to any meet up or show and also even organizing meet ups in my local areas. - This time i would be documenting every single activities to all enumivians to be transparent and for us to emulate the good from each others. ENU to the moon.
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    I have decided to donate all my money gained from the Block Producer Enumivotyler to MisesCircle.com, another project I started which aims to spread Austrian economics. __________ 我决定将从节点Enumivotyler处获得的所有资金捐给MisesCircle.com,这是我发起的另一个项目,旨在传播奥地利学派经济学。
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    1. Name I am Wei Shan, and nickname is @smakeit. 2. Social Media Links telegram: t.me/smakeit wechat: smakeit email: smakeit@163.com 3. Introduction I am a sofrware engineer of machine vision. I come from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. When ENU airdropping, that attracted me until now, I am very interested in RoE and UBI. And I will continue to serve community members in the future. 4. Enumivo Mainnet Account enuswsmakeit 5. Skills Programming, writing articles. 6. What can I do for Enumivo I have created a BP candidate enufutureone, and continual to support the Enumivo main-net. I have created a dapp Token Creator. I have wrote and reposted some articles for Enumivo, like: Why we should give free money to everyone? , An overview of blockchain based universal basic income projects , enu, 一个理想主义者的社会实验 . I will create dapps for community members continually. I will write articles for Enumivo continually. I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people I know.
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    Cezos coin (cez) is an aspect of Cezos conglomerate, which has 2 segments. Namely: Cezos Academy and Cezos E-commerce. The aim of Cezos Academy is to bring the knowledge of the Blockchain Technology especially Crypto currency to those especially in Africa that are kept in the dark about this revolutionary technology. I strongly believe that Crypto Currency is a tool in curbing poverty in Africa.This training will be done online. They will be taught the nitty gritty of Blockchain Technology/Crypto currency. The training will be that comprehensive to the extent of teaching them how to trade Crypto and Forex(since it is my area of speciality). They will be making money in the process of learning because I intend to introduce an mlm system to it. There is more to Cezos than meet the eyes and more will be unveiled in the white paper which I am currently working on and am also working on getting all the social media handles ready. Cezos coin will definitely bring millions of users into the enumivo Blockchain. If u are developer and can contribute in one way or the other u can tag me. We will surely bring the ubi concept to humanity. Signing outExpect more in my next post.