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  2. Computer doesn’t need to be on. It’s not pos staking. You get resources to interact by the chain and ability to vote. If you vote for 1bp and send any amount of enu to claimforvote you will get lts based on what you have staked. Aidens pissed of by what’s been happening we essentially have a centralised chain that’s controlled by the whale elite
  3. Thanks. Does the wallet need to be running or can the computer be turned off? Can you explain what Mr. enumivo is doing? The coin is dying?
  4. So go to the wallet tab update stake and stake what you like can be split however you want between cpu and bandwidth. However make sure you have some on both sides
  5. @ansen are you there? Your node is misbehaving since days. If you no longer care then please unregister.
  6. On June 21st 2019, I posted an article about the current state of affairs on the Enumivo blockchain. It explained that the founder of the Enumivo blockchain, Aiden Pearce, planned to takeover the chain. This takeover was an attempt to wrestle the network from the current cartel of BPs who control the network. However, since the mentioned announcement, things have taken a turn for the worse. Some members of the community have expressed their unhappiness at the decision. This resulted in the abandonment of Aiden’s attempt to save the chain. He announced that he would not be taking over via a short post on the Enumivo forum and, when questioned why, he stated “let the community vote”. Shortly after making the two comments Aiden elaborated via Enumivo’s Telegram chat, explaining that he trusts the community can decide who will govern them. Since then I have been following the topic closely. As a result I am of the opinion the sudden change in plan is due to some members of the community labelling Aiden a dictator. However, it is more than likely that those same people are in collusion with the BP cartel. Whatever the case, the solution for Enumivo seems like one which will never come. The BP cartel are able to manipulate the top 21 BP list as they wish. Needless to say, anyone who opposes them is, ultimately, punished. The Current State of Play If I am brutally honest, the current situation is not looking good. It seems that the chain is standing on its last legs and a gentle breeze will be enough to finish it off. Aiden has decided to send all ENU and ELN which is in his custody to enu.savings. This is a result of the impossible situation which he is in. At present, from what I can see, his choices are as follows: Continue as is: This is the easiest option but the least desirable. Doing so would mean serving the exact people who have been robbing the network blind for the past year. Takeover the network: As mentioned, doing so would result in being labelled a dictator. While it is no different to what the cartel have done, it would destroy the credibility of the network for some. Do nothing: Obviously the easiest option. However, this would surely result in the complete loss of the network. Fork a new chain: This could allow Aiden to control the initial distribution in a way which actually prevented whales from taking over the network. However, doing so would surely receive a backlash from those who invested in ENU. Hand over control: Although it is possibly the least desirable option it is the most democratic. At the end of the day DPOS rules allowed this situation to occur and it was the lack of any proactive solution which has lead to the current state of affairs. As you can see, there is not really all that much which can be done to save Enumivo. The community have decided to side with the cartel and that decision has to be respected. The enu.savings account is at their mercy and, depending on the cartel’s wishes, could be emptied at any minute. It should also be noted that the current cartel has the power to invoke ‘God mode’ if they wish. This would allow them to reverse TXs, change balances, alter system contracts, change the supply or anything else they desire. It’s a sad day in the ENUniverse. Love, peace and happiness. View this content’s WordProof Timestamp certificate Original article: https://somethingdecent.co.uk/news/blockchain/enumivos-warning-for-other-eos-chains/
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  8. Could you tell me please as I can stake tokens and vote?
  9. Keep you private key safe, stake tokens and vote (3 days to unstake)
  10. Hi. I have a ENU. They are in the wallet. What can I do to avoid losing them?
  11. It’s very simple you said those nodes are your friends. As they are in the top 21 community should be able to communicate with them or do you make decisions for them?
  12. The whole idea of this was to ask questions that would be answered not to be told to mind my own business??
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