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  2. Moumou


    Hello everyone, I am Moumou; I am a computer major student; Very interested in blockchain technology; Can participate in simple code writing work; I have my own blog at echobrave.com
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  4. pairmike


    My name is Mike Pair I live in the USA I’m a witness on liteshares.io and block producer on Enumivo I have been following this project for a long time and I will work to help it succeed. I will spread the word to others about the benefits of this project.
  5. BitOpia


    About Me I'm a believer in ENU and UBI in Beijing . Freedom is our instant persistent pursuit and ENU community will make it to big extent! I bought BTC in the end of 2013, a bull market since I was an enthusiastic in PC hardware DIY. When everyone talked the mining performance with GPU or CPU, BTC's target or nature inspired me a lot. My major was macro economics and it helps me understand cryptocurrency. Involvement with Enumivo The article on Enumivo I write down attract thousands people to read via Weibo and WeChat. When BTC was created, 99% people thought it is a scam or Ponzi while Santoshi announced his target is to challenge fiat currency, and it succeed to be a weapon against inflation of fiat currency. When I got ENU airdrop, I start to investigate a lot on UBI . As a believer in liberalism, UBI is far way from right now in real world but it will be a wayout to serious problems like poverty and unemployment . So UBI is not just a fantasy or utopia. Enumivo must be a very meaningful tool to distribute UBI transparently and effectively. Let me structure something very basic We are doing something great that is beyond most people's recognition. Despite technical development, I personally think a principle or constitution for governance is needed in the beginning of ROE. Like The Mayflower Compact launching America , ROE needs basic consensus. I believe we have to take much time to discuss the approach, regulation and practice to build the basic frame. The distribution of UBI might change a lot since nobody did such wide before while the frame might not easily modify once it is consent by the members of ROE. *Target of ROE: To distribute UBI in very wide range *Principle: Fair: every people has equal right to receive UBI Integrity: the participant who lies will be published Sustainable: UBI will distribute slowly and stably in very long time. #这段我用中文写一下 UBI是一项从来未广泛推行的伟大实践,也是超过绝大数人认知的。除了技术开发,我个人认为在ROE初期我们要定一些纲领或者章程,这种形而上的东西构成ROE的框架。就像五月花公约这种共识/契约成就了了美国,ROE也需要类似的基本共识。无论是规则、实现的方式等基本的条条框框,在ROE的初期可能要话很长的时间得到充分的讨论才能建立起来。分发UBI的方式可能会改变很多,但ROE的框架一旦达成共识就不要轻易更改。 *ROE的目标:尽可能大范围的发放UBI *原则: 公平:每个人都有平等的权利获得UBI 正直:撒谎的参与人会受到惩罚 可持续:长期、缓慢、稳定的分发UBI # My contact I will follow all update on Enumivo and propagandize it in my social network. Telegram: BitOpiaGo My weibo: BitOpia比特乌托邦 My wechat chanel(it is not frequent updated):
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  7. The 3rd Oracle reward has been sent from oraclereward, please check your account 第三轮Oracle奖励已经发放,请各位核查
  8. enutothemoon


    👍It would be better if you added "ENUMIVO".
  9. Youngclick12


    OK thanks
  10. pairmike

    RoE Application

    My name is Mike Pair I live in the USA I’m a witness on liteshares.io and block producer on Enumivo I have been following this project for a long time and I will work to help it succeed. I will spread the word to others about the benefits of this project.
  11. PeiLin


    There are already some ppl design logo for ENU's UBI, maybe you can make a contest after RoE launched, and whose logo get most votes becomes the official logo for ENU's UBI.
  12. Last week
  13. Youngclick12


    So I decided to come up with this logo of UBI, what's your opinion
  14. marshalllife

    FAQ about applying for RoE

    i wil a write a blog post and refer people to this, this is lovely.
  15. Yes, it would be better if you exhausted all your points.
  16. 王自由


  17. Yes youngclick12 is my mainnet account. Also didn't know that's how its been calculated, would have exhausted my points😒
  18. OK, in your vote list, marshalllife and celiondaveje are rewarded applicants, you vote them with 8 points, every points worth 7.4ENU, so you will get 59.2ENU. And by the way, is youngclick12 your mainnet account? if so, we will send those 59.2ENU to youngclick12.
  19. OK, you will get the reward, please give the screen shot of your votes. then I can calculate it.
  20. nurdiyansah1


    1.Name Nurdiyansah 2.Social Media Links Telegram: nurdiyansah1 email: nurdiyan1486@gmail.com 3. Introduction I am from Indonesia, I have known Enumivo since it was first announced at BitCointalk and i hold some of enumivo coin. 4. Enumivo Mainnet Account nurdiyansah1 5. What can you do for Enumivo I am a blogger since 2008, I will create a blockchain website and promote enumivo as the main blockchain, I am interested in the UBI concept and I am sure this project has a good future. my website is www.blockinvesta.com , it's just created and need a lot of work but i am excited to share with all of you, thank you
  21. I'm both but didn't get up to 30 point as an applicant.. But I also voted, how is the reward for that determined
  22. PeiLin

    FAQ about applying for RoE

    Lol, you've done a lot to the community, so you don't need to do the 6th mate.
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