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Knock and you will be opened. Please make all communications in English.

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  2. ok,thank you PeiLin
  3. If you want to apply for RoE, you should post your application on https://enumivo.com/forum/70-roe-applicants/
  4. chalichen

    Reorganizing RoE

    Hope is getting better
  5. Dear Mr. AidenPearce, hello, I am Chen Charlie, from northwestern China. I admire what you are doing about ENU, just like Elon Musk and spaceX's persistence and passion for space exploration, regardless of future success or not. Everyone has seen your efforts and results. As an ordinary person, I want to join your grand plan and make a small contribution to the establishment of an ideal kingdom. I have been in contact with the Blockchain since 2016 and have repeatedly studied the BTC white paper. I also pay attention to the feasibility of project development and the contribution to society in the investment of virtual currency. ENU is one of the few projects that benefit people and keep moving forward. My Enumivo Mainnet is lelebule4455, my social media link: https://weibo.com/u/2745693020/home?wvr=5&uut=fin&from=reg, I am a 6-year Weibo registered user, I will pass Weibo , WeChat, Post Bar, Forum, Telegraph Group and other channels to increase the propaganda of enu, always pay attention and actively participate in the activities of RoE and Enumivo. In the evening before, I actively created support for enu super-talk, and invited friends to participate in the ENU on-the-job exchange. Voting. I will act positively in accordance with my commitment.
  6. enumivo

    Reorganizing RoE

    https://enumivo.com/forum/70-roe-applicants/ This is the new location for RoE applicants.
  7. smakeit

    Reorganizing RoE

    translation/翻译: 我意识到,相比在论坛中为RoE创建一个特殊版块,将RoE做成一个俱乐部有一些功能限制。我在论坛区域会为RoE创建版块和一个用户组。这将有许多好处,例如维护一份正式申请人名单,以及有一个能独家访问RoE申请人和RoE市民的版块。如果你的申请贴被挪到主论坛,不要惊讶。
  8. I noticed that making RoE as a club has some limited features than making a special section in the forum exclusive for RoE. I will be creating sections in the forum area and a usergroup for RoE. This will have many benefits like maintaining an official list of applicants and having exclusive access to section of the forum exclusive for RoE Applicants and RoE Citizens. Don't be surprised if your application threads are moved in the main forum.
  9. A brief translation for the post/对主贴的简略翻译 希望各位认真对待RoE的申请,就像应聘一份正式工作一样。如果我(AP)让每个很简略申请的人都通过审核,则很可能导致RoE的失败。所以请修改你的申请,让它更详细,并能让你的承诺容易被验证。否则,我将不得不删除掉你的申请或者不通过你的申请。此外,我希望每个人对他喜欢的申请人点赞(like),并给他不喜欢的申请人点sad(AP可能因此做是否通过的参考)
  10. I am a digital money investor from Handan, Hebei Province, China. I started to understand ENU from ENU airdrop. I have a small team of my own. Recently, I am studying self-media. If I can join ROE, I can do project propaganda and community maintenance for ROE and ENU. Weixin po5701043 microblog Zhang Changpo
  11. I will remove posts in RoE that is not in English. Later I might also remove applications I deem not deserving to be included in the voting. If your thread is removed, just create a new and a more detailed application.
  12. I noticed in the RoE Applications that most promises made are not easily verifiable for citizens to really have something to check on. The valuable members of Enumivo community took time to really build trust and reputation from other community members and that I will surely select them for the January initial citizens. But the others, I implore you to do more than just a simple application. I cannot enumerate one by one but for example: "vote for me, citizens, and give me 5,000 ENU monthly, and I will tweet about Enumivo", do you think this is fair if you become a citizen of RoE and you will get 5,000 ENU and everyone does not even know your twitter account and the number of twitter followers you have? Would that be the RoE we want to have? I am afraid RoE will just fail that way if the initial citizens I will select will later vote for those kinds of applicants. It will be their vigilance that will determine RoE's and Enumivo's fate. RoE is supposed to be an online nation of productive citizens. This is not yet about UBI. In UBI you just have to be a unique human being to get something. RoE is something more. In RoE, you will be a citizen with a duty. So I am asking everyone to treat their RoE application like a job application. RoE will be a game of expectations. Everyone will expect from you what you promise that is expected from you and it must be verifiable. You can not make a promise that no one can verify. Please modify your applications if you have to or I will be forced to either remove it or not make it a valid RoE application. Also, I ask everyone to show their opinion of the RoE applications by giving it a "like" if they want it or a "sad face" if they don't.
  13. Under the support of the Chinese community, the translation team has been formed. Anyone has time and bilingual ability can join us, pls contact me at wechat: lichanghaolch
  14. Good, totally agree with it, sorry I run out of my reward today.
  15. English is the official language of the Enumivo community. China has the largest number of members in the community. But many Chinese don't speak English. So we need to translate some important documents and articles from English to Chinese. Some important documents have already been translated into Chinese by volunteers, such as the whitepaper. But it is neither effecient nor timely to do the translation work without plans and organization. It is much better to do a teamwork. So I propose to form an English-Chinese translation team. If I have the support of the Chinese community, I will launch a wechat-group to form the team. This team should be voluntary and open. Each member of the team will be assigned some translation work.The assigned work should be finished on time and accurate. We should translate some important articles published by AP and other members as long as the team is formed. When the RoE is launched, we will do the translation work accordingly.
  16. Just want to ask the above question
  17. I'm Abdulmalik Hassan and my enu username is youngclick12 I so delighted joining RoE. I'm glad to let the republic know that I will use all my mediums to promote enu. I have a Facebook group and page and also graphic design is one of the few I can do